The microbiota: role and impact on the skin

The microbiota: role and impact on the skin

You have probably already heard of the microbiota and more specifically of the intestinal microbiota? Did you know that there are others? Indeed, the microbiota is defined as a set of bacteria or non-pathogenic microorganisms. It is localized in several places : in the intestines , in the mouth , at the level of the vaginal mucous membranes , in the lungs and on the skin . The cutaneous flora will interest us in this article, you will be able to discover why you have unsightly pimples which appear according to the periods for example.

Our intestinal microbiota is made up of so-called “dominant” species such as Clostridium, Eubacterium, Bifidobacterium, which are bacteria that are beneficial to our health. They contribute to intestinal comfort, for example. It is also made up of so-called “rare and transient” species such as Streptococcus and Escherichia Coli , which are bacteria that do not remain in the body as their name suggests. They are generally pathogenic.

The colonization of the microbiota takes place in several stages : from birth we have the mother's vaginal microbiota, then it is done by breastfeeding and then the bacteria diversify. Its composition varies according to several factors such as diet, lifestyle, drug treatments that will alter the good bacteria.

Role of the microbiota

The intestinal flora plays several roles:

  • immune system: a barrier effect, it preserves the non-pathogenic bacteria of the microbiota while opposing external pathogenic bacteria.
  • protection: it releases mucus to protect the intestinal cells.
  • metabolic: it is involved in digestion , in particular thanks to the bacteria in the colon which are equipped with enzymes capable of degrading complex carbohydrates and other nutrients to make them their energy substrate.
  • neurological: according to various hypotheses, the microbiota could reduce the symptoms of autism and neurodegeneration.

The skin flora also has several roles:

  • protection: thanks to non-pathogenic micro-organisms that protect our skin. They are invisible to the naked eye.
  • immune system: it acts as a regulator of the immune system by protecting the host from certain internal aggressions such as inflammation responsible for infections and cellular aging.


The skin forms a protective barrier against the external environment : daily aggressions, temperature changes (summer, spring, autumn, winter), stress, lifestyle, pollution. Our skin is an organ in its own right , it is a so-called “emunctory” organ , that is to say that it intervenes in the fight against toxins. The skin is made up of 3 layers which have different compositions: the hypodermis, the dermis in which we find the collagen fibers for example and the most superficial layer, the dermis. The skin flora is made up of different species of bacteria that feed on sebum, proteins, lipids and dead cells. Its bacterial diversity varies according to several factors such as birth by vaginal or cesarean section, the fetus is directly in contact with the first vaginal microorganisms of the mother unlike a birth by cesarean section. This composition evolves over time with breastfeeding then diet, age, puberty, old age, sex, genetics, climate, lifestyle but also according to the immune status of the individual or medication.

The skin is composed of dominant species such as staphylococci and coryneform bacteria but also of transient species. All this depends on the composition of the skin, for example, Malassezia yeasts are found mainly when you have oily skin (necessary for its survival). Transient microorganisms can lead to skin disorders if out of balance.

Impact of the microbiota on the skin

When the microbiota is out of balance, it is called dysbiosis . That is to say that our body is no longer in symbiosis with the bacteria that compose it. A disorder can promote the appearance of certain pathologies such as inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes or skin inflammation such as eczema, psoriasis or acne . This sudden appearance of pimples mainly affects the face, but in some cases it can be found on the back, neck and chest. This imbalance can be induced by the various factors mentioned earlier in the article, but not only. Indeed, hygiene can have an impact on our skin, excessive hygiene, the use of unsuitable cosmetics which deteriorate the protective lipid film and act as a perfect home for pathogenic bacteria. They decrease the barrier function and the pH of the skin which becomes alkaline and therefore no longer protects effectively against microbial infections.

In order to enrich your microbiota you can adapt your diet first by consuming products rich in prebiotics and probiotics such as garlic, onion but also fruits and vegetables which are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Spices and aromatic herbs have anti-inflammatory properties and help destroy pathogenic bacteria . Diversify your diet and that of your children to stimulate the growth of good bacteria. If food is not enough , there are specific food supplements to intervene against the imbalances of the microbiota responsible for bloated stomach, acne and other disorders.

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