Hair loss: natural solutions

Hair loss: natural solutions

Neuro-hormonal disorder, unbalanced diet, stress, pollution, unsuitable hair routine are all factors that impact our hair fiber. Assaulted daily, hair becomes brittle, struggles to grow and eventually falls out. In combination with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, anti-hair loss food supplements can be essential in the fight against this complex problem.

Cause of hair loss

Regardless of our hair type, we must first act on the hair fiber to have healthy hair. The elasticity, resistance and hydration of the hair depend solely on the structure of the hair which is composed of 95% keratin . The life cycle of a hair is a long process of several years. First, each hair is born under the skin of the scalp, in a hair follicle and grows slowly. This period of hair growth corresponds to the anagen phase . The hair grows about 1 cm per month. Then follows the catagen phase where the hair stops growing. This is when a new hair grows in the same hair follicle. The telogen phase is the last stage which corresponds to the period of rest. The hair remains attached to its follicle for about 3 months and then eventually falls out when shampooing or brushing. This life cycle of the hair can reproduce itself up to 25 times in all the hair follicles, unless a disorder disturbs it. We lose between 50 to 80 hairs every day, beyond this number the cycle is disturbed and it is a pathological hair loss problem, the most common of which is androgenetic alopecia or baldness , too both in women and in men. Hormonal fluctuations, pregnancies, menopause, stress, free radicals… Our hormones and in particular androgens, the male hormones, are closely linked and their upheaval can cause the hair bulb to work in slow motion, thus causing hormonal hair loss and brittle hair. damaged.

To be fortified, the hair needs, like all the tissues of the body, proteins made up of quality amino acids. Trace elements , vitamins and minerals also prevent hair loss, stimulate keratin production and accelerate hair regrowth.

How to choose a cure to stop the loss?

To choose the right anti-hair loss dietary supplement, it is first essential to identify the problem at the origin of female and male hair loss. The latter can have various origins: dietary deficiency (zinc, magnesium, vitamin B, etc.) severe stress, age, aggressive hair products, etc.

Temporary hair loss during seasonal changes or massive and persistent hair loss as in the case of androgenetic alopecia , to fight against the loss of hair mass it is important to act on the different causes at the same time. While external anti-hair loss treatments mainly have a targeted action on strengthening the bulb, the hair loss food supplement acts in depth on the internal causes to strengthen the hair fiber from the inside. It is essential to bring pure keratin , which constitutes 95% of the hair fiber, into the bloodstream, as well as the active ingredients that allow the bulb to manufacture it: B vitamins , sulfur amino acids and trace elements . For this, choose a hair supplement made in France and made from natural ingredients and without nanoparticles or additives.

D-LAB formulas to stop hair loss

Slow down hair loss and promote regrowth: this is the role of our range of hair food supplements in the form of capsules or tablets. To prevent and reduce hair loss and regain beautiful hair, our anti hair loss formulas are of natural origin. They provide essential nutrients such as pure and patented keratin to stop hair loss, stinging nettle to stimulate hair growth or spirulina to increase hair strength and resistance. We recommend at least 3 months of treatment to activate cell memory in the hair bulbs.

Keratin Absolute

This formula provides a high dose of natural keratin extracted naturally without chemical processes to slow down hair loss. This natural fortifier was developed by our scientific committee and has a clinical study that proves its effectiveness on hair loss and hair reconstruction. Highly bioavailable and dosed (500 mg of pure keratin in a single capsule per day), it acts deep in the very heart of the hair bulbs to reduce fall, increase mass and bring luster and shine to dry hair. After 3 months of treatment, hair loss is reduced by 2. Our pure keratin comes from the wool of sheep raised in the open air and shorn without cruelty in the presence of a competent veterinarian and according to very strict specifications.


Hair-Nutrition Duo

This best-seller combines 2 innovative and ultra-dosed formulas: Absolute Keratin and Growth Complex for a 360° action. By simultaneously providing high-quality pure keratin and the active ingredients that constitute it, hair loss is slowed down, gaps filled, scales closed and regrowth activated. The Growth Complex is a formula rich in 3 families of essential hair fiber nutrients: sulfur amino acids, group B vitamins and minerals drawn from ultra-targeted plant extracts and powerful natural ingredients. By stimulating the hair bulb, these formulas promote hair regrowth and growth by 2 for 3 months of treatment.


Mass-Capillary Program

Ideal for postpartum, this Program acts on all the causes that can cause hair loss: hormonal disruption, stress, fatigue, deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals and poor microcirculation. It acts in an ultra-complete way by providing rebalancing active ingredients to regulate hormonal and nervous activity, pure keratin to stop hair loss, and stimulating active ingredients to improve blood circulation.


Other natural tips to prevent hair loss

External care :

  • Combine your treatment with natural hair care without parabens, sulphates and silicones.
  • Massage your scalp with essential oils (castor, cedar, rosemary, etc.) to activate microcirculation
  • Limit heat sources such as straighteners or hair dryers

Food :

  • Provide all the constituent elements of keratin in sufficient quantity: group B vitamins (green vegetables, citrus fruits, animal proteins), sulfur amino acids (cereals, bean sprouts, seaweed, meat, seafood) and minerals (oilseeds, organic and seasonal fruits and vegetables)
  • Drink between 1.5 L to 2 L per day to promote hydration of the hair
  • Consume antioxidants to protect the scalp. They are found in the  red fruits, melon, carrots, citrus fruits or green vegetables.


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