How to detoxify hair?

How to detoxify hair?

We know that every day is a struggle for our hair against external aggressions . Pollution, tobacco, cold, sun, toxic shampoos, rich in paraben, sulphate, petroleum, silicone, repeated brushing, monthly coloring, Brazilian smoothing, in short, our scalp no longer breathes, our hair is suffocated .

These aggressions can be responsible for different hair problems : do you suffer from hair loss? Do you have oily hair? Do you have dull, dry, damaged hair? Do you suffer from itching caused by excess sebum? You may not know it, but you may be suffering from a disorder of the sebaceous glands or a clogged hair bulb.

We must act ! We are forced to undergo certain aggressions but we can limit others. In order to rid our hair of the various toxins it may have accumulated, we will guide you step by step to allow you to have a 100% natural and vegetable hair routine .

Step 1

This step consists of acting from the outside by opting for mild shampoos , based on aloe-vera or sweet almond, anti-dandruff shampoo, without surfactants, without parabens, without aggressive ingredients , without products and treatments from petrochemicals which prove to be endocrine and hormonal disruptors, which are irritating, prefer natural and vegetable colorings. Do not hesitate, read the ingredient label to choose your hair ally.

Be sure to space out the shampoos , rinse the hair with cold water to tighten the scales. High heat sources tend to irritate the scalp, causing redness and irritation.

Choose hair products adapted to the nature of your hair : fine hair, dry or very dry hair, oily, colored hair, curly hair, normal hair, frizzy hair, blond hair, curly hair for example. Respect the natural origin of your hair.

Be careful not to accumulate styling products and to rinse hair care well to avoid storing residues that will weigh down the hair. It is therefore preferable to limit the use of leave-in products and dry shampoo.

Use nourishing and moisturizing hair masks , an oil bath based on essential oil (Ylang-Ylang for hair growth, lavender, rosemary) and vegetable oils (jojoba oil, argan oil, almond, castor oil, coconut oil). Taking care of the hair is the key to having beautiful hair . Apply this treatment on dry lengths and ends , for better hydration, it is best to leave it on overnight. A true restorative elixir !

2nd step

Because acting on the outside of the hair is no longer enough, you have to act from the inside .

So act on the basis of the hair by providing food supplements . They provide high doses of active ingredients essential to the health and beauty of your hair. Our range is varied and perfectly targets the different problems. Opt for detoxifying hair food supplements .

Our scalp is a very fragile area that needs our full attention. Oxygenate it with our Microcirculation Detox which will activate blood circulation which irrigates and brings intense nutrition to your hair bulb. To complete its action you can massage your scalp in circular movements.

You can supplement yourself with Zinc thanks to our Zinc Absolute , a formula providing a high dose of a trace mineral which guarantees a healthy, soothed scalp . This is the secret to optimal growth . But it's not the only one!

To nourish the hair , it is necessary to provide vitamins , essential fatty acids , proteins and minerals : all the constituents of keratin which makes up 95% of the hair fiber.

Opt for a supplement based on pure keratin : Absolute Keratin from D-LAB . Its patented formula , whose effectiveness is proven, targets hair loss but also acts as a natural fortifier and anti-hair loss. Our capsules are compatible with all types of shampoos.

At D-LAB we are committed to bringing you 100% clean , natural products , composed of powerful plant extracts , without controversial ingredients , without animal cruelty .

Our advice for these cures:

It is necessary to follow these cures for 3 months in a row in order to activate the cellular memory at the level of the hair bulb and in order to be able to benefit from visible and lasting results .

Adopting a healthy and varied diet allows you to optimize the results and to act on the quality of your hair, on their appearance.

For this, consume fruits and vegetables rich in iron and vitamin C for example, bet on a diet rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3, omega 6) by choosing fatty fish (salmon, tuna) while paying attention to n eat only once or twice a week, vegetable oils (rapeseed oil, walnut oil), a diet rich in trace elements (zinc, magnesium, calcium).

Consume antioxidants to help strengthen your hair against free radicals and daily stress. And finally, turn to superfoods like goji berries, carrots, melon.

Step 3

Hydrate yourself , drink water throughout the day to help the organs of elimination to get rid of toxins. But not only that, water has many benefits and it accelerates cell renewal and boosts blood circulation. Drink 1.5L to 2L per day .

However, if you do not like water alone, you can drink coconut water , chamomile tea , do not hesitate to add flavor to your water .

You can infuse fruit in your water, lemon, raspberries for example, mint, cucumbers. A good detox water !

Your hair will thank you , it will reflect your vitality, you will have healthy hair, shiny, supple hair and a scalp that breathes.

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