Frizzy hair, which food supplement to choose?

Frizzy hair, which dietary supplement to choose

dietary supplements for dry frizzy hair

Is your hair stubborn and difficult to comb? Can't tame frizz? In the era where the curl is in the spotlight, we give you all our advice to get a dream mane.

Obtaining beautiful, supple hair requires activating several levers: hydration, nutrition, and sometimes even a rebalancing of hormones. For this, topical treatments have a very limited action. You have to act internally.

The interest of the hair food supplement:

Although the majority of our hair is spread over the lengths, it is all created in the bulbs of our scalp. The bulb is therefore the starting point for the growth and weaving of the hair fiber. For the latter to be silky and fortified, it is necessary to provide it with all the elements that are essential to it. To weave its fiber, the hair needs group B vitamins, minerals, sulfur amino acids… all these elements are found in our Growth Complex. So, if you want to revive a slow growth, or make your hair grow twice as fast, this is the perfect formula.

But what do these elements make? What is the raw material of this hair fiber? The synergy of the different elements mentioned make what is called keratin. Real cement for the hair, it fixes it on its bulb and closes the scales for shiny and thick hair.

D-LAB has created Absolute Keratin, formulated with a keratin extracted from black sheep wool, it repairs the fiber in depth. We take from this keratin: cynatine, a molecule whose effectiveness has been proven by clinical study.

The advantage of consuming these active ingredients from the inside is to nourish our cells in depth to reach all the layers of tissue that make up our hair. Curly and frizzy hair loves these top quality active ingredients because a curl needs to be deeply nourished to have a nice hold.

Of course, external treatments are recommended and very complementary to cures. Ylang-ylang, jojoba, sweet almond, shea butter, castor… do not skimp on these natural active ingredients, treasures for frizzy hair. They are nourishing, softening and fortifying.

Hair can't stand heat, long-term use of a straightener will weaken your hair, break the curl, and it won't be disciplined.

At the exit of the shampoo, avoid rubbing your wet hair, dry them with the help of a microfiber towel and then try to space out the smoothings.


Which supplement for fine hair:

Thinning hair is the result of seasonal hair loss, hormonal upheaval or repeated straightening. The solution is (almost) the same: provide the bulb with what it needs and stuff our cells with this sublime keratin. It is good to do cures just before autumn and spring, renewal seasons conducive to hair loss.

On the other hand, when it is a question of hormones, it is necessary to act more in depth: to rebalance the whole neuro-hormonal system in addition to fixing the hair on its bulb.

This rebalancing is provided by our Balance Activator, which contains active precursors of serotonin, melanin and many other benefactors.

You can find this formula coupled with our keratin as well as our Detox Microcirculation in the Mass-Capillary Program.

A detox of the microcirculation you say? And yes, how to repair your hair and treat it well if it is cluttered with dead cells, toxins, chemical residues? All of this needs to be oxygenated. Our favourite, the Detox Microcirculation cleans the blood microcapillaries of your scalp in depth and is loved by curly and frizzy hair. But its role is not limited to this:

dull hair food supplements

Which supplement for oily hair:

Our Microcirculation Detox is also in the spotlight for this need. A greasy hair is a hair which offers an over-secretion of sebum, and which is encumbered by remains of silicone, dust and other.

This secretion must be regulated thanks to sebum-regulating active ingredients such as nettle for example. It is found in our Clear Skin Complex.

Let's not lose sight of our deep cleansing needed to improve the look of oily hair. It is offered by Detox Microcirculation.

What practical advice do we have to offer? Obviously, spacing out your shampoos is a good thing so that the soiling of the scalp is regulated and is slower.

You can also leave masks on, such as those made with Rhassoul powder are also known for their sebum-regulating benefits.

People who eat a balanced diet will see results faster since everything we eat nourishes our cells. The latter draw on our nutrients to weave their hair fiber in the case of hair cells for example.


Clean, cruelty free, gluten-free and made in France , all of our formulas are composed of natural active ingredients extracted without chemical processes , and will become a real beauty ally in your hair routine.

Thanks to our hair food supplement treatments, you will thus find the desired hair mass, your hair will regain all its health and become as strong and shiny as before this massive exposure to the sun and all these factors deteriorating your hair beauty.