Beauty is the reflection of a healthy body

Beauty and health are connected: radiant skin is the result of oxygenated, well-nourished and protected tissues, but also the illustration of the proper functioning of our entire body.


Fight against the disruptions caused by our modern lifestyles

Stress, pollution, processed food… many exogenous factors disrupt the optimal functioning of our body and quickly deteriorate our skin, our hair, our ability to eliminate. Out of balance, the body also ages faster.


Rebalance the body to optimize its functioning

A dull complexion is not inevitable: if you understand your body and act in a targeted way, you can wake it up, rebalance it, depollute it. Thanks to essential nutrients, we have the power to act at the source not only by nourishing but also by regulating.

Unique programs

To regain control of your body, D-LAB has created unique programs that support the organism as a whole, because everything is connected. Microbiota, neuro-hormonal balance, cellular energy… depending on your needs, you act in depth on essential levers of action to restore balance, and on a daily basis, bring out beauty from within.

To the source

I grew up in Vichy, the “teint celestins” water, considered the very first nutricosmetic. Its slogan from the 80's was "beauty that comes from within"! My family managing the thermal baths and the medi-thermal spa, I was immersed in a holistic approach to well-being and quickly realized that health and beauty were intimately connected and directly linked to nutrition.

As each body is unique, I wanted to launch a tailor-made nutricosmetic approach, highlighting the links between the skin and the inner balance. I surrounded myself with doctors from the nutritional center of Vichy, and they taught me that the perfect formula was in fact the combination of 3 complementary steps: the programs were born.

Wanting to offer unique nutritional expertise and products at the forefront of efficiency, I created D-LAB: powerful formulas that act on the body as a whole.

Committed and militant, I naturally positioned myself towards clean formulations, respectful of the body and the environment.

Bonne D-égustation !

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