The guide to hair supplements

The guide to hair supplements

Discover our guide to food supplements for hair. Through our guide we will discover the benefits of food supplements for your hair. Finally, we will present the cures adapted to each problem that your hair may encounter.

D-LAB food supplements: Growth Complex

Hair and dietary supplements

A hair

Hair is a natural fiber that grows from hair follicles located in the skin of the scalp. Hair growth is a natural process that can be influenced by many factors, such as age, gender, genetics, diet, stress and hormonal changes. Hair is made up of 95% keratin , a protein that helps build, protect and cement the hair fiber and gives it strength and elasticity.

The life cycle of a hair is a long process of several years. First, each hair is born under the skin of the scalp, in a hair follicle and grows slowly. This period of hair growth corresponds to the anagen phase. The hair grows about 1 cm per month. Then follows the catagen phase where the hair stops growing. This is when a new hair grows in the same hair follicle. The telogen phase is the last stage which corresponds to the period of rest. The hair remains attached to its follicle for about 3 months and then eventually falls out when shampooing or brushing. This life cycle of the hair can reproduce itself up to 25 times in all the hair follicles, unless a disorder disturbs it. We lose between 50 to 80 hairs every day, beyond this number the cycle is disturbed and it is a pathological hair loss problem, the most common of which is androgenetic alopecia or baldness, too both in women and in men. Hormonal fluctuations, pregnancies, menopause, stress, free radicals… Our hormones and in particular androgens, the male hormones, are closely linked and their upheaval can cause the hair bulb to work in slow motion, thus causing hormonal hair loss and brittle hair. damaged.

Hair is also rich in melanin , a pigment that gives it its color. Hair structure can vary between individuals, with differences in hair thickness, texture and shape.

D-LAB hair food supplements

White hair or colored hair, fine hair or thick hair, short hair or long hair: no matter your hair type, to have a healthy mane, we must take care of our hair fiber. The hair is composed of 95% keratin, a protein that helps to cement the hair fiber, to build it and to protect it. To have beautiful hair, we must act from the inside by providing the nutrients that make up the hair fiber, because nutrition happens at the level of the bulb. External treatments only act on the outer layer of the fiber to protect it. It is therefore necessary to provide daily and in sufficient quantity, all the essential nutrients, namely trace elements such as magnesium, iron, copper, group B vitamins and sulfur amino acids such as l-cystine, l-methionine, m -lysine. These nutrients are provided by a balanced diet but also by nutritional supplementation since, because of our modern life, food is unfortunately no longer enough to provide them in sufficient quantity. This therefore results in dry, brittle hair, lacking shine, and worse, can lead to more or less significant hair loss. With our natural food supplements, we help you to have thicker hair full of vitality!

D-LAB food supplements for hair are high quality supplements that contain premium hyper-sourced, certified and traced and above all clinically proven active ingredients that are specially formulated to help nourish hair follicles and improve hair health.

The main benefit of D-LAB supplements is that they help deliver essential nutrients to your hair that can be difficult to obtain from diet or hair care alone, as some areas cannot be reached externally.

Indeed, hair care has a superficial and short-term action on the lengths and not on new regrowth.

Our food supplements act in depth and over the long term because they nourish the fiber from the root.

The benefits of food supplements for the hair:

As explained above, hair care only has a superficial effect on the health of your hair.

D-LAB food supplements have many essential benefits for the health of your hair:

Vitamins are essential nutrients for healthy hair. Vitamin A helps produce sebum, the natural oil that moisturizes the scalp and prevents hair from becoming dry and brittle. Vitamin B12 is important for hair growth, while vitamin E helps prevent free radical damage. Vitamin supplements can help fill nutritional gaps and support healthy hair.

Minerals such as iron, zinc and selenium are also important for hair health. Iron is essential for the production of red blood cells, which carry oxygen to hair follicles, while zinc is important for tissue growth and repair. Selenium is an antioxidant that can help prevent damage caused by free radicals. Supplements containing these minerals can help support and protect healthy hair.

