Skin imperfections:

act from within to target the causes

Perfect skin? Everyone dreams of it! However, all skin types are confronted, one day or another, with various imperfections. Although they mainly affect adolescents, adults are not spared. Blackheads, pimples, dilated pores… The impact on the quality of the skin and the radiance of the complexion is immediate.


To overcome it, the use of so-called "anti-acne" products is not always the optimal solution because they are generally much too heavy or too aggressive.


So, how to eliminate imperfections to regain clear, smooth and luminous skin? The solution is to act internally on the causes favoring their appearance!


D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS has developed the Perfect Skin Program , a real internal scrub that fights against the causes of imperfections, to enhance the beauty of the skin.

Where do skin imperfections come from?

Skin imperfections are manifested on the face by:

  • shiny, thick skin
  • a dull complexion
  • dilated pores
  • the appearance of comedones (blackheads) and microcysts (subcutaneous pimples)
  • the development of papules (inflamed pimples) and pustules (whiteheads) due to the proliferation of certain bacteria in the microcysts.

But how do these imperfections develop in the first place? One might think that one of the main causes is the lack of hygiene. But that's not always true. Dermatologists invoke different causes at the origin of these skin imperfections, but they can be summed up in one sentence: the disorganization of the epidermis.

Indeed, imperfections are caused by two main factors:

  • An overproduction of sebum

At first, skin imperfections have rather hormonal causes.

The problem is mainly due to an overproduction of sebum which, unevenly secreted on all areas of the face, clogs the pores and influences the qualitative appearance of the skin.

  • Poor cell renewal

The cells of the wall of the pilosebaceous follicle (pore) desquamate too quickly or, on the contrary, detach with difficulty, gradually leading to the obstruction of the latter. The pore is then blocked by a mass of dead cells and prevents sebum from flowing out.

These two factors will cause an obstruction of the pilosebaceous follicle. Sebum, which normally plays a protective and moisturizing role, accumulates at the opening of the pores, then a dark colored plug forms at the exit of the sebaceous gland and forms a blackhead. If inflammation develops there afterwards, it causes a pimple.

Skin problems can also be favored by external elements that we do not always control:

  • Pollution, dust or exposure to tobacco smoke can alter the quality of secreted sebum and cause pores to dilate and the appearance of blackheads and imperfections.

  • Food also plays a role in the appearance of these various imperfections. Foods that are too fatty and too sweet sensitize the body to toxins.

Finally, poor daily hygiene or a care routine unsuited to your problems can also be responsible for certain recurring skin problems.

The Perfect Skin Program: the natural and effective solution

At D-LAB, we work daily to offer you natural and effective solutions to your concerns. Our strategy is to internally target all the causes affecting your physical and mental well-being.


We have developed the Perfect Skin Program , a complete nutritional program that acts 360° on the sources of imbalances in problem skin. The three formulas that make up this program combine 34 active ingredients, including trace elements, purifying plants and antioxidants. In 3 complementary steps, this program regulates sebum production, accelerates healing and dislodges long-term imperfections by balancing the microbiota, to regain regenerated, purified and mattified skin.

1 . Cleanse the skin tissues with the Skin Detox

Healthy and clear skin is above all clean skin. It is therefore essential to preserve healthy skin tissue.

The treatment and elimination of toxins responsible for imperfections are ensured by the liver. If it is overstretched, the processing of toxins becomes too much for the liver. In this case, other organs, such as the skin, are responsible for detoxification functions. This phenomenon leads to the formation of skin imperfections.

To prevent toxins from being directed to the skin tissues, the functioning of the liver and other emunctory organs must be optimized.

The Skin Detox brings together ultra-targeted active ingredients to correct and restore the balance of skin with imperfections. It purifies the subcutaneous tissues, regulates hormonal activity and calms the skin.

  • Black radish is traditionally used to combat hepatic and biliary disorders. This root helps to eliminate the liver of its organic waste. Rich in water, potassium, vitamins and fibre, black radish also boosts transit by promoting intestinal contractions.


  • Burdock is a purifying plant that stimulates the elimination of toxins via the kidneys . It is also an effective antibiotic and antiseptic that helps fight bacteria and cleanse the skin.


  • Wild pansy is rich in salicylic acid. Astringent, it is particularly recommended for treating oily skin because it fights excess sebum and skin imperfections. Diuretic and depurative, it effectively drains the skin but above all contains flavonoids which relieve the blood of its toxins.


  • Probiotics balance the intestinal flora, often the cause of dermatological disorders . They restore the intestinal barrier, stimulate immunity and calm inflammation.

  1. 2. Regulate sebum production with the Clear Skin Complex

In order to durably limit these imperfections, it is important to fight internally against the excessive production of sebum. Effective healing also helps prevent new blemishes from appearing.

The Clear Skin Complex regulates sebum production, purifies the tissues and dislodges imperfections for smooth and purified skin.

  • Bamboo and horsetail combine to limit excess sebum. Rich in silica, these sebum-absorbing active ingredients inhibit the activity of the sebaceous glands and help tighten pores for matified skin.


  • Zinc , vitamins C and B are particularly important in the healing process. Zinc intervenes in particular at the level of cell proliferation, and vitamin C allows the synthesis of collagen, the main protein of connective tissue.

    1. 3. Stimulate the regeneration of the epidermis with the Regeneration Activator

    In addition to being the cause of imperfections, excess sebum asphyxiates the skin tissue and notably prevents its regeneration. The renewal of skin cells is particularly important for its overall balance and to prevent damage linked to external aggressions.

    The Regeneration Activator activates 3 interdependent levers: it stimulates cell renewal, improves the quality of skin texture and protects tissues from free radicals, responsible for premature skin ageing.

    • Marine magnesium is essential for the functioning of the body. Indeed, magnesium is a powerful enzyme activator. It is involved in the process of cell division and participates in the phenomenon of desquamation.


    • Cellular regeneration is also supported by B vitamins and enzyme cofactors such as coenzyme Q10 and L-carnitine . Together, they ensure optimal cell activity for healthy, balanced skin.



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