Brittle hair: What is the cause and what to do?

Brittle hair: What is the cause and what to do?

Hair is mostly exposed to surrounding factors which are harmful for our hair. What is the cause and what can be done to repair them in depth ?


Some hair types are naturally more sensitive and fragile than others. It is therefore essential to take even more care of it and on a regular basis to repair the damage caused by various external factors.

Factors include stress , lack of sleep or water , smoking , and poor diet .

The repeated mechanical actions will also eventually sensitize the hair. Daily shampoos , brushings , straightening as well as too frequent coloring will promote dryness of the hair, split ends and thus make the hair very dry and brittle.

Dietary deficiencies are also part of the causes of damaged hair. Indeed, to be healthy our hair needs vitamin B, zinc and sulfur.


Some natural solutions for brittle hair 

Surface repair...


Doing natural hair masks and vegetable oil baths proves to be very effective in helping to repair brittle hair. The active ingredients penetrate damaged and dry hair to deeply moisturize and nourish it.


  • Pure argan oil is the oil that has the most benefits for your hair. Indeed, it is very rich in fatty acids such as omega 3, 6 and 9 and in vitamin E. Applied regularly, it will make your hair softer, shinier and healthier.
  • Virgin coconut oil is very useful for giving shine and nourishing your hair, it also prevents the appearance of dandruff and has strong moisturizing power.
  • Vegetable olive oil , rich in vitamin E, makes hair stronger, it has regenerative properties that will help promote growth.


For a better result, we advise you to mix these three oils and apply the mixture directly to your hair, let it sit for a minimum of two hours. This oil bath is to be done once or twice a week to see real results.

Repairing from within...

D-LAB food supplements are very useful for repairing your hair from the inside and providing valuable help in the event of a dietary imbalance or a poorly varied diet. They have been specially formulated to meet any type of need and respond to any problem.

For brittle hair, we advise you to take a D-LAB hair food supplement :

  • The Hair Mass program : It will target hair loss linked to a neuro-hormonal disorder, a complex hair problem that it is essential to treat from the inside, by providing targeted active ingredients capable of restoring imbalances and densifying the capillary mass.

  • Keratin Absolute : It will bring life back to the most demanding, damaged and tired hair. It is a powerful anti-hair loss product, it provides a high dose of patented and perfectly assimilable keratin to fill in the gaps, give structure and increase volume.

  • The Nutrition-Capillary program : It will provide keratin and the active ingredients that constitute it, the hair fiber will be densified, the gaps filled, the scales closed, the regrowth activated and the hair perfectly restructured.

A healthy and rich diet is the basis of your well-being and therefore of the beauty of your skin and your hair . Indeed, diet plays a very important role in the condition of your hair.

The essential elements for healthy and strong hair include keratin which is formulated mainly with proteins (meat, eggs, lentils, almonds), zinc found in meat, products coming from the sea, hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds.

Hair also needs vitamin B which can be found in cereals, nuts, mushrooms and cauliflower and sulfur which is found in brown rice, peas and broccoli.

You will have understood that what is on our plate plays a crucial role in having beautiful hair and a healthy scalp!


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