Stress and sleep disorders:

natural solutions

Are you stressed and it disturbs your sleep? Are your sleep problems causing stress? There is a strong link between stress and sleep.

In France, among people declaring themselves stressed,

Only 55% are satisfied with their sleep

In this article, you will discover simple and natural methods to relieve stress. You can get out of this vicious circle by directly combating the factors that trigger minor sleep disorders.


Micronutrition can accompany you with the intake of food supplements based on phytotherapy, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. The Mental Load Program is the ideal treatment to rebalance your hormonal and nervous system and thus promote restful sleep and bring vitality to your daily life!

The importance of sleep

Sleep represents more than a third of our life, it is a major, unique and essential component of our health and our well-being.

Sleep has several specific functions belonging to many physiological mechanisms: hormonal secretions, cell regeneration (skin, muscles, etc.), memorization, etc. Sleeping thus allows physical, psychological and intellectual recovery.


Sleep plays an important role and the consequences of poor sleep have an impact on:

  • Maintaining alertness when awake (risk of drowsiness)
  • Regulation of mood and stress activation
  • Learning and memorization mechanisms
  • Replenishment of energy stores in muscle and nerve cells
  • The production of hormones and in particular growth hormone and melatonin.
  • The regulation of functions such as blood sugar (disturbance of the feeling of sugar promoting overweight and the risk of diabetes)
  • Elimination of toxins
  • Stimulation of immune defenses

Stress and its effects on sleep

There is a strong link between stress and sleep. A stressful day can lead to minor sleep disturbances, and conversely, poor sleep can lead to stress. Indeed, after several nights of disturbed sleep, the lack of sleep can become an additional stress factor and lead you to dread the moment of going to bed and to apprehend your sleep. Thus, we can describe a veritable vicious circle of stress – anxiety – insomnia.


Stress acts on various physiological functions that increase wakefulness. When we are stressed, our body puts itself in a "fighting" position and begins to secrete hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) which will increase our attention, our alertness and our level of energy. There is then a hyperarousal which induces difficulty falling asleep associated with difficulty maintaining sleep with non-restorative sleep.

Solutions for minor stress-related sleep disorders

There are natural solutions for minor stress-related sleep disorders.

Here are some tips that could help you regain serenity and a good night's sleep:

  • Respect an ideal environment around sleep. To promote sleep, it is necessary to limit noise, light and avoid excessive temperatures in the bedroom. Only use the bed for sleeping: avoid any activity incompatible with sleep such as watching television, your computer or your mobile phone. Artificial light or "blue light" disturbs the biological clock and therefore even sleep. This artificial light activates photoreceptors located in the retina, which prevents the synthesis of melatonin.

  • Adopt a regular sleep rhythm: try as much as possible to impose fixed bedtimes and sleep times on yourself to promote synchronization of the sleep-wake rhythm.

  • Rest or take a short nap in the early afternoon. It is enough to close the eyes 5 to 20 minutes while releasing the body. Sleep will come quickly if the need is there. The nap helps maintain alertness for the rest of the day.


  • Respect a balanced diet: we will favor rather light dinners in the evening for better digestion. Similarly, it is better to avoid stimulants after 4 p.m. Coffee, tea or even soda delay falling asleep and increase nocturnal awakenings, just like alcohol or tobacco.

  • Practice regular physical activity. The practice of regular physical exercise during the day promotes sleep, however it is not recommended to practice a sports activity in the evening, especially before going to sleep.

The D-LAB solution: the Mental-Charge Program

Thanks to micronutrition, the duration of an episode of stress can be limited and the physical and psychological repercussions reduced.

D-LAB has specially developed an expert program made up of 37 active ingredients that act in synergy to rebalance the body, sustainably reduce anxiety and fatigue, and increase the body's resistance to different forms of stress.

Our Mental LoadProgram works in 3 complementary steps:

1 - Reduce stress and anxiety with Balance Activator

The Balance Activatoris centered on neuro-hormonal balance: it increases the production of cellular energy to wake up the body, it stimulates serotonin and helps reduce fatigue and stress to promote restful sleep and rebalance the emotions.

  • Cellular energy : Vitamin B2, the antioxidant-rich resveratrol, and coenzyme Q10 extract energy from food and create cellular energy.
  • Hormonal activity : The synergy of vitamin B6, myo-inositol and L-tryptophan regulates hormonal activity, mood and morale.
  • The nervous system : Vitamins B2, B6 and C, melatonin extract and magnesium contribute to physical and mental well-being while ensuring restful sleep.

This formula also has a wide spectrum of adaptogenic active ingredients to accustom the body to a high dose of anxiety and reduce the effects of stress.

  • The extracts of eschscholtziaand lion's maneallow relaxation, relaxation and falling asleep and reduce the expressions of stress.
  • Schisandra chinensis extracthelps fight sleep disorders and promotes deep sleep.



2 - Brings daily strength and vitality with the Letting Go Complex


The Letting Go Complex contains marine magnesium and group B and C vitamins to compensate for any deficiencies that cause a loss of vitality and temporary fatigue, combined with active ingredients known to increase performance and restore energy and motivation on a daily basis.

3 - Eliminate toxins from the body with the Liver Detox

A clogged liver is often the cause of a decrease in physical and mental performance. For a 360° global action and lasting effects, this formula contains extracts of black radish, artichoke and milk thistle to stimulate the elimination of toxins and regenerate the liver, the body's filter organ. .

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