Why include food supplements in your hair routine?

In recent years, food supplements have become a real beauty ally for our hair. Indeed, the health of our hair directly reflects our state of physical and mental health. For strong and shiny hair, it is therefore necessary to act from the inside by providing targeted nutritional active ingredients rich in nutrients. Thanks to the precision and the power of the food supplement, it is possible to act in depth to treat the various hair problems durably and effectively, in synergy with adapted external care.

What is a dietary supplement?

Dietary supplements are foodstuffs whose purpose is to supplement a diet and which constitute a concentrated source of nutrients , i.e.  vitamins and minerals, or other substances such as plants or plant extracts having a nutritional or physiological effect. Nutritional supplements are considered food and not medicine: they do not cure a disease but prevent and compensate for a deficiency or act on a targeted problem. The dietary supplement has established itself in recent years as an essential part of the beauty routine . First of all, because the quality of what we consume has changed a lot. According to micronutrition, we find everything on our plate but not in sufficient quantity. Our modern diet is highly processed and depleted in essential nutrients as a result of industrial processing, intensive agriculture and our cooking methods. In addition, other factors lead to an increase in our nutrient needs such as stress , pollution or premature aging . Hence the importance of daily food hygiene and the quality of the nutritional supplements you choose. Food supplements should not replace intakes that must be met by food, but complement them. In addition, it is advisable to respect the dosage conscientiously because an underdose will have no effect and an overdose can lead to undesirable or harmful effects.

What are nutricosmetics?

Nutricosmetics refers to all food supplements having an action relating to beauty. Taken orally, there are various forms: in capsules, in tablets, in ampoules, in gums... They act in synergy with topical treatments allowing to have a global action on the internal and external layers of the skin, hair and body. Taking food supplements allows you to act in an ultra-targeted way on beauty issues: reduce hair loss or promote hair growth, reveal the natural radiance of the skin, promote weight loss, etc. But beware, supplementation does not dispense with a good beauty routine, you must continue your usual care and have a good lifestyle with a healthy diet and regular physical activity. Before choosing a cure, be vigilant on several criteria thanks to the labelling: favor food supplements made in France which comply with strict regulations, those in force in Europe. It is also advisable to always check the dosage and concentration of guaranteed active ingredients of a formula, the excipients used and the presence of potential allergens and contraindications .

Why take hair supplements?

Hair is a reflection of our vitality . Dull hair, dandruff, oily hair, hair loss... the use of targeted food supplements can help fight against these hair problems. Acting from within by providing the essential nutrients that make up the hair fiber is one of the first levers to activate to have beautiful hair because nutrition happens at the level of the bulb. External care only acts on the outer layer of the fiber to protect it. If the hair is not sufficiently nourished, the keratin which constitutes 95% of the hair and which is itself made up of amino acids , group B vitamins and trace elements , 3 families of nutrients provided by food, risk of being fragile and the action of hair care is reduced. The hair will be less and less strong from the inside causing it to break and then fall. Today's diet no longer provides all the nutrients in sufficient quantity and quality to have beautiful hair. Supplements therefore make it possible to provide high doses of these essential active ingredients to regain healthy hair . There are hair treatments with various objectives: food supplements based on keratin can limit hair loss and act on the shine and flexibility of the hair to help maintain healthy hair, while some provide the active constituents of keratin to nourish the bulb and accelerate growth .

D-LAB hair formulas

At D-LAB, our range of hair food supplements based on plants , vitamins , minerals and trace elements is for all hair types . White hair, alopecia, dry and damaged hair, postpartum hair loss: our ultra-targeted formulas allow you to act on a specific problem and its causes.

Among our bestsellers are:

  • The Absolute of Keratin : A patented and concentrated formula developed by a scientific committee to fight against hair loss and strengthen the hair fiber. Thanks to its high dose of patented and natural keratin, this treatment has quickly established itself as a must-have in any hair routine. One capsule a day is enough to fill the gaps and slow down the fall.

  • The Growth Complex : The most complete formula on the market which nourishes and strengthens the hair bulb by providing a high dose of all the constituent active ingredients of keratin such as 100% vegan amino acids, spirulina or vitamin B. Thanks to its innovative complex of bamboo and arugula extracts, hair growth is 2 times faster!

  • The Hair-Nutrition Duo : The combination of Keratin Absolute and Growth Complex for integral, complete, simply perfect nutrition! Without side effects, these natural food supplements are suitable for all hair types!

  • The Mass-Capillary Program : A program that targets hair loss linked to a neuro-hormonal disorder thanks to targeted active ingredients capable of restoring imbalances and densifying the hair mass. After 3 months of treatment, there is a hair loss divided by 4. It is the must-have for young mothers!

Choosing D-LAB means choosing expert formulas of natural origin based on powerful plant extracts, without controversial ingredients and developed for 10 years by a multidisciplinary scientific committee .

Cure food supplements hair: our advice

In terms of duration, it is necessary to follow hair food supplements for 3 months in a row to trigger cell memory in the hair bulb and have visible and lasting results on the hair fiber.

To optimize the effectiveness of your cure, it is important to adopt a suitable hair routine at the same time, using natural formulas without sulfates, silicones or parabens which irritate the hair and weaken the scalp. Massage your scalp for 5 minutes, applying light pressure with your fingertips to stimulate microcirculation and promote hair growth. Space the colorings as much as possible and limit the use of heating devices that sensitize the hair fiber.

Finally, a varied and balanced diet will improve the appearance of your hair. Integrate fruits and vegetables rich in iron and vitamin C and to strengthen your hair. Bet on oily fish and oilseeds such as almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3) and trace elements (zinc, calcium, magnesium, etc.) to maintain hydration of the scalp. Increase your intake of B vitamins with green vegetables, citrus fruits and animal proteins. Finally, consume antioxidants to boost protection against free radicals and oxidative stress. They are found in particular in goji berries, melon, carrots, or green vegetables.

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