Zinc: origin, benefits, deficiencies

Zinc: origin, benefits and deficiencies

A deficiency in vitamins, minerals and trace elements is often the result of immune, digestive, skin and hair disorders. Pollution, stress, an unbalanced diet, hair loss, white hair, dandruff are problems that are occurring more and more and many people are affected.

In this article you will discover the benefits of zinc , a metallic trace element essential to our body . It participates in many reactions in our body , it is therefore essential to provide it in sufficient quantity and for this, the diet is no longer sufficient, supplementation is recommended .

The origin of zinc

Zinc is an essential trace element present in small quantities in the body: 2.5g . It is found 60% in muscle, 20% in bone, and 20% in skin and liver . It plays an important role in the metabolism of fatty acids and vitamin A , the synthesis of proteins, the use of carbohydrates by stabilizing insulin for example, it participates in the acid-base regulation against oxidative stress . It is recommended to bring 10mg/day for a woman and 12mg/day for a man . The recommendations for a pregnant woman are between 15mg and 23mg .

Zinc is not made by the body , it must be provided by food and if it is not enough, it is possible to choose food supplements. Here are different food sources rich in zinc :

  • Seafood, especially oysters, which contain the highest zinc content (25mg/100g)
  • offal
  • Meat
  • Cheese
  • Oleaginous fruits (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, etc.)
  • Eggs
  • Unrefined cereals
  • Legumes (lentils, beans, etc.)

15 to 40% of zinc provided by food is absorbed by the body. It is therefore recommended to supplement to meet daily needs since the body cannot manufacture it.

The benefits of zinc for your hair

Zinc is known to have many benefits : it helps fight hair loss, thinning hair, hair vitality, cell aging, nail and hair growth, and acne .

Indeed, it is one of the components of keratin , a protein essential to the good health of the hair. Keratin is a protein that makes up 95% of hair fiber . It is made up of sulfur amino acids like methionine, cystine and lysine, B group vitamins like vitamin B5, B8 and B8, copper , iron and zinc .

Zinc intake helps stop hair loss, strengthen the hair fiber and stimulate hair growth . By intervening in the synthesis of keratin, zinc protects the hair from premature graying by intervening on the appearance of white hair and by acting on oxidative stress .

It also fights against psoriasis , it helps prevent the appearance of eczema and dermatitis .

Zinc deficiencies

A zinc deficiency can be responsible for significant hair loss, brittle hair, fine hair but also an open door for external aggressions, the appearance of itching and soft nails.

People following a vegetarian diet are more likely to be deficient in zinc. A balanced diet is no longer the only key since nowadays our plates are less qualitative . The foods going around the world no longer contribute to meeting nutrient needs . To act against hair problems linked to a zinc deficiency, it is possible to choose a suitable hair food supplement.

At D-LAB we offer 100% natural and clean food supplements, without nanoparticles, without GMOs, without controversial substances and not tested on animals .

You can choose to go for a zinc cure . Our Zinc Absolute improves the quality of skin and hair. A high dose of micro-encapsulated zinc guaranteeing maximum bioavailability, that is to say assimilable by the body without being destroyed during the passage of the stomach thanks to gastro-resistant capsules. Its action is coupled with vitamin B6, B2 and B3 to stimulate the immune defences, increase its effectiveness on the beauty and health of the skin.

To provide support to the hair fiber, our Absolute Keratin provides a high dose of pure and patented keratin that is 95% assimilable by the body. This bestseller has an anti-hair loss action, it acts against dandruff, split ends. It responds to many hair problems and completes the action of Zinc Absolute. By providing the hair bulb with essential nutrients that it draws from the bloodstream, Absolute Zinc and Absolute Keratin will act in depth on the internal structure of the hair.

The best way for a dream mane regardless of hair type: colored hair, fine hair, thick hair, frizzy hair, short hair and long hair.

Hair routine

To complement the action of food and food supplements, you can opt for a more natural hair routine . Prefer soft , organic shampoos adapted to your hair type, a moisturizing and fortifying conditioner . To strengthen your hair, adopt hair care and hair masks composed of vegetable oils such as castor oil, argan oil, coconut oil while adding a few drops of recognized ylang-ylang essential oil. to accelerate hair growth.

By providing a sufficient quantity of zinc, you will act on many problems. Perhaps this is the key to your worries? Be careful, taking too much can also be responsible for disorders and limit the absorption of other nutrients. Respect the recommended daily doses.