How to tan when you have white skin?

How to tan when you have white skin?

How to tan when you have white skin?

That's it ! It's summer, the holidays, we're going on vacation! We're about to sing about shellfish, crustaceans and... sunburn. Whoops. With your clear skin, you are apprehensive of having redness from the first exposure.

When you tan when you are white, it can quickly be a nightmare for some and some. Don't worry, as always, D-LAB gives you its precious advice to tell you that yes yes: you tan when you are white.

Going bronze when you are white is a utopia for some people. Yet it is possible. It takes several steps: preparing your skin for the summer before exposure, protecting it during, and moisturizing it afterwards.

Before presenting these steps to you in detail, let's take a look at the skin and the tanning mechanism. When we tan when we are white, we activate the pigmentation of the skin via the melanocytes, which are our cells that produce melanin: the pigment responsible for the coloring of the skin.

Tanning is actually a defense mechanism of the skin. When the skin receives UV rays on it, it defends itself by secreting melanin.

It is this increased production of melanin that colors our skin more intensely than normal and causes what is commonly called tanning.

However, for fair skin, this exposure step is painful and sometimes dangerous since it causes redness and burns and little or no nice tan.

The ideal would be to activate these melanocytes but without exposing themselves… Impossible you say? Well D-LAB did it. With our special tanning capsule : Active Sun Complex, a tanning activator.

Indeed, skin food supplements are effective and recommended when you tan when you are white. Our Active Sun Complex contains carrot extract, which gilds and magnifies the skin. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene and vitamins, which are very useful for tanning; apricot extract rich in antioxidants and pigments. Apricot optimizes the tan. The formula also contains pomegranate extract titrated in punicalagines at 30%. This extract has a strong antioxidant action thanks to the powerful punicalingin polyphenols. It reduces hyperpigmentation and skin damage induced by UV rays from the sun.

Finally, the formula contains other active ingredients such as beta-carotene itself, blackcurrant extract or even astaxanthin.

With all this magic cocktail of protective active ingredients and tan precursors, you will obtain a tanned complexion before you begin your exposure to the sun.

Antioxidants prevent free radical oxidation that causes premature skin aging.

This tanning capsule will allow you to tan quickly, avoid freckles, sunburn, the risk of skin cancer, and you will get a perfect tan.

In addition to looking good, you increase your sun capital, and so, more and more times, we tan when we are white.

Our practical tips for the beach and pool

It's decided, this summer, we tan when we're white. To protect yourself from uva and uvb, you coat yourself with sun protection, sun creams with high protection spf to delay as much as possible the time of having a sunburn. The best thing is to take waterproof ones so as not to pollute the sea, and go swimming whenever you want.

To prepare, there is no need to put on self-tanner since it is superficial and absolutely does not protect the skin. Just bring your Active Sun Complex and your sunglasses.

A beats the tanning booth, these acts are harmful and do not give you vitamin D or protection from the sun's rays.

As soon as you feel that you are tanned, and the skin begins to pull, you don't hesitate to put a beach towel on yourself to pause the process.

Once a week, we exfoliate our skin with a scrub to remove all dead cells and we ensure the hydration of the skin with aloe vera, and vegetable oils such as monoi oil, coconut, and l carrot oil which intensifies the healthy glow effect.

Aloe-vera is indeed a very good after-sun that soothes and hydrates. Even dermatologists recommend it.

For fair skin, we forget the milking fat. (Even for dark skin actually).

Our practical tips for the beach and pool

Hydrate your skin from the inside:

For a deep moisturizing action, we have Absolute Hyaluronic which acts like a water magnet and attracts water inside the cells for hydrated and above all plumped skin.

Other food supplements to combine

We find our Active Sun Complex in the Eclat-Total duo, accompanied by the Soothed Skin Complex, a formula rich in SOD, a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from external aggressions, including the sun.

You can also choose to obtain the Active Sun Complex on its own, in a unitary formula.

To prevent the appearance of pigment spots, use the Luminous Skin Complex. Rich in maritime pine OPC, a patented active ingredient, melanin secretion will be regulated so that it is not anarchic and causes small brown spots.

We can also complete these cures for the skin with cures for the hair since they are also affected by the sun. The Absolute of Keratin to fix your hair to its bulb, and coat it. The Hydra-Capillary Complex to hydrate your curly hair from the inside and intensely nourish it with its argan and safflower oils.

Finally, the Growth Complex to boost growth and the hair bulb to produce more hair and have a dream mane for the summer.

With all these valuable tips, you will get a progressive and uniform tan, and back at work, you can say that yes, you tan when you are white.