Why are our capsules so innovative?

At D-LAB, every detail is important. From the design to the manufacture of our products, we strive to integrate the best for your health and for the environment. We choose to constantly innovate in order to guarantee you formulas that are ever more effective, natural, clean and respectful of the environment.

This is why we have selected 100% vegetable and gastro-resistant capsules in order to guarantee optimal efficacy and bioavailability. Our capsules made in Alsace are patented and are the subject of numerous clinical studies proving their ability to resist against the gastric acidity of the stomach, and to release their contents several tens of minutes later than a classic capsule. This new technology is an excellent choice for ingredients sensitive to stomach acids like probiotics.

A 100% clean and vegetable capsule

Made from hypromellose (95%) and gellan gum (5%), our capsules are certified 100% vegetarian. They are both non-GMO, Halal and Kosher. They are therefore suitable for all diets.

In addition, our capsules do not coat synthetic films to protect ingredients, mask flavors or delay the release of active ingredients. Removing this coating makes it possible to abandon the use of chemicals and toxic solvents.

Finally, these clean and vegetable capsules naturally mask the unpleasant aftertaste and odors of vegetable and mineral ingredients that can increase digestive discomfort and the risk of reflux.

An innovative delayed-release capsule

The release of the contents of conventional gelatin capsules occurs almost immediately upon contact with stomach acids, approximately 7 minutes after ingestion. This rapid dissolution of active ingredients can be harmful to ingredients and nutrients sensitive to acidic pH.

Our capsules, on the contrary, are gastro-resistant. That is to say that they do not open on contact with stomach acids and protect their contents up to the intestines, the place where the active ingredients are assimilated by the body.

According to a clinical study carried out with a medical imaging method, these capsules begin to release their contents within an average of 52 minutes after ingestion and are fully disintegrated 72 minutes after swallowing them. The release took place when the capsules were about to leave the stomach*.

Thanks to this specificity, these innovative capsules significantly reduce the degradation of nutritional ingredients compared to conventional immediate-release capsules. The contents of the capsule are then released in the small intestine and the bioavailability is then optimal.

*In vivo test using the gamma-scintigraphic method to assess intestinal transit and the release of capsule contents based on the images obtained. After consuming a light breakfast, the eight participants ingested a radiolabeled DR caps™ capsule containing 300 mg of lactose.

An ideal capsule for probiotics

Probiotics are our new health and beauty allies. They are now widely recognized for their benefits on the body, and in particular the digestive and immune systems, but also the health and beauty of our skin!

However, probiotics are fragile microorganisms, sensitive to heat, humidity, oxygen and acidic environments such as the stomach.

Our vegetarian and gastro-resistant capsule has a low moisture content which allows it to protect and stabilize ingredients sensitive to humidity and acids.


This low moisture content (4 to 6%) compared to conventional gelatin capsules (12 to 14%) allows it to avoid premature action and degradation of the content.

This new technology is therefore perfectly suited to probiotics. It ensures optimal intake, perfect efficacy and bioavailability since the probiotics are absorbed in the small intestine where they pass directly into the bloodstream.