D-LAB INDUSTRY, the factory of tomorrow

It is in a 360° approach and to go even further in the vision and values ​​dear to D-LAB that the D-LAB INDUSTRY factory project was born. And since Vichy, Allier and made in France are part of D-LAB's DNA, it is in the heart of the naturopôle of St-Bonnet de Rochefort in Allier that the factory is established.

Nos engagements

Flower's word

— "This project is part of a real desire for innovation and vision, the desire to shake up and dust off industry codes to offer the best food supplements. The objective is to create a complete and ultra-efficient, respectful of the men and women who work there but also of the environment. The choice of Allier is like a return to the roots for D-LAB which was born in the Medi-Thermal Spa of Vichy ."

A very specific layout

— Our factory is located in the heart of the Naturopôle Park of Saint Bonnet de Rochefort, an ISO 14001 certified site, within which all companies are committed to an eco-responsible approach to reduce their ecological impact.

Construction to the highest standards

— We wanted to go well beyond the ISO 50001 standards by choosing insulation with very thick walls, the use of rock wool, high-performance thermal glazing to reduce heat input, low-consumption lighting, bio-sourced materials to reduce heating and air conditioning...

— Solar panels cover the roof and cover up to 90% of our energy needs, and the construction site itself has a low environmental impact label.

Pharmaceutical-grade production

— To meet pharmaceutical requirements, particularly in terms of air treatment, we have installed a processing unit that allows us to rigorously control the hygrometry, the measurement of the degree of humidity in the air, to respect the raw materials. (dry extracts or capsules for example). Thus, we ensure that our active ingredients and probiotics remain alive throughout production, until they are bottled.

— Also, we cultivate our own seeds on plots of plantations close to our land, which have not been cultivated for 15 years and are therefore free of pesticides!

Maximum transport reduction

— Our location within the Naturopôle allows us to collaborate with local partners on the extraction, acquisition of raw materials and bio-sourced packaging.

— We also pool our transport with other companies in the Park.

Reuse of rainwater

— To reduce and control water consumption, our factory reuses rainwater for watering, insulation, and our solar panels.

A zero-waste policy pushed to the limit

— We wanted to reduce packaging by receiving our raw materials in returnable and therefore reusable barrels.

— We have chosen 100% washable operator outfits (blouses, charlottes, etc.) to avoid disposable items as much as possible, usually used in companies.

— We adopted 3 culled hens for organic waste.

— We offer reusable parcel packaging.

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