A D-LAB Program is 3 complementary formulas that improve the body's natural performance by targeting both a specific problem and its causes.

From the inside, it is essential to see the body as a whole because a given symptom is often the consequence of chain imbalances.

The programs are micronutrition concentrates that act simultaneously on different levers to improve the overall functioning of the body, for a long time.

Since 2010 , the formulas of D-LAB have been designed by the Vichy Nutritional Center to be associated with each other according to the prescription of a micronutritionist and to create a tailor-made program, perfectly adapted to the needs of each one.

A program is articulated like the individual prescription

that a micronutritionist carries out in consultation.

The philosophy of D-LAB Programs

According to micronutrition, there is everything on our plate, but not in sufficient quantity. Also, micronutrients are articulated in several axes according to complementary roles: cellular respiration, microbiome, prevention, targeted nutrition.

The programs take up the basis of this philosophy and each will activate , nourish and cleanse the body to reduce pitfalls and unfold its potential.

Of course, the formulas are also taken singly, but with a program we establish a new balance for the body, and we begin the creation of a virtuous circle: the benefits are potentiated for greater efficiency.

1- We activate cellular respiration to boost all the cells of the body

Selima's review :

In micronutrition, it is fundamental to first concern ourselves with our cells, the key and founding element of the body. Boosting respiration and cellular energy increases the effect of other active ingredients provided by food supplements and food, because the body is awakened and stimulated as a whole.

2- We bring a high dose of micronutrients to increase its power

Selima's review :

Nourishing the body's cells in depth makes the body efficient over the long term, and helps protect it from external aggressions on a daily basis. Complexes and Absolutes are particularly rich in nutritious, moisturizing and energizing active ingredients that are not found in our modern diet in sufficient quantity.

3- We detoxify, purify and regulate the body to reduce imbalances

Selima's review :

It is ESSENTIAL to cleanse the body of impurities and to purify the filter and elimination organs because a clean organism is an organism that can exploit all of its potential.


Everyone can design their tailor-made program, or receive individual advice!

Find our experts in micronutrition and nutricosmetics in our partner spas and institutes, as well as by videoconference, email or telephone.

By targeting specific issues, our scientific committee has developed Signature Programs that make sense and whose effectiveness is proven:

flat belly

The belly, our 2nd brain

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action pads

Drains & Firms

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fat burner

Overall weight loss

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Purified and mattified skin

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Nutrition & Hydration

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Hair loss & thinning hair

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Questions ?

Are all the formulas of a Program taken at the same time? Yes ! the formulas of the same program are to be taken simultaneously for a synergistic and complete action.

Can we take the formulas alone? Yes, but best taken as part of a program for full-body results.

How long do I have to follow a Program? We advise you to follow a Program for at least 2 months, once or twice a year, in order to activate the cellular memory and promote visible and lasting results.

Can I take 2 programs at the same time? No, it is not advisable to follow 2 Programs at the same time. Already because 6 powerful formulas at the same time, it does a lot for the body and it is better to spread the cures over time. Moreover, it is not recommended to consume two Activators (the numbers 1) together because a part of their formula dedicated to cellular respiration is common, and already very concentrated.

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