Top 5 natural fat burners

Top 5 natural fat burners

The holidays are approaching? Summer is coming and you want to put on your best bikini? Every year it's the same thing: the race for excess pounds . You are in the right place ! This is where you will find everything you need to achieve your goal : the elimination of accumulated fat . But then what to do to lose weight ? Have a balanced diet , diet, take slimming capsules, draining drinks, a diuretic or slimming supplements?

It is often said, a healthy and varied diet is the key . By providing natural foods with fat-burning properties , they will help you lose weight and optimize your results . There are many such as green tea, pineapple, cinnamon, mate, grapefruit or green coffee for example. We have made a selection of the best for you.

Discover without further delay our ranking of natural fat burners !

Top 5

Number 1: Guarana
Guarana is a shrub from Brazil that produces red berries and a black seed . It is used as a stimulant , a real boost! You may have heard that you have to consume coffee to burn fat , well know that the guarana seed has the highest level of caffeine .
Guarana stimulates the various mechanisms of your body responsible for the consumption of fats . And this, even at rest ! A fat burner whose effectiveness is proven by scientific studies . It contributes to eliminate the bad cholesterol and to cause the feeling of satiety .

Of course, the effects will be increased if you practice a regular sporting activity . For the less athletic, it's time to get started.

Number 2: Green tea
Green tea is a plant with many virtues. A quality tea provides nutrients in good quantity: vitamins and minerals but also catechins and theine . Both are polyphenols that stimulate the fat-breaking metabolism by increasing body temperature and allowing more calories to be burned .
Additionally, it regulates blood sugar levels by allowing the body to use these sugars for energy .

Green tea is a low calorie drink , what more could you ask for! And, a diuretic drink : toxins are eliminated , the risk of water retention also while targeting fat cells.

You can take it in the form of an infusion, but be careful not to consume it late at night , tea is still a stimulant .

Number 3: Raspberry Ketones
These red fruits are famous for their content of ketones , natural phenols acting on weight loss .

On the same principle as green tea and guarana, raspberry ketones act on thermogenesis by increasing body temperature and promoting the burning of stored fat thanks to adiponectin (hormone located in adipose tissue). A real capture of fats . Finally, they reduce hunger pangs and snacking .

Number 4: The kola nut
The kola nut is a fruit from the kola tree in Africa, despite its appearance and its name, it has nothing to do with oleaginous fruits such as walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds. It is therefore not considered an allergen.

Kola nuts are known to stimulate intestinal transit , energy expenditure and promote the elimination of fat . They contain caffeine and act as a fat binder to promote rapid weight loss .

It is also a powerful diuretic , which facilitates the elimination of water retention and cellulite .

Number 5: Cayenne Pepper
Cayenne pepper is a spice from the Caribbean. It is the ally of your meals to add flavor but also to burn fat. By consuming chilli, you increase your body temperature and therefore fat burning . All this, thanks to the capsaicin found in the seeds of the pepper. In addition, according to scientific studies , chili is also a natural appetite suppressant . But be careful not to consume too much of it , it tends to irritate the intestines like many spicy foods.

Obviously, the consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in fiber will accelerate intestinal transit , provide a feeling of satiety and limit your snacking during the day. Consume dried fruits and orient your choices towards seasonal products . They will bring vitamins and minerals , such as vitamin C and therefore energy to your body.

Practice regular physical activity as a supplement such as weight training, cardio, running or brisk walking to burn fat faster. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed ! Your accumulated lipids will give way to muscle mass for more firmness and tone.

Avoid overly restrictive diets that will have no long-term effect , listen to your body and give your metabolism what it needs .

Food supplements: the little extra

It is of course possible to complement each other, you can give your body a boost to increase its metabolism and lose weight . Dietary supplements are supplements and not substitutes for food.

At D-LAB we offer formulas with natural ingredients , without controversial products and without side effects .

Our Fat Burning Program is a bestseller ! It helps burn fat even at rest . This slimming program is made up of 3 products that will act in synergy to eliminate stored fat and strengthen the intake of natural foods. A cure offers active ingredients known to be powerful fat burners such as raspberry ketone, guarana, cayenne pepper or green tea extract.

The Metabolism Activator increases the basal metabolism by promoting thermogenesis to transform sugars and fats into heat .

The Active Energy Complex will act on fat burning and finally the Slimming Detox will fight against water retention and drain your body.

Our capsules are of 100% natural origin, they will rebalance your digestive system , act against cravings and snacking , reduce your appetite , act in depth by fighting against bloating and other digestive problems, ideal for a flat stomach .

You can opt for an ally that you will not be able to do without for these endless meals: the Absolute of Nopal .

The nopal is better known as prickly pear, all parts of the nopal are used for their benefits. At D-Lab we use a concentrated cactus leaf extract recognized for its properties. Indeed, it contains fibers that are able to absorb up to 36 times its weight in water so that they are eliminated before being digested. It increases the feeling of satiety . A natural and effective appetite suppressant that helps to avoid snacking but also to facilitate digestion . It absorbs fat for real weight control . You can take your capsules with a glass of water, occasionally and preferably before a meal .

Say goodbye to your little bulges, to belly fat, opt for a refined waistline, a flat stomach, an overall slimming . All thanks to natural foods and food supplements .

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