How to fix your hair after summer?

How to fix your hair after summer?

Sensitized, dull, brittle or dry hair, loss of shine and suppleness... Your hair is half-mast after summer after being exposed to the rays of the sun, salt, sea, wind or chlorine from the swimming pool.

To repair this summer damage, it is inevitable to engage in an "inside out" hair routine , externally and internally to act on the one hand on the lengths of your hair, but especially on the "inside" to stimulate growth. and hair quality. Do not panic, we share with you the care to adopt to find a hair in full health!

Woman with a braid in hairstyle and reflection of the sun on her hair

First step: Treat your hair externally with hair care bases

For a first step, it is essential to give a boost to your hair by using appropriate hair care thanks to natural formulas, without sulfates, silicones or parabens that can irritate and weaken your scalp. Here are some examples:

  • Use Keratin-based care: Our hair is made up of 95% keratin , a protein that helps cement the hair fiber, build it and protect it. It is therefore essential for the health of our hair to provide it with high-dose Keratin care by regularly performing Keratin-based hair care to restore vitality and strength.
  • Make oil baths: For dry and dehydrated hair, regularly massage your scalp for a good 5 minutes with a nourishing oil best suited to your natural hair; curly, frizzy, blond, colored... For the oils best known for their benefits, we find coconut oil, argan oil, castor oil, avocado oil or sweet almond oil . Again, it all depends on your hair type. And for a faster and more efficient solution, you can apply the oil of your choice to all of your lengths and let it sit overnight.

Our other beauty and health tips to repair your hair quickly and effectively after the summer:

  • Go to the hairdresser: Split ends and brittle hair? It is essential to go to the hairdresser after your vacation to eliminate the sensitized areas of your hair to start again on a healthy and repaired basis.
  • Take a break from heating appliances: Straighteners, hair dryers, colorings... To find healthy hair, avoid as much heat as possible, which sensitizes your hair fiber.
  • Hydrate regularly : Drink between 1.5 liters and 2 liters per day to promote hydration of the hair.
  • Adopt a varied and balanced diet : Stock up on fruits and vegetables that are rich in iron and vitamin C to strengthen your hair as well as foods rich in essential fatty acids (omega-3) and trace elements (zinc, calcium , magnesium…) to maintain the hydration of the scalp such as oily fish, almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts.
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Second step: Treat your hair internally with hair food supplements

It is sometimes difficult to choose between hair care and a hair food supplement , but it is above all useful and effective to combine the two for 360° repair of your hair fiber .

Indeed, our first reflex to repair our hair after the summer is always to throw ourselves on our shampoos, conditioners, masks, oils and all types of hair products to pamper and give a boost to this dull hair and exhausted.

One important thing to know is that hair care will act on the outer fiber in the short term to protect it but will not be enough to provide you with all the nutrients and active ingredients necessary to nourish and boost your inner hair fiber. And that's why D-LAB offers you a full range of hair food supplements to deeply nourish and restore healthy, radiant hair .

All of our ultra-targeted formulas act on a problem to meet your most specific needs . Indeed, each cure responds to a specific problem: hair loss, damaged hair, thin and not very bulky, sensitive scalp...

In order to act in depth, it is important to treat a concern over time . Indeed, a hair cure must necessarily last 3 months in a row to trigger cellular memory in the bulb and have visible and lasting results on the hair fiber.

The 4 D-LAB must-haves to bring sun-damaged hair back to life

Our D-LAB hair food supplements rich in keratin, vitamins and amino acids are suitable for all hair types and all problems. Here are our must-haves to wake up and boost your damaged hair after the summer:

  • The Growth Complex for 2 times faster growth: Deeply nourishes the hair bulb by providing it with a high dose of active ingredients that make up keratin, and stimulates growth thanks to an innovative complex of bamboo and arugula extracts to nourished and more intense hair.

  • The Absolute of Keratin to fight against hair loss: Significantly improves hair structure and stops breakage for repaired hair that is twice as dense, thanks to its composition based on natural keratin and patented by a scientific committee.

  • The Hair Duo-Nutrition for devitalized hair: Composed of the Keratin Absolute and the Growth Complex, this treatment based on active ingredients and powerful extracts allows you to act at 360° for incredible results! You find hair mass , the hair fiber is densified, the gaps filled, the scales closed, the regrowth activated and the hair perfectly restructured.

  • The Microcirculation Detox for a purified scalp: Activates three interdependent levers such as the cleansing of skin tissues, the revival of microcirculation and the supply of essential nutrients to the heart of the bulb for a purified, reoxygenated and deeply nourished scalp.

Clean, cruelty free, gluten-free and made in France , all of our formulas are composed of natural active ingredients extracted without chemical processes , and will become a real beauty ally in your hair routine.

Thanks to our hair food supplement treatments, you will thus find the desired hair mass, your hair will regain all its health and become as strong and shiny as before this massive exposure to the sun and all these factors deteriorating your hair beauty.