Nopal: origin, benefits, deficiencies

Nopal: origin, benefits and deficiencies

Nopal is recognized for its slimming and appetite suppressant properties. Often presented in the form of a fat-burning dietary supplement , it is recommended for people wishing to regulate their appetite and control their weight.

The origins of nopal

The nopal, also called “prickly pear” is a cactus native to Mexico. Very important in the culture of Mexico, it is represented on the national flag. It is known for its fruits, prickly pears, which have a delicately sweet flavor. The flesh of the nopal is now particularly prized for culinary purposes.

It is a cactus that can measure up to 5 meters in height! It is recognized by its oval and flattened leaves. It can give flowers of yellow, orange, pink or red colors. Various virtues have been attributed to the nopal leaf over the centuries, in particular to relieve digestive problems, treat burns, wounds and oedemas.

Today, mainly their slimming and antidiabetic qualities have aroused worldwide interest.

In herbal medicine, it is the leaf that is most used for its soluble fiber content. It is harvested, prepared and then supplied in different formats such as powders, extracts, tablets, etc.

Its benefits

The benefits of nopal are multiple!

It is your number 1 ally in the context of a diet for weight loss. It mainly limits food cravings and cravings. It has a fat-binding effect thanks to the high amount of fiber it contains, present in its leaves.

In addition to absorbing fat in the digestive system, fiber helps regulateappetite , so it is an excellent appetite suppressant.

The presence of nopal fibers in the digestive system is also a factor in decreasing the absorption of sugars in the body after a meal. This makes it possible in particular to avoid a spike in blood sugar levels, in particular to control diabetes. However, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor to avoid any interactions with certain current medical treatments.

The nopal can also be used as a remedy against stomach pains, indeed, the fibers present in the leaves would form a "gel" which would come to protect the walls of the stomach. It would alleviate certain symptoms due to excessive alcohol consumption such as nausea, dry mouth or lack of appetite.

Applied as a poultice on the skin, it has an antibiotic power that would stop the development of many bacteria, and it is very beneficial for the skin since it would heal wounds and infections.

At D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS, we offer Absolu de Nopal in addition to our Fat-Burning Program to capture and eliminate lipids before they are assimilated by the body. We engage with a high dose of nopal to activate weight loss through three complementary actions: it controls sugar levels, increases the feeling of satiety and absorbs sugars and fats to reduce caloric intake.

The Fat-Burning Program will activate four interdependent levers. It will increase the basal metabolism to burn more fat at rest, deploy thermogenesis to increase calorie expenditure, stimulate the elimination systems to avoid fat storage and cleanse the filter organs to improve their detoxifying power and revive the cycle.

Effective appetite suppressant foods

The problem faced by a large number of people trying to lose weight is snacking. Nopal supplements are very effective in curbing cravings and fighting hunger, but there are also many appetite suppressant foods. These are high in fiber and contain little or no fat. They will swell in the stomach on contact with water and thus reduce appetite.

Apple : Rich in pectin and fiber, the apple is a powerful natural appetite suppressant.

Lemon : Highly appreciated for its detoxifying properties and thanks to the citric acid and vitamin C it contains, it is known for its ability to reduce blood sugar and therefore satiate the stomach more sustainably.

Konjac : Konjac is a plant native to Japan, which contains glucomannan, a dietary fiber which, like nopal, creates a gel in the stomach and reduces the feeling of hunger.

Cottage cheese : Cottage cheese with 0% fat leads to a feeling of satiety thanks to the proteins it contains without providing superfluous fat.

The egg : The egg white is rich in protein, so it takes longer to digest and then helps to reduce cravings for snacking between meals.

Oat bran : Very rich in fibre, oat bran fills you up quickly.

Green tea : In addition to being an appetite suppressant, green tea also has fat-burning properties and is an effective diuretic!

Coffee : Like green tea, coffee activates the metabolism and limits cravings.

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