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, which are essential for healthy hair. Keratin is a protein that makes up the bulk of hair, and amino acid supplements such as cysteine ​​and methionine can help strengthen hair and prevent hair loss.

Antioxidants are compounds that help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals, which can damage hair follicles. Herbal extracts such as tea tree oil and saw palmetto extract have antioxidant properties and may help prevent hair loss.

Food supplements in different galenics

D-LAB food supplements provide you with essential nutrients in natural and concentrated formulas to help you regain thicker hair.

We all dream of having thicker and healthier hair. There's nothing worse than having flattened hair that lacks volume! But how to have voluminous and shiny hair and all without extensions? Before accumulating styling products, we must start by looking at what is on our plate. Indeed, it is in our diet that we find the nutrients that will strengthen our hair from the inside. Hair is made up of 95% keratin, itself made up of amino acids such as L-Cystine , L-Methionine or L-Lysine , group B vitamins and trace minerals such as zinc , iron , copper or magnesium . These active ingredients are found in pulses, whole grains or even egg yolk and vegetable oils , foods rich in omega-3 , essential fatty acids for beautiful hair. Omega-3s help hair follicles grow and strengthen to gain volume. Unfortunately modern food is no longer enough to provide enough nutrients.

This is why supplementation has become essential to repair damaged hair and make it grow faster.

Food supplements D-LAB Hair Nutrition

A cure for each problem:

The modern way of life, the impoverished diet but also the unstable hormones, such as the transition to menopause, can push the hair bulb to work in slow motion thus causing hair loss, a sensitive scalp and damaged hair.

At D-LAB, our range of 100% natural food supplements for the hair, in the form of capsules or tablets, is intended for all hair types to allow you to act on a specific problem and its causes.

For brittle hair

For stronger and voluminous hair, it is essential to nourish the fiber in depth with the constituent components of keratin, representing 95% of the hair. Supplementation makes it possible to provide a very large quantity of these active ingredients to create a beautiful and strong hair fiber.

To bring volume and say goodbye to your flat hair, our range of hair food supplements brings together targeted active ingredients such as spirulina, vitamin B or vitamin E to stimulate the bulb and the hair follicle and thus make your hair silky. These formulas stimulate and tone the scalp by activating blood circulation to promote hydration and hair growth. By providing pure keratin, the main component of the hair fiber, our Absolute Keratin food supplement not only targets hair loss but acts as a natural fortifier. Our natural capsules are for all hair types: dry hair or oily hair, long or short hair, fine hair or frizzy hair...

To restore volume to your hair, combine food supplements with a suitable hair routine with a silicone-free and chemical-free shampoo, conditioner and volumizing hair products. Space out the shampoos as much as possible and use a dry shampoo to loosen the roots and give volume to the hair. However, be careful not to accumulate styling products and to rinse hair care well so as not to cause excess sebum and weigh down the hair.

  • Our Hair Nutrition Duo revitalizes and strengthens the hair fiber thanks to two complementary formulas.

  • L 'Absolu de Keratin : natural keratin of excellent quality proven highly bioavailable contains by clinical study. It is directly assimilated by the body.

  • The Complex Boosts all the constituent micronutrients of keratin: sulfur amino acids, group B vitamins and minerals. Its active ingredients nourish the hair bulb in depth to promote growth.

For hair loss

Whether it is temporary during seasonal changes or more persistent as in the case of androgenetic alopecia, to fight against the loss of hair mass it is important to act on the different causes at the same time. While external anti-hair loss treatments mainly have a targeted action on strengthening the bulb, the hair loss food supplement acts in depth on the internal causes and strengthens the hair fiber from the inside. It is essential to bring pure keratin, which constitutes 95% of the hair fiber, into the bloodstream, as well as the active ingredients that allow the bulb to manufacture it: B vitamins, sulfur amino acids and trace elements. This is the role of our hair food supplements in the form of capsules or tablets. To stop hair loss and regain beautiful hair, shiny and full of vitality, our anti hair loss formulas are 100% natural. They provide essential nutrients such as keratin to slow hair loss, l-cystine to strengthen fiber, stinging nettle to stimulate regrowth or zinc for hair. We recommend at least 3 months of treatment to activate cell memory in the bulbs. And if I want to strengthen my hair and prevent this phenomenon, I combine my treatment with paraben-free hair care, I massage my scalp with essential oils (castor, cedar, rosemary, etc.) to activate microcirculation and I adopt a diet rich in iron, copper, fatty acids, zinc and vitamin B.

