Dry scalp: our natural solutions

Dry scalp: our natural solutions

The scalp is a very fragile area that requires our full attention to prevent dandruff, itching and excess sebum. Many people are prone to dry scalp issues. Understanding and knowing its causes is the first step to improving your hair health and finding appropriate solutions .

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I- The causes of a dry scalp

Many factors are the cause of a dry scalp.

Temperature changes (seasonal variations), lifestyle : tobacco, stress, alcohol, environmental pollution, hormonal changes , certain medications and hair care can cause itching due to a dry scalp.

When the natural balance of the scalp is altered, it then becomes more fragile and its protective layer thins. Harmful substances can more easily penetrate the skin, creating micro-inflammations that will cause itching, psoriasis, dandruff, desquamation, dry scalp ...

Dry scalp and eczema

There are several forms of eczema that can reach the scalp and everyone can be affected and at any age!

Many people suffer from these annoying symptoms on a daily basis: visible dandruff, redness, itching, red patches...

Most often, the cause of eczema is related to allergens which are present in colorings, chemical treatments, shampoos, and even in nail polish which would have been in contact with the head by scratching for example.

II- What to do against a dry scalp?

1) Dry scalp and appearance of dandruff

A dry scalp is when itchy and dandruff starts to appear when you brush or comb your hair. To remedy a dry scalp, several natural solutions exist!

Above all, avoid overly aggressive shampoos and favor a mild and moisturizing shampoo based on eggs or urea that leaves the hair clean without attacking the epidermis. Anti-dandruff shampoos should be used in moderation . It is also necessary to avoid hairstyles that are too tight (bun, pigtails or ponytail), leaving the hair free is ideal .

When we have a dry scalp, we tend to use hair oils that are too greasy and therefore, to end up with the opposite problem, greasy substances are to be handled with care. Coconut oil, on the other hand, treats the dryness of the scalp and therefore gently eliminates dandruff.

You include essential oils in your hair routine, which also help combat irritation caused by a dry scalp. Tea tree clarifies and purifies the skin and lavender soothes itching.

Mix coconut oil with a few drops of essential oil of tea tree and lavender then massage your dry scalp with this mixture. Leave for 30 minutes before your shampoo.

Hair products based on panthenol, vitamins B5 and betaine are recommended for their calming effect, they create a protective and moisturizing film on the surface of the dry scalp.

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2) Solutions to soothe a dry scalp

a) Take care of your diet

What is on our plate plays an essential role for our hair and for treating a dry scalp! First of all, avoid the regular consumption of cold meats, red meats, refined flour, white sugar, etc.

In order to avoid having a dry scalp and to regain strong hair, it is necessary to consume proteins to produce quality keratin , which is the major component of hair.

Protein is mainly found in meats and fish which contain keratin precursor amino acids. Oily fish, such as salmon, sardines and mackerel, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help moisturize and nourish dry scalp. But it is also found in eggs, cheese, quinoa, legumes, lentils , etc.

Beyond protein, a lack of B vitamins can lead to health issues related to a dry scalp such as hair loss, itchy and itchy dry scalp, and flaking.

Vitamin B is therefore also very valuable for our hair. It supports growth and strengthens hair. It is mainly found in grain products .

Complete nutrition to overcome dry scalp

b) Hair food supplements

For people who do not have a healthy and balanced diet, a hair food supplement can help and be the solution to fill a gap in their diet.

At D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS, we offer hair food supplements suitable for all types of hair problems : hair loss, fine, gray, damaged hair, dry scalp, ... regardless of our hair type, to have a healthy mane we must take care of our hair fiber .

To rebalance your scalp in a lasting way, we recommend:

The Growth Complex to accelerate hair growth and strengthen it, it deeply nourishes the hair bulb by providing it with a high dose of all the constituent active ingredients of keratin, and stimulates its activity thanks to an innovative complex of extracts bamboo and arugula.

The Mass-Capillary Program , which is a complete program made up of 3 formulas that act together to restore imbalances and densify the hair mass.

At the heart of this program, 22 active ingredients acting in synergy to act on hair loss and gain hair mass. Thanks to a pure and innovative keratin, the program has an anti-hair loss action and stimulates hair fiber regrowth , two activities demonstrated by clinical study 1 . 

1)Balance Activator

An expert formula composed of 15 active ingredients that act in synergy to rebalance the body. It stimulates serotonin, regulates neuro-hormonal activity, promotes restful sleep and brings daily vitality.

2) Keratin Absolute

A jewel of French Green-Tech that brings life back to the most demanding, damaged and tired hair. Powerful anti-hair loss, it provides a high dose of patented and perfectly assimilable keratin to fill in the gaps, give structure and increase volume.

3) Microcirculation detox

So that the tissues are purified, reoxygenated and deeply nourished, this mineral and vegetable formula promotes the elimination of toxins, boosts circulation in the micro vessels and facilitates the delivery of essential nutrients to the heart of the dermis.