When to take dietary supplements for your hair?

When is the best time to take dietary supplements for your hair?

dietary supplements for dry hair

I want to take a hair food supplement , but when?

Know that there is no specific period necessary to begin a cure. Every day of the year is a good opportunity to start :)

And yes, our diet is so depleted that supplementing is necessary, supplements are natural nutritional remedies for good health. Nutritional deficiency is a real scourge these days.

Did you know that you would have to eat 100 apples today to regain the vitamin C content of a single apple from 70 years ago?

The strength of our hair is in what we eat, at the very heart of our lifestyle.

Ok, but when is the right time to supplement? We will explain everything to you in this guide to hair food supplements.

When the leaves fall... or the buds are born!

We all know that certain seasons are more conducive to hair loss than others: spring and autumn are seasons of renewal, and our hair follows this natural process. It then became harmless to lose your hair during these periods. We can make the choice to stop this fall before it even begins, to reinforce their shine, their tone and their regrowth, thanks to a hair food supplement . We talk about "one" but in reality the hair bulb requires many active ingredients! Group B vitamins such as biotin, trace elements, minerals, sulfur amino acids...

These ingredients make what our scalp has most precious: keratin.

Keratin is a constituent protein of our hair. It is she who cements the hair to its bulb. It is she who weaves the hair fiber completely, which fills in the scales.

So we have three choices: we can take all the constituent elements of keratin to grow our hair very quickly, ultimately it comes down to consuming a Growth Complex.

For those prone to oily hair, know that the D-LAB Growth Complex contains sebum-regulating nettle.

You can also take ready-made keratin for a seasonal anti-hair loss action or at any time of the year.

Or we play it serenity and perfection by consuming both in a super Duo . If you take brewer's yeast at the same time, no problem! Everything is compatible, as long as there is no overdose of active ingredients. Our supplements are not tablets. They are presented in the form of vegetable capsules, gastro-resistant, which reinforces their assimilation and their bioavailability. Much better than light bulbs!

Some of you notice hair loss at other times of the year. This is quite possible and normal because their fall does not only depend on the seasons. It is for this reason that all months of the year are good for taking hair food supplements.

When the leaves fall or the buds are born

Hormonal storm?

However, there are very good times to take food supplements: following a hormonal upheaval. The hormonal upheaval can be childbirth, pregnancy, a change in the contraceptive pill, menopause...

During these times, the body is strained and can cause damage such as damaged or falling hair.

It is necessary to rebalance the neuro-hormonal system to treat the cause of the hair loss and not to be satisfied to stop it only at the moment T. For that, it is necessary to bring to your organism active precursors of well-being, because stress upsets the hormonal system. This is why when you are under great emotional stress, it is also a good time to take dietary supplements.

Of course, external care in addition to capsules is welcome. Massage your skull with fortifying and stimulating castor oil, wash your hair with natural shampoos, to avoid having dry and brittle hair and promote healthy regrowth with good vitality. Scalp massage also activates blood microcirculation and oxygenates the vessels. With it, I do my hair good.

dull hair food supplements

What should my regularity be?

The capsules, rich in vitamins and natural products, can be taken at any time of the day. Over time, we advise you to follow your cures over a minimum of three months.

The hair cycle follows several growth phases, which in all last three months. Thus, with a hair food supplement taken over this period of time, you support the cell cycles of your hair from their birth to their end. You find a beautiful mane, a beauty of the hair sublimated, healthy hair.

How do I include my supplements in my beauty routine?

Many of us have very precise and regular routines: shampoo, conditioner, lotions, vegetable oils (argan, coconut, castor oil, etc.), brushing, hair masks to leave on, etc.

With this whole process, the ingestion of a few small capsules seems minimal! Hop, between two treatments, I open my bottle of capsules and I take care of my hair from the inside.

Clean, cruelty-free, gluten-free and made in France , all of our formulas are composed of natural active ingredients extracted without chemical processes , and will become a real beauty ally in your hair routine.

Thanks to our hair food supplement treatments, you will thus find the desired hair mass, your hair will regain all its health and become as strong and shiny as before this massive exposure to the sun and all these factors deteriorating your hair beauty.