Hyaluronic acid: the key to skin hydration

Hyaluronic acid :

the key to skin hydration

Hyaluronic acid has been the star molecule of anti-aging skincare for several years. It fills in wrinkles and gives the skin a second youth.

Applied as a topical treatment or taken as a food supplement, this natural substance rebalances the skin's hydration level to make it look fresher and plumper.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Naturally synthesized by the body, hyaluronic acid (HA), also called hyaluronate, is a major and essential component of the skin which guarantees its smooth and plump appearance. Hyaluronic acid captures and fixes water like a sponge: it is said to have hygroscopic properties thanks to its ability to attract and retain almost a thousand times its weight in water. Its role is essential to plump in depth, smooth the surface of the skin, and give a more rested, younger, fresher appearance.

There are several hyaluronic acids that differ in size - or molecular weight - and in their actions. Hyaluronic acid molecules have different sizes depending on their location in the skin.

  • Low molecular weight hyaluronic acids (below 300 kDa) have a smoothing action.
  • Hyaluronic acids of medium molecular weight (from 300 to 1800 kDa) have a strong moisturizing power.
  • High molecular weight hyaluronic acids (> 1800 kDa) promote cell regeneration.

Hyaluronic acid can attract and retain almost a thousand times its weight in water.


From the age of 25, the natural secretion of hyaluronic acid decreases. As a result, the skin becomes increasingly dehydrated, fragile and sensitive. Gradually, the tissues relax, the face becomes hollow, and the first wrinkles appear. This imbalance is then accentuated with menopause, but also with various factors such as pollution, smoking, ultraviolet rays, food...

Topical route or oral route?

Hyaluronic acid is present in many treatments. As a cream, serum or mask, the topical use of this active ingredient creates a protective barrier on the surface of the skin to prevent dehydration. These products generally contain high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and are formulated to retain water on the surface of the epidermis. They are effective in smoothing and moisturizing the skin.

Topical treatments based on hyaluronic acid cannot penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, so their action is limited.

For a more effective and lasting interior action, it is possible to take hyaluronic acid in oral form. It is recommended to supplement the action of creams, which act on the superficial layer of the skin, with nutritional supplements which reinforce and complete their action from the inside.

Taking HA orally can considerably and durably increase the stocks of hyaluronic acids in the dermis, the deep layer of the skin where it is synthesized.

If hyaluronic acid is best known for its moisturizing action which promotes the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines , know that when taken orally, its benefits go further . In internal care, it will repair and restructure the skin at the level of the dermis, the thickest layer of the skin which ensures its solidity and its elasticity. This active ingredient promotes radiance, elasticity and youthfulness of the skin, but it also allows the whole body to better fight against oxidative stress and aging. Hyaluronic acid also strengthens the joints and all the connective tissues that surround them, such as cartilage.

Absolu Hyaluronique: an innovation resulting from biotechnology

Absolute Hyaluronic is a new generation formula derived from biotechnology with a broad spectrum of hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights to perfectly meet the physiological needs of the skin.

Its spectrum ranging from 50 kDa to 3000 kDa has a high level of absorption proven by clinical study. It was obtained by biotechnological fermentation, a technique of natural and vegan synthesis which consists in using micro-organisms for the synthesis of molecules of interest.

The biofermentation has been programmed according to a specific fractionation process in order to obtain a spectrum of hyaluronic acids of similar molecular weight to those found naturally in the skin. This biotechnological process thus makes it possible to avoid the use of animal derivatives in food supplements.

Its production is also part of a No Impact in Progress program , guaranteeing an eco-sustainable and ethical production process, which is committed to respecting the fundamental values ​​of Man and nature, in particular through the use of renewable raw materials.

The effectiveness of Absolute Hyaluronic has been tested by clinical study and its absorption at the intestinal level has been scientifically proven. All of the hyaluronic acids making up this spectrum will penetrate the skin tissues to:

  • Stimulate the endogenous synthesis of hyaluronic acid and increase the level of hyaluronic acid in the blood from 7 days to reach +40.3% after 28 days
  • Reduce the volume and depth of wrinkles on average by 17.6% and 18.8%
  • Improve skin elasticity and hydration by an average of 3.8% and 10.6%

Natural, vegan and effective, Absolute Hyaluronic gives way to skin that is more hydrated, plumped up, supple and visibly less marked.

"I saw my skin more hydrated but I wonder if there is an effect on the whole body and the hands in particular because I did not see too many differences in these places. the dose.
Cure to continue"


31 JAN 2022

"After 60 days of use, I am satisfied with this product, my skin is repopulated. I am delighted and I recommend"

AUBERT Nathalie

16 DEC 2021

"Provides good hydration despite extra dry skin!
My skin no longer peels. The cure associated with a regular application of moisturizer and my skin goes bcp "

RIBA Mathilde

20 SEP 2021

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