How to prepare your hair for summer?

How to prepare your hair for summer?

how to prepare your hair for

We all love taking care of our hair. As summer approaches, we often dream of dreamy long hair. So, do we cut them? Do we not cut them? We want them long but we have dry and split ends… We also ask our hairdresser and our loved ones if they have any magic products to recommend.

Then you go to your best friend: google, and you type: “hair and summer”. Here, some hair capsules ? You hadn't thought of hair food supplement ! 

That's good, we tell you everything about our hair capsules so that hair and summer rhyme with harmony.

Use the hair food supplement to combine hair and summer:

Hair and summer does not always mean damaging your hair, bleaching your blond hair , or having to cut it at the start of the school year. If we do it in advance and anticipate external aggressions , if we repair the hair before exposing it, we take less risk of having weakened , damaged hair and having scales .

How to strengthen your hair and guarantee an anti-hair loss action?

The raw material of hair is keratin. It is made by our hair bulb from the following elements: group B vitamins, sulfur amino acids, trace elements...

Keratin weaves our fiber but also cements our hair to its bulb. It fills in the scales, and coats the hair from root to tip. There are keratin shampoos and conditioners that will help you discipline your hair when styling. On the other hand, to obtain a deep action and repair the fiber at its root, it is necessary to act from the inside. This is the interest of the food supplement: to affect 80% of our cells, where the care to be applied externally only reaches 20%. The active ingredients contained in the hair capsules will travel through the blood supply and reach the bulb to provide it with all the nutrients it needs.

Our Keratin Absolute contains pure keratin, sourced from the wool of black sheep. Our keratin is very effective because we extract the active molecule: cynatine, thanks to a very effective biotechnological extraction process. This formula makes your hair shiny and strong, and it's way more effective than egg yolk hair masks !

This Absolute is suitable for all hair types . It is very popular with dry hair and frizzy hair because this type of waves needs to be sheathed and disciplined. With this formula, hair and summer will rhyme with serenity.

use the hair food supplement to combine hair and summer

Apart from keratin, what else to take as hair capsules?

Earlier we mentioned the synthetic elements of keratin. At D-LAB, we have also developed a formula containing all these elements: the Growth Complex! Our bestseller with Absolute Keratin to prepare your hair for the summer and to help it all year round.

For those who want to have very long hair for the summer, you can take this Growth Complex three months before departure, you will get hair worthy of Rapunzel. This Complex makes hair grow twice as fast. Besides that, you should not ban topical treatments either ( conditioner, hair masks, oil bath , etc.) because these treatments accompany the work of the food supplement.

Here are some hair care reminders and tips to bring great hair and summer together:

First of all, back to the classic of our routines: the oil bath. This consists of creating a hair oil based on several sources of oils: coconut oil , jojoba oil , macadamia oil, avocado oil , ylang-ylang oil, hazelnut oil , etc. All these compounds to obtain a vegetable oil which constitutes your elixir for the summer. These different oils have different virtues which, combined in an oil bath, will act in synergy to sublimate your hair.

If we follow this duo of cures in the summer and before, we will minimize the fact of damaging our hair in the summer.

As we love you at D-LAB, we are not going to stop there: if despite our advice, your hair is damaged this summer, and hair and summer have still not gone well together in your case, so we tell you all about how to fix your hair after summer .

apart from keratin, what to take

How to fix your hair after summer?

We're back from vacation, we're already depressed enough, we're certainly not going to add another worry with gray , damaged hair , or split ends .

First, if it is really necessary, you can start by cutting what is no longer beautiful at the hairdresser. Then, to maintain our revitalized hair again, we must practice the right gestures:

  • With regard to the internal action: continue the Absolute Keratin and Growth Complex treatments to guarantee the weaving of a quality hair fibre. Add to this the Microcirculation Detox for an anti-dandruff action and avoid drying out your scalp and itching .
  • On the other hand, for the external action, you have to dry your hair with a microfiber cloth and no longer our good old towel, which breaks the hair. Wet hair is weaker than dried hair. To avoid opening the hair scales when shampooing, wash or rinse them with cold or lukewarm water , not hot water. In addition, cold water is known to make the hair shine, sheath it, close the scales and prevent the creation of split ends.

Did you know that to multiply the shine effect, you can mix apple cider vinegar or another type of vinegar with cold water and use it as your rinse water? Glowing effect guaranteed. This method is also recommended all year round, not just for summer!

Now that you know everything, to your baskets, and we hope to know you happy with your hair, well prepared, and equipped with your cures for the summer!

Hair and summer will no longer be oxymorons but on the contrary, a beautiful synergy.

Happy summer and happy holidays.


Clean, cruelty-free, gluten-free and made in France , all of our formulas are composed of natural active ingredients extracted without chemical processes , and will become a real beauty ally in your hair routine.

Thanks to our hair food supplement treatments, you will thus find the desired hair mass, your hair will regain all its health and become as strong and shiny as before this massive exposure to the sun and all these factors deteriorating your hair beauty.