White hair: our natural solutions

White hair: our natural solutions

We are all affected by the appearance of white hair . It's quite a story! They can surprise us by arriving in our life relatively early or because of a particularly stressful event or even because of genetics . Nevertheless, it generally remains a natural process of hair aging .

Our first instinct, without thinking, is to pull out the first gray hairs. Then, once they appear in greater numbers, we want to hide them and we go to the hairdresser. You will discover in this article how to allow your hair to regain a bright color without being attacked by toxic products.

The appearance of white hair

As you age, the appearance of white hair is inevitable. This process of hair depigmentation is called canities . Over time, the melanin responsible for hair color is gradually depleted and gives way to white hair or gray hair, a color that is generally dull and lacks radiance. Cells called melanocytes no longer produce pigment .

This is when we think about the different possible solutions . The first thing we do is pull out the gray hair in question. Be aware that this is not much use because it will grow back white again since it is devoid of natural pigments . Moreover, in this action you damage your hair follicle. The second thing we decide to do is go to a colorist to have our hair dyed. We ask for a permanent coloring or a semi-permanent color which generally reveals a demarcation of the natural roots but all the solutions are good. Unfortunately, coloring their hair is far from a piece of cake for them. Indeed, it is a way of attacking them given the harmful components of which the coloring products are made.


The deficiencies at the origin of white hair are numerous: an unbalanced or low quality diet , fatigue, stress or hormonal imbalance. We recommend consuming foods rich in vitamins B12, B6 and B8 but also in sulfur amino acids and minerals . These are all components of keratin , which creates our hair fiber.

It is important to support your body with a hair food supplement based on melanin, a solution against white hair, in order to provide the nutrients your hair needs every day and which are not provided in sufficient quantities .

At D-LAB we offer 100% natural food supplements, without controversial products and not tested on animals . It is by deciding to act in depth that you will provide your organization with the missing keys.

Our laboratory has developed a formula to limit the appearance of white hair . Our Melanin Absolute is rich in vitamin B8 : biotin, which strengthens the hair , reduces hair loss and protects against free radicals and stress-related oxidation. Our innovative formula is enriched with keratin hydrolyzate naturally pigmented by melanin . It darkens the color of your hair and benefits from a clinical study which proves its effectiveness .

Opt for more natural solutions

The coloring technique has evolved , it is less aggressive, the hair is less dry and damaged. Indeed, the appearance of vegetable colorings has something to do with it. They are offered more on the shelves of our shopping centers and at the hairdresser, they are ammonia-free , thus allowing to have fewer reactions and allergies on the scalp.

These natural colors are good for you and the environment. Their ingredients are free of controversial products, a gentler coloring treatment for your hair. The good alternative for a lioness mane revived with color , shiny and silky hair.

The shades are numerous and they are natural shades . From very light blond to dark blond, from light brown to dark brown, from mahogany, highlights, ash blond, golden blond, Venetian blond or even platinum blond, a copper color or even red hair. In short, a wide choice for all tastes, even for pink hair or bluish highlights! A way to change hair color and at the same time to change your head or to find the natural color of your hair .

There is also neutral henna , brown, caramel or natural henna. The tones are less varied than vegetable colorings, but there is still a natural alternative that is not harmful to our hair. The temporary gel also makes its appearance, it is vegetable, it fades after several shampoos and does not modify the color of your hair . Its exposure time is about 40 minutes, you can do it at home and it covers white hair for your greatest satisfaction. These are ways to avoid the root effect during regrowth for a natural result !

In addition, discoloration can be observed in the eyebrows at the same time as the hair, so it is quite possible to color them. Apply the color with a small brush or ask the hairdresser not to forget your eyebrows! So you can restore intensity to your gaze for gun eyes!

Avoid bleaching your hair too often, bleaching attacks the scalp , causes itching and redness.

Don't forget to take care of your hair fiber by choosing suitable cosmetics : gentle shampoos , without harsh products, organic, natural shampoos. Nourish your hair with a conditioner, masks and homemade hair care based on essential oils and vegetable oils. Prefer rinsing with cold water to close the scales and avoid external aggressions. Avoid blow-drying your hair at too high a temperature, instead let it air-dry . Remember to protect them in case of long-term exposure to the sun and when using a straightening or curling iron .

It's time to adopt a plant-based hair routine !

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