These foods that make your hair brittle

These foods that make your hair brittle

We too often hear about foods to eat in order to have beautiful hair, to prevent our hair from becoming brittle, but we never or very rarely talk about foods to avoid . It may seem logical, by favoring the good foods you avoid the bad ones, but think again, there are a few that you may consume daily and whose influence you did not suspect .

In this article you will learn about the different foods that tend to make your hair brittle .

Hair is made up of 95% keratin , a natural protein that is made up of several nutrients : amino acids such as methionine, lysine and cystine, group B vitamins such as vitamin B5, B8 and B9 or even iron. , copper and zinc . These nutrients are drawn from the bloodstream by the hair bulb and are provided directly by our diet . By nourishing your hair fiber , you will have hair that is more resistant to external aggressions, you will limit the fall and you will display dream hair .

Of course it's not as simple as that! Between pollution, the stress of everyday life, brushing, using aggressive hair products, using the hair dryer, coloring and poor diet, it doesn't help us. And even if you eat a healthy, balanced diet , sometimes that's not enough . These days, our plates are devoid of quality food . Indeed, they go around the world, the land is polluted with pesticides and aggressive substances for our body causing free radicals and the oxidation of our cells which promote premature aging and cause the appearance of gray hair more quickly. .

Foods to avoid

  • Alcohol : It may seem obvious to you, but alcohol causes dehydration in your hair . You will tend to have dry, weakened hair that will eventually become thin and brittle .

  • Sparkling drinks : even if they no longer sparkle, according to several studies they are responsible for dehydration and can cause digestive disorders (bloating etc.).

  • Sodas : whether sparkling or not, they are generally high in sugar. They are not recommended, cause dehydration , and can have a diuretic effect .

  • Sugar : cookies, cakes, sugary drinks, sodas, they increase blood sugar levels , insulin intervenes to regulate blood sugar levels and can cause hair loss .

  • White flour : composed mainly of refined carbohydrates and wheat grown in soils exposed to pesticides to whiten the flour. This can cause an acceleration of cell aging , weaken the hair and cause it to fall out .

  • Red meat : although it is constantly repeated that it is important to provide amino acids through food and that meat is rich in protein, it should not be consumed in excess. Indeed, when proteins are provided in excess , they produce urea during their degradation, which is evacuated by the filter organs (kidneys, liver, etc.). It is an acidic food that can weaken our hair going eventually until the fall .

  • Salt : in case of dehydration , it would act on the length of the hair and make it dull .

  • Selenium : when it is brought in excess , it becomes toxic for the body and our hair.

These foods are to be limited and not to be consumed on a daily basis. In general, it is advisable to avoid foods that are too sweet, too fatty and too salty. Prefer natural solutions to brittle hair and opt for a healthy diet. You can use a suitable hair food supplement or pure keratin to strengthen your hair .

The benefits of dietary supplements

Natural food supplements with concentrated and carefully selected active ingredients to respond in the most qualitative way possible to your problems. D-LAB is a French brand , 100% clean , without nanoparticles and substances from petrochemicals , vegetable and not tested on animals .

Our Keratin Absolute is one of our best-sellers , it acts against hair loss, dandruff, damaged and split ends, scalp irritation . Poor diet, hormonal imbalances, stress, external aggressions but also the choice of hair products rich in paraben, silicone and sulphate causing brittle hair. This formula is composed of a pure keratin that will act from the inside to nourish and repair the hair fiber . A concentrated formula providing a high dose of keratin per day to fill in the gaps and regain volume.

Our food supplements are suitable for all hair types : fine hair, brittle hair, damaged hair, short hair, long hair or frizzy hair, colored hair. These issues do not only concern women, men are also affected. Our hair fiber being composed in the same way for everyone, our food supplements are intended for men and women .

For a double action , our Hair-Nutrition Duo is composed of Absolute Keratin and Growth Complex . A food supplement that provides everything your hair needs : pure , natural and highly dosed keratin as well as the active ingredients that compose it in order to provide all the nutrients drawn from the bloodstream. The Growth Complex provides amino acids, group B vitamins and minerals as well as plant extracts such as chlorella with antioxidant properties, arugula and bamboo known to accelerate growth .

Routine In & Out

Natural food supplements to restore strength to your hair! Do not hesitate to change your hair routine by choosing organic and natural shampoos and conditioners, concoct your hair masks for nutritious care based on vegetable oils such as argan oil, sweet almond oil , coconut oil that you can mix with essential oil of Ylang-Ylang known to stimulate hair growth. Apply these treatments on the lengths to avoid stimulating the production of sebum on the scalp. Limit the use of high temperatures such as straightening irons, brushings, detangle your hair gently with a comb or a suitable brush.

Thanks to all these tips you will find shiny, silky and hydrated hair !

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