Why follow a keratin treatment?

Why follow a keratin treatment?

Dry and damaged hair, oily hair, dry and split ends, this is how your daily hair life can be summed up? It's time to act ! For shiny and silky hair, for healthy hair nothing better than a pure keratin cure! Ladies and gentlemen, through this article you will discover how to say goodbye to dull, fragile and brittle hair.

D-LAB food supplements: Keratin Absolute

What is keratin?

Whatever the type of hair, our hair fiber is composed in the same way : frizzy hair, curly hair, curly hair, gray hair, straight or fine hair. Keratin makes up 95% of our hair, it is a protein rich in micronutrients such as vitamin B5, B8 and B9, amino acids such as lysine, methionine or cystine but also iron, zinc, copper and magnesium . A set of nutrients provided by food.

Our hair is subjected to many attacks on a daily basis . Pollution, seasonal changes, oxidative stress, unsuitable cosmetics, hair products containing paraben, silicone and controversial substances, but also repeated coloring, brushing, use of hair dryers and irons to smooth. These attacks weaken the hair fiber and the scalp.

The best way to nourish keratin is to have a healthy and balanced diet that provides vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids so that the hair bulb can draw what it needs from the bloodstream. for keratin and to fill damaged gaps. The best nutritional sources are: fruits and vegetables preferably in season for their higher vitamin and mineral content, vegetable oils , oleaginous fruits and fatty fish for omega 3, 6 and 9, do not hesitate to vary their source! Consume proteins (vegetable or animal) but without bringing in excess because they can be harmful and acidifying for the body and whole grains . It is also a solution to stimulate hair growth .

Today's modern life no longer allows us to provide enough of the nutrients our body needs. Indeed, we have food that goes around the world before arriving on our plate, land that is polluted and therefore a diet that is no longer as qualitative as it may have been in time.

The ideal solution is to complement yourself, be careful, a hair food supplement does not replace a plate ! It bears its name well.

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Because you are unique, D-LAB has developed around thirty natural and concentrated formulas, combined within ultra-targeted micronutrition programs, to provide solutions specific to everyone's needs.

Each product is unique and specific, this is what will allow you to create the right synergy for you, tailor-made. Skin, hair, well-being, energy, slimming, digestion, drainage, detox, cycle and maternity… our range of nutritional supplements covers a wide range of concerns since our formulas can be combined with each other and meet everyone's needs.

D-LAB presents its complete range of hair food supplements to meet all hair problems.
Our range is made up of 100% natural and made in France capsules based on keratin , vitamins and amino acids .

White hair or colored hair, fine hair or thick hair, short hair or long hair: no matter our hair type, to have a healthy mane we must take care of our hair fiber.

The hair is composed of 95% keratin, a protein that helps to cement the hair fiber, to build it and to protect it. To have beautiful hair, we must act from the inside by providing the nutrients that make up the hair fiber, because nutrition happens at the level of the bulb.

External treatments only act on the outer layer of the fiber to protect it. It is therefore necessary to provide daily and in sufficient quantity, all the essential nutrients, namely trace elements such as magnesium, iron, copper, group B vitamins and sulfur amino acids such as l-cystine, l-methionine, m -lysine. These nutrients are provided by a balanced diet but also by nutritional supplementation since, because of our modern life, food is unfortunately no longer enough to provide them in sufficient quantity.

This therefore results in dry, brittle hair, lacking shine, and worse, can lead to more or less significant hair loss.

D-LAB's online D-diagnosis allows you to quickly and easily find the micronutrition program best suited to your needs.

With our natural food supplements, we help you to have thicker hair full of vitality!

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Absolute Keratin

A jewel of French Green-Tech that brings life back to the most demanding, damaged and tired hair. Powerful anti-hair loss, it provides a high dose of patented and perfectly assimilable keratin to fill in the gaps, give structure and increase volume.

It sometimes happens that the hair weakens, that it has trouble growing, that it becomes brittle. To find a hair in full health, it is really essential to nourish it in depth. At first, it is provided with all the nutrients necessary for them to manufacture keratin themselves. But we can do better by directly offering pure keratin. Bringing pure keratin ready and already synthesized will facilitate the work of the bulb. To obtain incredible results and quickly, we will densify the hair fiber: we fill in the gaps and we close the scales then we will globally completely restructure the path of the keratin. Be careful not with just any keratin, our keratin has a clinical study that proves its effectiveness with a patent on its bioavailability.

D-LAB is committed with an innovative natural keratin for a powerful anti-hair loss action and extreme nutrition. Particularly bioavailable, this keratin with the patented process reaches the bulb in high doses and acts in depth on the reduction of the fall, the mass, the luster and the shine of the hair as well as on the structure of the hair fiber. .

The effectiveness of Absolute Keratin D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS has been tested by clinical study

All our formulas have a cure time of 28 days which corresponds to the lifespan of our cells. 3 months or 3x28 days is the time needed to trigger cell memory in the hair bulb and have more visible and lasting results on the fiber. To bring the maximum of active ingredients to the bulb and optimize the results, you can do up to 6 months of treatment maximum, to prevent the bulb from getting tired. Hair growth takes place in several phases and is spread over several months. Each phase has specific needs and that is why we offer 3-month cures, to follow the phases of the cell cycle and meet all of its needs as much as possible. With 3 consecutive months of treatment, you do real in-depth work on hair nutrition to restore strength and shine and grow in the long term. The ideal is to renew twice a year, especially in spring and autumn.

The ideal solution is to complement yourself , be careful, a hair food supplement does not replace a plate ! It bears its name well.