How to prepare your skin for summer?

How to properly prepare your skin for summer?

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Ding, dong, summer is coming…!!

We make our first purchases of swimsuits, we renew our stock of sunscreen … and we prepare our skin for the summer !

I want to be ready not to blush like a tomato, to have a golden tan and to sublimate it: heading for LA tanning capsule . In this article, we give you all our advice to activate the tan and prolong it. We give you our best topical treatments, and we tell you about our star formulas to be ready for the summer.

Preparing your skin for summer: which tanning capsule to choose?

First of all, why turn to skin food supplements ?

When we talk about tanning, preparing your skin not to blush, we are talking precisely about our melanocytes. These small melanin-producing cells.

Melanin is the pigment responsible for coloring our skin (and our hair). The more we produce, the more we have a tanned complexion. The arrival of the first UVa and UVb rays on our skin stimulates our melanocytes which secrete melanin to pigment our skin.

When we tan when we have a fair complexion , or when we have spent the year without exposing ourselves, our skin is not used to the rays. Result, when we arrive at the beach, it takes several days to have a golden mine, or we take bad sunburns.

What is needed is to stimulate the melanocytes in advance, so that they naturally pigment our skin before exposure, and thus reduce the risk of redness. With skin that is already lightly tanned and prepared, you tan faster and longer.

The number one formula to prepare your skin is the Active Sun Complex: it naturally colors the skin, intensifies the tan and protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. The skin is supple, soft, sublimated.

Its carrot extract, rich in beta-carotene, gilds and magnifies the skin. Its pomegranate extract, rich in punicalagins, has a strong antioxidant action and reduces hyperpigmentation and skin damage induced by UV rays from the sun. Blackcurrant extract protects your cells from premature skin ageing. It contains many other exceptional active ingredients that protect against sunburn, dehydration wrinkles, and skin damage. Of course, these capsules do not replace sun protection and you must use total screen.

We recommend that you start this cure at least 15 days before the first exposure, to continue during the exposure period and to extend the cure at least 1 to 15 days on your return to maintain your tanned complexion. Just take one capsule a day, any time of the day!

This Complex is also part of the Eclat-Total Duo which also contains the Skin-Soothed Complex. What is the point of this formula? It soothes sensitive and reactive skin, and combined with the Sun-Active Complex, it helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. The Skin-Soothed Complex is endowed with a premium active ingredient: Charentais melon SOD. This active ingredient is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from external aggressions.Derived from the pulp of melon de Provence, it is known to prevent the production of millions of free radicals responsible for cell aging, protect and reduce inflammation: effectiveness proven by clinical study.

The formula also contains hemp oil. Thanks to its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, it is known to calm redness and soothe the skin.

Finally, to go further, you can do a Collagen Absolute cure to give the skin flawless elasticity and firmness. As well as the Regeneration Activator to induce cell renewal.

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What are the beauty routines to put in place?

Apart from dietary supplements for the skin, the latter must also be taken care of with topical treatments. We can never repeat it enough: the complementarity of internal and external care is essential. Topical treatments reach the superficial layers of the epidermis, ie 20% of the cells. Food supplements reach the remaining 80%.

Before exposure, of course, sun protection is applied. Index 50 the first week, then 30 and 20. At the end of the day, after sunbathing, gently exfoliate your skin with a scrub to eliminate dead cells and contribute to the homogeneity of your tan.

After this, we apply a moisturizing milk to nourish the skin damaged by the sun, or an aloe vera gel for the reddest. Aloe vera has soothing, moisturizing and restorative properties for slightly burned skin.

Even if you have oily skin, it is essential to apply milks or vegetable oils such as argan, jojoba or shea oil for a protective effect and an even tan.

Don't forget the anti-aging or eye contour lotion, enriched with vitamin A to keep a pretty face and a pretty neckline, marker of age!

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