5 reasons why you snack in winter

Dropping temperatures, shorter days, end-of-year holiday meals… Snacking is a common behavior in winter, because it gives a false impression of comfort. But then how to limit the damage?

I- The reasons why you snack in winter

The main reason for winter weight gain is lack of light . Indeed, the lack of sun would directly impact our mind and our body . In summer, our cells do not store fat (or at least very little).

The cold increases our body's energy expenditure , so it tends to demand more calories from us than usual. It is therefore normal and natural to have a higher appetite than usual and to snack between meals.

In addition, the days are shorter and darker, leading to winter depression in some people. Let's face it, we tend to want to stay at home watching a good movie eating chocolate rather than motivating ourselves to play sports! The food then becomes comforting .

It is also a matter of culture. We are used to cooking rich and hearty meals in winter such as raclettes, poutines, cakes… Unlike in the summer when fruits and vegetables brighten up our plates!

In winter, our metabolism is slowed down , so we need to boost it in order to burn as many calories as possible and avoid gaining pounds.

1- Metabolism

Metabolism is a process of building and breaking down, it is defined by the level of calories burned by the body .

In order to counter the undesirable effects of snacking and to limit weight gain. Physical activity is essential ! Move a maximum with or without sport.

The second advice is to consume more protein foods , they activate thermogenesis because they need a lot of energy to be digested.

Drink water . Water eliminates the waste produced by the body and allows one to have better digestion . Drinking a large glass of water before meals also acts as an appetite suppressant!

During a process of increasing metabolism , breakfast becomes your best ally. He needs food to get off to a good start. If you don't eat breakfast, your metabolism will slow down for as long as your fast lasts.

Taking a fat-burning dietary supplement helps in a weight loss process.

At D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS, we offer a very powerful fat-burning program that triggers lasting weight loss . Metabolism is increased to burn more fat at rest , thermogenesis is deployed to increase calorie expenditure, elimination systems are stimulated to prevent fat storage and filter organs are cleansed to improve their detoxifying power and revive the cycle.

2- Fat burning foods

  • Eggplant is the number 1 vegetable for burning fat! Low in calories and very rich in fiber and pectin, it absorbs fat by promoting the elimination of toxins. It improves intestinal transit.
  • The apple is an excellent slimming ally because it has a strong satiating power thanks to the apple pectin. The apple is the perfect snack to calm hunger without consuming fat.
  • Oats , very rich in soluble fiber, are a natural appetite suppressant that captures part of the fats and calories ingested.
  • Pineapple has a strong slimming power, it will break the tissues of cellulite and promote the elimination of fat.
  • Caffeine stimulates the metabolism, it naturally activates fat burning. If you don't like coffee, green tea, which is a very good drainer, will also work very well!

Natural appetite suppressants

In order to reduce cravings and the feeling of hunger, there are natural appetite suppressant foods to favor to lose weight easily. Some foods also have a boost effect that will have a satiating effect and help to lose weight .

1- Konjac for the detox effect


Konjac has been used in Japan for a very long time for its appetite suppressant and detox properties. It contains almost no calories. It is a powerful appetite suppressant . Indeed, it contains glucomannan which absorbs up to 100 times its volume in water.


2- Nopal to capture fat


Nopal is a cactus concentrate, the prickly pear which is recognized for several properties on weight loss and control . Absolu de Nopal from D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS contains a high dose which activates weight loss through three complementary actions: it controls sugar levels , increases the feeling of satiety and absorbs sugars and fats to reduce fat. calorie intake .

The nopal will swell up to 50 times the size of its dried form. The fibers swell in the stomach, thus promoting the feeling of satiety while helping to better eliminate lipids.

3- Chia seeds for better digestive comfort


Very rich in fibre, chia seeds swell on contact with water in the stomach and turn into a thick, satiating gel. They have a real satiety effect. They are also a very good source of protein , which, remember, increases the basic metabolism and therefore promotes weight loss.


4- Goji berries for their many health benefits

They strengthen the immune system , they have an energizing action , they detoxify the liver , fight against cholesterol and are also a natural appetite suppressant . They are very rich in proteins and vegetable fibers .

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