Environmental and societal responsibilities

“Looking for ideas every day. Sometimes bizarre or funny ideas, because upcycling is not intended to be a cumbersome process but a game.

At D-LAB, it's not just using glass or recycled paper in our packaging, it's not just reducing our waste and reusing our containers, it's looking everywhere, as soon as possible, how to perpetuate the cycle, how to give a new life, how to create and recreate, even from very little.

These are the candles that the factory opposite pours for you, in the bottles that you send back to us.

These small grids that will allow you to transform your empty containers into a salt shaker or a spice jar.

These old sheets in which we make our charlottes and protective overshoes at the factory.
These hens that we feed every day with leftover food from our teams. And their eggs that we cook for our guests.

Upcycling at D-LAB is a game, it's a nature and an instinct. Ours and yours too. Count on us to talk to you about our ideas and listen to yours.”

Fleur Philippeau, Founder


It's no longer a secret, we have just inaugurated our own factory , in our pretty hills of Auvergne. This project was very important for us because it now allows us to control all stages of production and ensure that manufacturing is as virtuous as possible and respects our values ​​and our commitments . We approached this project with an eco-responsible approach to reduce the ecological impact on transport, energy, water and waste. Around the factory, we also have our own cultures, to allow us to privilege the local one when it is possible and to obtain plants of an exceptional quality .

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EPIC, our support to build a fairer, more equitable and more sustainable world.

Since 2017, we have chosen to support EPIC , an international non-profit foundation, whose mission is to transform the lives of children and young people , and to protect the planet , by donating 1% of our turnover to them. They select and support nonprofits, offer innovative giving solutions for individuals and businesses to support them, and most importantly, ensure impact for its donors to ensure trust and transparency.

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Anxious to find solutions to reduce our environmental impact, we have chosen to offer you the possibility of choosing to receive your orders in packages that can be reused up to 100 times. Hipli reusable packages are offered as an option on our eshop so that receiving your order in Hipli is always a choice .
Upon receipt, you uncover your purchases and fold the package following the instructions on the back. To send it back, drop your package in any yellow La Poste mailbox. Thanks to the postage printed on each package, it returns to the Hipli workshop in Le Havre, where it is cleaned, repaired if necessary and put back into circulation .

What we like:

- Reusable, up to 100 uses

- Avoids the production of waste: Up to 25 kg of waste avoided on 100 orders

- Repairable

- Adjusts as close as possible to the volume of the control:
reduces the impact during transport For 100 orders, will travel a lower distance than single-use packaging, even with postage returns.

- 96% recycled by HIPLI