What treatment to choose as summer approaches?

What treatment to choose as summer approaches?

The beautiful days are coming, some people want to dislodge the kilos installed during the winter. Repeated diets, food cravings, disturbed sleep… Difficult to lose weight when the metabolism no longer responds.

Before asking the body to lose mass, it must be ensured that it receives enough nutrients. Indeed, if the food intake is below our needs, the body will store everything you swallow so that you do not miss anything, it then becomes very difficult to lose weight. So be sure to eat well, but also to keep a balanced diet without strict and restrictive diet, too frustrating.

Moreover, did you know that it only takes one of these factors for the metabolism to stop responding? : clogged liver, altered intestinal microbiota, hormonal upheaval, slowed blood circulation... Let's wait no longer, we must act from the inside. Food supplements reach 80% of the depth of our cells and offer real groundwork to boost the vitality of our body and our physical form. How do I know which supplements are right for me? Which cure should I go for?

1st step: Identify your need to understand the cause

We can separate the main problems of thinness into three axes: thinness on the silhouette in general; solve bloated and bloated stomach needs after meals; and finally cellulite.

I want to slim down all over my body, and I don't have a problem with bloating or cellulite :

Fat Burning Program

It is important to know that it is useless to ask the body to burn fat if it is bothered by water retention or abdominal stress. For complete results, it is essential to act at the source of the problem and to treat the cause to initiate a lasting weight loss.

When you decide to consume food supplements to lose weight in general, it is because the body alone is no longer sufficiently stimulated. The secret is to boost the basal metabolism, to wake up the cells.

Indeed, a whole world lives inside our cells: combustion reactions involving sugars and fats are present. If these carbohydrates and lipids are not converted into energy at a high enough rate, the majority will be stored in the body's reserves.

To avoid this, the body must be encouraged to burn more nutrients, faster.

In addition, all the energy produced will have to be optimized over the day and the dislodged fats will have to be eliminated by our emunctories.

The emunctories are our organs of elimination: the kidneys, the liver, the skin...

To meet these needs, therefore, you need a formula that boosts metabolism, a formula that boosts energy and dislodges fat, and a formula that eliminates toxins and loosened fat.

D-LAB has grouped these three formulas together in the Fat-Burning Program . Why three formulas? D-LAB has created specific formulas to meet each need in an ultra-targeted and effective way. The Fat-Burning Program is a very powerful slimming program that triggers lasting weight loss. It burns fat even at rest, increases caloric expenditure, stimulates the elimination systems and cleans the filtering organs to improve their detoxifying power.

My stomach is swollen and hard after meals, I'm bloated, and I snack :

Flat Belly Program

The belly is our 2nd brain. It intervenes in the immune, digestive and hormonal system. For all these systems to be functional and to avoid any digestive discomfort such as a swollen and hard stomach, bloating, poor transit... It is important to strengthen the intestinal flora. Bloating is also sometimes caused by the emotional. That is, stress or lack of sleep cause us to bloat. Plus, it can trigger cravings throughout the day.

Why such an impact on weight loss? When we sleep badly, we do not produce all the hormones necessary for our good shape. In particular that of happiness, serotonin and that of satiety, leptin. We then wake up with high internal stress, and cravings to snack throughout the day.

To deflate, we usually drink digestive herbal teas, green tea. Wouldn't it be better to directly consume the active ingredients contained in the infusion sachets and to assimilate them perfectly thanks to gastro-resistant capsules?

This is what the Ventre-Plat Program offers : A program targeting “the stomach, our 2nd brain”. It rebalances the digestive system to sustainably reduce waist circumference and regulates hormonal balance and stress to trigger weight loss while avoiding fat storage.

The rebalancing of the neuro-hormonal system provided by this Program will allow your body to synthesize leptin, melatonin, serotonin, all the hormones that regulate well-being and especially weight.

I want to reduce my cellulite, I have water retention :

Action-Capitons Program

Dimples, also called cellulite, are caused by excess fat in the lower body, responsible for the compression of blood vessels. In women, when the blood flow is slowed, sodium escapes from the blood vessels and is deposited in the extracellular tissues to cause water retention, thus trapping the fat cells and giving this orange peel appearance. Cellulite therefore results from three complementary problems: excess fat, poor blood circulation and water retention. External anti-cellulite treatments help reduce cellulite by acting on fatty deposits and facilitating lymphatic circulation.

Nevertheless, to eliminate excess fat and water, it is important to stimulate the organs of elimination such as the kidneys, and to strengthen the blood vessels accessible only internally. It is therefore recommended to supplement with food supplements, which are also effective in boosting weight loss, unlike slimming creams. The draining active ingredients present in high doses in our formulas will act at the source of the problems by reducing water retention and therefore aqueous cellulite.

The D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS natural formulas will allow you to activate all the internal levers, not accessible topically and yet essential to considerably reduce any type of cellulite and refine your silhouette. The results will therefore be much more complete and above all lasting over time. To go further, it is possible to associate several formulas together. The combination of several complementary formulas makes it possible to act in depth on all the causes of the problems and therefore to fight effectively against water retention, the feeling of heavy legs, aqueous, fibrous and adipose cellulite, loss of weight on the lower body, blood circulation, fatigue and even lack of energy.

2nd step: I have targeted the Program that I need, I order for how long? Can I combine several?

The Slimming Programs are to be followed over a minimum period of 2 months to guarantee optimal effects and to follow the 28-day cell cycles twice.

The cures must be accompanied by a balanced diet and regular physical activity : choose the stairs rather than the elevator, the bike rather than the car... It is quite possible to combine several cures , be careful not to take the same formula at the same time, to avoid an overdose of active ingredients.

To complete your Slimming Programs, you can absolutely add unit formulas from the same range or from another range to go further in taking care of the need.

  • Liver detox : eliminating toxins is essential to ensure the proper functioning of the body.
  • Enzymatic Slimming Complex: prevent fat storage by increasing the number of digestive enzymes each day
  • Absolute of Nopal: the fibers of Nopal, coming from the prickly pear, absorb more than 36 times their weight in greases. A real slimming product, and above all an excellent appetite suppressant! To be taken occasionally so as not to feel guilty during a cheat-meal.
  • Absolu Probiopure: what could be better than rebalancing your microbiota to promote digestion and lose waistlines? This formula includes 5 strains of lactic ferments closest to those of our intestines, for a qualitative and effective contribution.

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