White hair: what if it was stress?

White hair: what if it was stress?

We all know the expression “to turn white hair” to underline a significant stress. For a long time, stress has been the cause of many more or less unpleasant symptoms. White hair is one of them, even if genetics has a lot to do with it.

Seen from above

A natural phenomenon

Hair whitening , also called canitie , is a natural and inevitable phenomenon. The older we get, the more our hair loses its color.

The color of our hair, skin, body hair and eyes is linked to the presence of melanin . Melanocytes , which are stem cells that cause hair and hair pigment, give up their cavity near the base of the hair follicle and leave the hair without a source of pigmentation . The hair then turns white. It is very rare for the melanocytes to regenerate once the first white hair has appeared, there is no process to stop this phenomenon. As for gray hair, it does not exist, the illusion that gray hair gives comes from a mixture of colored hair and white hair.

Some people can end up with white hair early, at the age of 20, while others will be spared it until the age of 60, it's all a matter of genetics . If any members of your family have gray hair prematurely, chances are you are too.

Extrinsic factors also come into play in the hair bleaching process. Indeed, vitamin deficiencies , tobacco , hormonal imbalances , certain diseases can be responsible for white hair.

White hair and stress

Stress or a traumatic shock can accelerate the appearance of white hair. A study published by the journal Nature conducted by researchers on mice has shown that stress damages the stem cells of hair pigmentation and is therefore one of the factors responsible for white hair.

Indeed, these cells are present in limited stock and if they are repeatedly activated by stress, the stock will quickly run out, then causing irreversible hair whitening .

How to prevent white hair?

1- Deficiencies and white hair

What is on our plates can prevent the appearance of white hair! Indeed, food plays an important role if we want to delay this phenomenon.

In order to limit oxidative stress, partly responsible for the premature aging of the hair, it is necessary to fill the deficiencies . Hair is made up of keratin , which is a protein. It is enough to regularly consume proteins such as eggs or fish which are a very good source.

In addition, essential fatty acids , B vitamins and zinc are essential for maintaining healthy hair.

Omega-3s are known to promote the pigmentation of the hair fiber. They are found in avocado, oily fish, oilseeds.

5 very ripe avocados in a green soup plate, itself placed on a green tablecloth

2- Hair food supplement

If the diet does not allow a sufficient intake, supplementation with food supplements is necessary in order to make up for any deficiencies. At D-LAB , we offer a range of food supplements formulated with plant extracts, vitamins and minerals, made in France .

We recommend Absolute Melanin which is an innovative complex, it will darken hair color by gradually repigmenting white hair . It regenerates the hair bulb , promoting hair growth and stopping hair loss . In addition, we also offer Absolute Keratin which will provide a high dose of patented keratin to bring life back to the most demanding hair .

TheAbsolute Omega-3 will provide a high dose of omega-3 essential to the good health of the hair fiber.

In order to reduce stress, at D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS , we recommend theMental-Charge Program which will offer a complete response to situations of intense stress and overwork . This Program combines 37 active ingredients known to stimulate and soothe the nervous, hormonal and immune system

D-LAB food supplements: for hair: Absolute Melanin

3- Natural solutions against white hair

To slow down the premature appearance of white hair, there are certain natural solutions.

Amla oil

Amla oil is renowned for its many hair benefits! Rich in vitamin A and C and antioxidants, it has fortifying and protective properties . In addition to slowing gray hair, it strengthens the hair fiber, protects it and promotes hair growth.

It is used in an oil bath, leaving it on our hair for at least an hour! It can also be used as a daily moisturizer on our lengths.


The onion is composed mainly of sulfur, it is ideal for treating white hair, as it stimulates the bulb and the regeneration of collagen , it improves blood circulation and stimulates the hair follicles .

Just grate a large onion and collect its juice then rub it on the scalp, leaving it to act for 30 minutes. To rid your hair of the smell, shampoo it well and rinse normally. You can repeat this ritual three times a week for good results.


The antioxidants it contains and its natural pigments make it one of the most effective foods against the appearance of white hair ! Apply the set of two cups of coffee to your scalp and leave on for 30 minutes then rinse. Again, you can repeat this ritual three times a week.

4- How to hide the first gray hairs?

The colorings

When the first gray hairs appear, dyes are the first solution to camouflage them. The ideal is to favor vegetable dyes or without ammonia to take care of the hair fiber and the scalp and not to attack it too much.

Hair sprays

Hair coloring sprays are the fastest and easiest way to hide white hair, without going through the coloring box! Indeed, they act as a “touch-up” action and temporarily cover the white of the hair. They fade during shampoos.