food supplements,

does it work ?

Increasingly popular, food supplements have become essential.

Today, there is a large selection of food supplements on the market in pharmacies, parapharmacies, in natural food stores and in supermarkets.

But are they really effective? Why do we need nutritional supplements today? And how do they act?

To stay healthy, the human body needs a daily supply of different nutrients so that each organ functions optimally. Food supplements can be good helpers to fight against a temporary failure.

At D-LAB, we believe that to obtain concrete and lasting results, and to tackle a multifactorial problem as a whole, it is also necessary to fight its causes. With our personalized D-iagnostic, we accompany you to help you find the micronutrition program perfectly adapted to your needs.

What is a food supplement?

Food supplements contain active ingredients in so-called "food" doses, which can be obtained through food. The objective of micronutrition is to supplement a normal diet whose nutritional intake may vary, no longer correspond to the specific needs of the body, or even present certain deficiencies.

Food supplements can contain 7 families of active components: vitamins, minerals and trace elements, essential fatty acids, amino acids and proteins, plants and fungi, prebiotics and probiotics and enzymes.

As their names suggest, “actives” trigger an action in the body. They can nourish the cells of the body, activate a metabolic reaction, or eliminate unwanted substances.

For example, the bearberry plant triggers a diuretic action in the body and thus allows the elimination of excess water. Zinc, meanwhile, plays many roles in the body, it is essential for the activity of more than 200 enzymes.

Food supplements are subject to the Consumer Code and are subject to strict controls by the Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention Department (DGCCRF), as are all nutritional products.

What are his powers?

1 - Make up for nutritional deficiencies

Our modern way of life and our ecosystem have gradually altered the way we produce, grow, distribute and consume food. Yet essential to life, scientists reveal the gradual disappearance of vitamins and minerals in food.

A number of nutritional surveys conducted in France have shown that the French have notable deficiencies in micronutrients, with estimated levels lower than two-thirds of the ANC (Recommended Nutritional Intakes).

Food supplements are a valuable aid because they fill any deficiencies or risks of deficiencies in the body. They also meet the specific needs of certain populations (pregnant women, the elderly, postmenopausal women, athletes, etc.)

2 - Eliminate or reduce daily discomfort:

Discomforts can appear throughout life or during certain periods, even in healthy people: difficult digestion, fatigue, stress, difficulty sleeping well, joint discomfort... Food supplements can provide an effective and natural response against all these everyday annoyances. They are similar to grandmother's remedies generally from herbal medicine. For example, to fight against insomnia, your grandmother used to prepare an herbal tea with chamomile or verbena. Similarly, food supplements today contain plant extracts whose benefits are recognized by grandmother, but also by science!

3 - Improve your physical condition and appearance:

Improving your physical condition requires long-term management of your diet, physical activity, but also supplementation adapted to your needs. The appearance of the body, skin and hair also depends on diet and lifestyle. Thus, dietary supplements can help improve the quality of skin and hair.

4 - Maintaining good health:

The natural active ingredients present in food supplements act to reduce disease risk factors while maintaining physiological balance. Thus, micronutrition makes it possible to preserve general well-being and to keep consumers in good health.

How do they act?

To obtain concrete and lasting results with food supplements, it is necessary to activate different levers.

It is in this spirit that the D-LAB formulas are developed. Our formulas are developed with micronutrition experts to provide you with the right dose of each active ingredient. They tackle multifactorial problems and fight their causes through different levers.

  • Nutrition

Because cells are the basis of our body and its proper functioning, we strive to provide them with the best nutritional active ingredients. In this way, cell activity is guaranteed. D-LAB formulas contain specific actives and their constituent elements for better assimilation and greater benefit.

  • The metabolism

Metabolism plays a key role in bodily functions. Whether it's muscle gain, fat elimination or skin cleansing, each of the body's activities is regulated by the metabolism and the energy transfers it generates. Adequate metabolic supplementation is at the heart of the issues addressed by D-LAB.

  • Cellular aging

Whether it occurs as a result of external aggressions such as pollution and UV rays or whether it is induced by our biological clock, cellular aging is an inevitable process. Cells and tissues are particularly weakened. We therefore understand the importance of preventing and slowing down these degradation phenomena. This is why we use active ingredients with high antioxidant potential.

  • The circulation

Blood circulation is at the center of biological processes. Made up of a network of vessels that extends over nearly 100,000 km, the circulatory system allows the various exchanges essential to the assimilation of nutrients, oxygenation and the elimination of toxins. D-LAB strives to develop products that restore circulation and micro-circulation within tissues.

  • Detoxification

To ensure the proper functioning of the body, it is essential to eliminate the toxins that accumulate there. The detoxification process is complex and involves several organs, including the kidneys, liver and skin. At D-LAB, the maintenance and maintenance of healthy filter organs is a priority.

  • The microbiota

The microbiota, also called intestinal flora, is an ecosystem of fragile microorganisms. Its balance is essential and must imperatively be preserved to regulate digestion and absorption of nutrients. The digestive system occupies a central place. Indeed, it is directly associated with the nervous and immune system, the complexion and the health of the skin. D-LAB has developed a whole range of food supplements based on probiotics to restore the balance of the microbiota.

  • Hormonal and nervous balance

The body synthesizes a multitude of hormones that regulate major biological processes. Emotional balance and physical balance are likely to be affected by hormonal disorders. Similarly, in case of fatigue or stress, the nervous balance can fail. D-LAB formulas are created in such a way as to provide the appropriate active ingredients so that this balance is respected.

D-LAB accompanies you!

Because you are unique, D-LAB has developed around thirty natural and concentrated formulas, combined within ultra-targeted micronutrition programs, to provide solutions specific to everyone's needs.

Each product is unique and specific, this is what will allow you to create the right synergy for you, tailor-made. Skin, hair, well-being, energy, slimming, digestion, drainage, detox, cycle and maternity… our range of nutritional supplements covers a wide range of concerns since our formulas can be combined with each other and meet everyone's needs.

In line with custom-made, D-LAB has sought to develop the perfect formula according to each person's individual needs. This is how our range was developed in the form of programs combining naturopathy, phytotherapy and micronutrition to create a virtuous circle and achieve lasting benefits.

Everyone can design their tailor-made program, or receive individual advice!

D-LAB's online D-diagnosis allows you to quickly and easily find the micronutrition program best suited to your needs.

Also find our experts in micronutrition and nutricosmetics in our partner spas and institutes, as well as live on social networks!