Pregnancy, menopause, the pill, dysthyroidism or stress… these hormonal upheavals can also cause so-called “hormonal” hair loss. It is essential to act at the source by rebalancing the neuro-hormonal system to stop the hair loss permanently.

To significantly reduce hair loss and regain shiny hair, we provide a high dose of pure keratin. Its anti-hair loss action and its benefits for the beauty of nails and hair have been proven by clinical studies.

  • The Growth Complex is ideal in case of dry scalp since it will provide all the constituent elements of keratin such as vitamin B8, lithothamne, chlorella or spirulina, rich in proteins, to activate microcirculation in the scalp . It also contains arugula and bamboo to accelerate hair growth and regain healthy hair.

By taking Collagen as a dietary supplement, it will act where your body requires it. Beyond its anti-aging and anti-stretch mark action, this patented formula can complement a hair treatment to activate keratin production and keep hair healthy.

  • Our Strong Hair Pro-Collagen Powder combines a unique complex of marine collagen, a patented hydrolyzed keratin and targeted active ingredients for an immediate action on hair loss and reinforcement of the hair fiber. Actions proven by two clinical studies and a delicious pear taste.

Clean, cruelty free, gluten free and made in France, our formulas are composed of natural active ingredients extracted without chemical processes.

For visible and lasting results, our hair capsules are to be taken at least 3 months in a row and it is quite possible to combine a program with a complementary product to act in depth on the different causes.

For scalp problems

The scalp is a very fragile area that requires our full attention to prevent dandruff, itching and excess sebum. It is essential to maintain good microcirculation and clean it up from the inside by providing highly targeted active ingredients.

Discover our range of food supplements targeted at the dry and sensitive scalp to prevent dandruff, itching and excess sebum.

Oily hair, dry dandruff, scales, eczema, psoriasis... our scalp is a very fragile area that demands our full attention. To have healthy hair, you must first take care of the scalp, where the bulb and hair follicles are located. The causes of a dry and sensitive scalp are numerous: external aggressions, pollution, aggressive shampoo with sulphate, accumulation of hair products. Result: These aggressions alter the hydrolipidic film and dandruff, pimples and scabs appear. These scabs on the scalp are often caused by acne pimples that appear as a result of heavy production of sebum by the sebaceous glands. Excess sebum dilates the pores of the scalp and causes inflammation of the hair follicles. This production of sebum can occur in particular after the use of styling products containing irritating agents such as silicones. It is essential to maintain good blood circulation in the micro-vessels and to soothe the scalp from the inside by providing all of these active ingredients.

Our range of hair food supplements brings together different formulas to fight against scalp problems and their causes. It is in the heart of the scalp that the transport of nutrients and oxygen necessary for hair growth takes place.

  • The Microcirculation Detox is a vegetable formula that promotes the elimination of toxins, stimulates blood circulation and facilitates the delivery of essential nutrients to the heart of the bulb to prevent oily dandruff, itching and excess sebum.

  • The omega-3s of our Absolu Omega 3 helps reduce inflammation of very dry scalp.

For a healthy hair fiber and shiny hair, our Growth Complex deeply nourishes the hair bulb by providing it with a high dose of all the constituent active ingredients of keratin.

  • Zinc Absolute provides a high dose of zinc, a trace mineral that guarantees a healthy scalp and has soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits to calm irritated scalp. Our hair food supplements are taken in the form of a cure of at least 3 months to have lasting and optimal results.

Thanks to our hair food supplement cures, you will thus find the desired hair mass, your hair will regain all its health and become as strong and shiny as before this massive exposure to the sun and all these factors deteriorating your hair beauty.