White hair and deficiencies

White hair and deficiencies

The first gray hairs appeared and you weren't expecting them so soon? Did you ask yourself the right questions? Maybe it's genetic ? Maybe it's due to a deficiency ? Our hair is made up of keratin , a protein rich in B vitamins (B5, B8 and B9), amino acids (lysine, methionine, cystine), zinc, iron and copper. In order for our hair to be healthy, it is important to bring all these nutrients to our hair fiber in order to fight against external aggressions that may be responsible for deficiencies and an early appearance of white hair . But then, the color of our hair, where does it come from? Melanin is responsible for coloring hair, skin color, and eyes . It is a natural pigment whose synthesis is controlled by tyrosine, an amino acid. When there is a melanin deficiency, the first gray hairs appear . The drop in melanin levels can be due to vitamin deficiencies but also to a pathological disorder such as vitiligo.

Discover through this article the deficiencies that can be responsible for white hair.

Melanocytes produce, under the control of tyrosine, melanin responsible for the coloring of our hair . We all have different pigments which makes our diversity . With age , the melanin level is depleted and ends up no longer coloring the hair which continues to grow. When the deficiency is not genetic or related to the natural aging of cells , it is probably nutrient and micronutrient deficiencies . What are your eating habits ? What is your way of life? Is your body under permanent stress causing cell oxidation?

Before the age of 30 , the appearance of white hair is considered premature and has become a real question. Research has pinpointed certain factors that may be responsible for melanin deficiency .

Indeed, when you have an unbalanced diet, the necessary nutrients are not provided in sufficient quantity and leaves the opportunity for various external aggressions to weaken the hair. Nutrients that make up keratin do not reach the hair bulb , it is no longer irrigated correctly and deficiencies can thus be observed .

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Vitamin B9 deficiency:

Vitamin B9 also called folic acid participates in many actions in the body such as helping to grow hair and nails, stimulating the nervous and immune systems, the production of red blood cells which carry oxygen in the blood. where the hair bulb draws its nutrients.

A vitamin B9 deficiency can then cause anemia, i.e. a lack of iron in the blood necessary for the good health of our hair and the oxygenation of cells by the blood vessels, but also an increase in white hair. and hair loss.

Vitamin B5 deficiency:

Vitamin B5, also called pantothenic acid or bepanthene , is one of the main constituents of keratin , so it is necessary to provide enough of it for healthy and robust hair. It is essential in the prevention of the early appearance of white hair, in the maintenance of hair and mucous membranes but also in the formation of antibodies to improve the immune system. In the case of a deficiency , this can cause the early appearance of white hair but also weakened hair.

Vitamin B1 deficiency:

Vitamin B1 also called thiamine is essential for the prevention of complications related to pathologies such as diabetes, it also contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous system . Thiamine deficiency can cause gray hair to appear prematurely .

Vitamin B12 deficiency:

Vitamin B12 has an important role in the body, it intervenes in the transformation of food into energy, it also participates in the pigmentation of the hair and in the maintenance of its color . In the case of a vitamin B12 deficiency , the appearance of white hair is one of the main consequences.

Vitamin B3 deficiency:

Vitamin B3 contributes to cell renewal and fights against oxidative stress causing degeneration of scalp cells . A deficiency in vitamin B3 can result in cell oxidation and cause the appearance of white hair.

To overcome deficiencies , it is possible to provide all these vitamins through food . If this is not the case, you can opt for a suitable hair food supplement such as a supplement rich in melanin . It will bring real support to your melanocytes and will activate the pigmentation of cells devoid of melanin .

You can therefore opt for a healthy and varied diet by providing fruits and vegetables rich in group B vitamins such as avocado, broccoli, asparagus, corn or even carrots and cauliflower, you can eat fatty fish rich in omega 3 and 6, vegetable oils, eggs and seafood but also oleaginous fruits such as walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds. Do not hesitate to bring whole grains rather than refined ones and to limit the consumption of sugar .

All these foods are rich in nutrients and micronutrients, thus providing the necessary quantity to our hair bulb which will draw what it needs from the properly oxygenated bloodstream . However, nowadays it has been observed that all these foods are no longer of such good quality , so you are not providing enough of everything your hair needs. There are natural solutions against white hair . By opting for natural food supplements you will bring all the elements that you can find on your plate in an isolated and highly dosed way. Real support!

Suitable food supplements

D-LAB is a French food supplement company, made in France . We have the well-being of everyone at heart and we want to provide natural solutions, 100% clean, without nanoparticles, without controversial substances and not tested on animals.

We offer food supplements for different problems and in particular for gray hair : The Absolute of melanin to help your gray hair .

Our formula is rich in vitamin B8 also called biotin to strengthen the hair fiber, reduce hair loss and protect against free radicals and stress-related oxidation . Our laboratory has developed an innovative complex , enriched with keratin hydrolyzate (constituent molecule of the hair fiber) naturally pigmented by melanin . A formula that significantly darkens hair color and has been clinically studied for its effectiveness . You can therefore opt for this formula with your eyes closed and follow a cure for 4 to 6 months in order to activate the cellular memory of your cells and provide the hair bulb with all the quality nutrients it needs in sufficient quality.

Change your hair routine and your lifestyle, opt for a natural routine with cosmetics adapted to your hair, natural, paraben-free, limit sugar consumption, limit cigarettes which have a harmful effect on your hair, indeed, nicotine affects hair follicles, limit alcohol intake and practice regular physical activity.

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