Keratin: origin, benefits, deficiencies

Keratin: origin, benefits, deficiencies

Keratin: the ideal solution to target hair loss and strengthen the hair fiber. In supplementation and hair care, the intake of high-dose keratin stimulates hair growth, repairs damaged hair and nails and restores strength, shine and elasticity to hair.

The origin of keratin

Keratin is an insoluble natural protein made up of amino acids. It is a fundamental constituent element of the hair which protects our hair against external aggressions such as pollution, drying, UV rays, sea water and reinforces the impermeability of the hair. It is also responsible for the elasticity , shine and strength of the hair . However, the keratin stock is not renewed and is depleted over time and aggressions. Produced by keratinocytes, cells that make up skin appendages, keratin represents almost 90% of the composition of our hair and nails. It gives them strength, shine and elasticity to take care of the hair daily, deeply moisturize it and make it silky day after day. The extraction of animal keratin can be done from horns and hooves, but can also be obtained from the wool of sheep or apalga. This is the case for our Absolu de Keratin , whose keratin comes from the wool of sheep raised in the open air and shorn without cruelty in the presence of a veterinarian and according to very strict specifications. For optimal results on the scalp and the hair fiber, our hydrolyzed keratin is manufactured using a natural and patented extraction process resulting in soluble tri-peptides with an amino acid profile identical to that of being human.

The benefits of keratin

It is important to supplement with keratin to obtain harder nails, shiny and strong hair and also to reduce hair loss . Indeed, the constituent keratin of the hair is permanent and does not renew itself, it is therefore important to provide it with high doses to fight against damaged hair and hair loss. The hair is daily subjected to external attacks (UV, cold, sea water, etc.) as well as attacks from chemical products such as coloring. They then find themselves damaged, with dry ends and numerous split ends and are no longer protected against these numerous attacks. It is therefore essential to repair the hair fiber by providing keratin supplementation , which will allow all types of hair, whether colored, thin, thick, short or long, to have a beautiful and healthy mane. . Keratin will act as a natural fortifier on hair lacking in nutrition and will help reduce hair loss, increase massaging and bring radiance and shine to hair. Keratin as a hair food supplement is ideal for strengthening the inner layer of the hair. For a 360° action, keratin cures can be taken in addition to keratin-based cosmetic treatments that will act on the outer layers superficially to fill in gaps and scales. You can also combine keratin-based food supplements with rinse-out treatments for dry or frizzy hair based on argan oil or castor oil to facilitate styling and smoothing. Keratin therefore repairs the hair in depth, but its action is all the more important when you combine it with vitamin B8, arugula and bamboo, as in our Nutrition-Capillary Duo , to promote hair growth by stimulating keratin synthesis. Keratin is also a building block of nails, and keratin supplementation will help restore harder, less brittle nails.

Dosage, dosage and deficiencies

Our laboratory has developed a water-soluble keratin from sheep's wool, it is manufactured using a patented process to be easily assimilated by the body. This keratin, which is the flagship active ingredient of our favorite formula l'Absolu de Keratin , was the subject of a randomized double-blind study in 50 women. At the end of this trial, it was demonstrated a decrease in hair loss , better quality and more resistant hair, an 87.5% improvement in shine and the nails appeared harder and less brittle . Tests have therefore shown the effectiveness of keratin on hair and nails at a dose of 500mg per day . It is therefore interesting to take the Absolu de Kératine 28-day cure, at each change of season, for at least 3 months in a row, especially for weakened hair. Mechanical, external and chemical aggressions such as vigorous brushing, too frequent coloring and exposure to the sun, can weaken the keratin in our hair. If the hair has a keratin deficiency, then it becomes brittle, dry and limp. Frizz or split ends can also be due to a keratin deficiency. The lack of keratin in our hair must then be compensated again with the help of hair food supplements and cosmetic products for damaged hair such as shampoo, conditioners, creams or moisturizing masks based on keratin, to that the hair fibers can be repaired and that your lengths regain a smooth and shiny appearance as well as optimal hydration. To promote the results of keratin capsules and fight against deficiencies, we advise you to reduce heat sources such as straighteners or hair dryers, massage your scalp for a few minutes to stimulate the bulb and promote breathing of the scalp and bathing in vegetable oils such as castor oil, argan oil or coconut oil. We also advise you, before starting any straightening, to thoroughly clean the hair in order to eliminate residues and pollutants. To do this, opt for a keratin care shampoo that will prepare your hair for the smoothing treatment and promote the fixing of keratin.

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In conclusion, it is very important before proceeding to various treatments and care with keratin to inform yourself about the origin of this keratin as well as its dosage . If your hairdresser has difficulty in informing you, then make your request to the manufacturer who must clarify the origin of the keratin used in its products.

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