Chromium, a natural regulator of sugar levels

Chromium, a natural regulator of sugar levels

Cravings for sweet foods? Uncontrolled snacking? Perpetual hunger pangs ? Perhaps there is a connection with a possible chromium deficiency . We never hear enough about chrome. Chromium is a trace element present in very small quantities in our body: 6 mg. It has many properties and not the least, it intervenes in particular in the regulation of glycemia our blood sugar level.

In this article, you will discover how chromium acts on the regulation of sugar levels in our body and how important it is to provide it through food. If food is not enough, you can supplement yourself.

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Chromium is a trace element present in small quantities in food. This nutrient is found mainly in seafood, oleaginous fruits (almonds, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts), organ meats, potatoes, bananas and broccoli . It nevertheless has several important roles in our body, particularly in the metabolism of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates .

Our blood sugar is regulated by the pancreas and more specifically by the beta cells of the islets of Langerhans which secrete a very specific hormone: insulin . It helps to regulate blood sugar levels in our body . In the case of a pathology such as diabetes , insulin secretion is disturbed, or even non-existent .

Diabetes is defined by chronic hyperglycaemia , ie fasting blood sugar above 1.26 g/L.

There are two types of diabetes: type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes . Type 1 is defined as a total absence of insulin secretion . The pancreas no longer secretes this hormone, so the blood glucose level is no longer regulated and this leads to hyperglycaemia (high blood sugar level) on a frequent basis. Hyperglycemia is manifested by palpitations, dizziness, cold sweats and nausea.

Type 2 diabetes is defined as insulin-resistant , that is to say that people with diabetes continue to secrete insulin but the cells of their body have developed insulin resistance . In other words, the receptors of their cells no longer recognize insulin, which can no longer fulfill its role. Thus, this causes a rise in blood sugar which can have serious consequences.

When insulin secretion is disrupted, hunger pangs are felt more and usually filled with a sweet craving . Hunger is regulated by two hormones: ghrelin and insulin . When their actions are disrupted , weight gain is usually observed. It is a vicious circle that is offered to you and for which you would like to voluntarily leave.

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Chromium increases the sensitivity of our cells to insulin and thus actively participates in the regulation of sugar levels in our body by helping insulin to bind to our cells . During food intake, the level of this hormone increases and chromium intervenes to play its role.

This property was officially discovered more than 60 years ago and yet we still don't talk enough about the benefits of chromium. By regulating the appetite , it helps in weight loss .

It is therefore preferable, whether you are diabetic or not, to have a balanced and varied diet. Opt for seasonal fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes (lentils, red beans, etc.) or oleaginous fruits (almonds, walnuts, etc.). These foods all have the particularity of being rich in fiber , which will reduce the Glycemic Index of your meals. This index corresponds to the speed at which the carbohydrates we consume arrive in our blood . The higher the Glycemic Index , the faster the ingested sugars will be present in the blood , which will cause hyperglycaemia . Insulin will play its role in reducing this blood sugar level, but this will result in fat storage and therefore weight gain . To avoid this, fiber will help you . Also avoid taking sugary products outside of meals because taken in isolation, they will tend to reach the blood very quickly and you now know the consequences. Finally, if you do not bring enough chromium on your plate, you can opt for a suitable food supplement .


At D-LAB , we offer a wide range of natural food supplements to respond to various issues. We are committed to supporting well-being. Our Chromium Absolute brings 19.5 ug to your body, that is to say, it covers half of your needs and thus completes your plate . It is accompanied by white mulberry leaf extract which blocks the absorption of carbohydrates by the body. Thanks to this supplement you will provide real support to your body and your blood sugar by fighting against sweet cravings so as to avoid snacking.

If you want to optimize weight loss , you can count on a fat-burning supplement . Discover fat burners: Our Fat-Burning Program will perfectly meet your expectations. Indeed, it acts at 360° thanks to its three products which provide a triple action . It is composed of a Metabolism Activator to stimulate our metabolism , the Active Energy Complex to capture and eliminate fat and a Slimming Detox which will preserve the body thanks to its antioxidants. They are rich in chromium and thus make it possible to reach a total of 33 ug of chromium .

And the little trick to take occasionally is our Absolu de Nopal . The Nopal is a cactus particularly rich in fiber and able to capture more than 36 times its weight in fat . Consumed about 30 minutes before the meal, it helps to limit food intake during the meal, to capture and eliminate fats and sugars before their assimilation and storage in fat cells. It is a slimming ally par excellence to treat yourself from time to time.

Adopt a healthy eating routine, preserve your body and regulate your glucose level!

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