Periods and menopause: how to live the female cycle well?

Periods and menopause: how to live the female cycle well?

menstruation and menopause: how to live the female cycle well?

From puberty to menopause, the female cycle is punctuated daily by hormone fluctuations that will impact our emotions, our behavior and our body.

During and before menstruation, 80% of women experience physical and emotional signs of varying intensity. On the other hand, during menopause, the reproductive system slows down and cycles become irregular. This period is often accompanied by bothersome symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness or irritability.

At D-LAB, we are aware of these changes and we want every woman to be able to live her cycle with peace of mind. It is for this reason that we have developed the Feminine Cycle Complex , a 100% vegan formula that acts on the physical and psychological well-being of women, whatever their period of life.

Thanks to innovative active ingredients, this unique complex helps regulate female cycles and targets symptoms related to premenstrual syndrome and menopause.

In this article, find all our advice for living your menstrual cycle well, from puberty to menopause.


A woman's life is punctuated by her menstrual cycle but few of us know all the subtleties of it.

However, understanding the latter would allow us to better manage all the issues related to the female cycle, namely premenstrual and menstrual symptoms, fertility, menopause, variations in the condition of our skin and hair, etc.

The menstrual cycle is a biological mechanism during which the secretion of different hormones is linked in the body in order to prepare the uterus each month for a possible pregnancy. It begins at puberty and ends with menopause.

It evolves continuously for 4 weeks, with an average duration of 28 days and consists of several phases depending on the fluctuations of estrogen and progesterone. These hormonal variations have an impact on mood, morphology but also the appearance of the skin and hair and are often linked to certain disorders such as hormonal acne or menstrual cramps.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a term used to describe the symptoms experienced by women during the second half of their menstrual cycle. It is estimated that nearly 75% of women experience one or more of these symptoms each month. In most women, the symptoms cause only mild to moderate discomfort, but in some cases the syndrome can be very bothersome.

These may be the following symptoms:

  • sore breasts
  • abdominal cramps
  • oily skin and acne
  • anxiety and depression
  • headache
  • fatigue
  • irritability and aggressiveness
  • bloating
  • cravings

PMS is your body's response to changes in hormone levels associated with your menstrual cycle.



Menopause is the time in a woman's life when her period (menstruation) stops for good. It generally occurs between the ages of 45 and 55 and generally around the age of 50.

It is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the ovaries stop their hormonal secretion (estrogen and progesterone) and the formation of an egg each month. It is said that the menopause is truly "installed" when the rules have been absent for a year.

Menopause is a process. For most women, menstruation does not stop immediately, but gradually decreases over several years.

Two or three years before the menopause, the woman enters perimenopause : the ovaries secrete fewer and fewer hormones and release the eggs irregularly. During this period, menstruation is irregular and the fertility rate drops.

The symptoms of menopause are due to the hormonal deficiency in estrogen and progesterone associated with the cessation of ovarian function.

These disorders are:

  • hot flashes
  • vaginal dryness
  • skin aging
  • night sweats and insomnia
  • urinary disorders
  • headaches, fatigue and irritability
  • joint pain
  • low libido

Some disorders, such as hot flashes or fatigue, may be transient, but sometimes persist during menopause. Others are long-lasting such as vaginal dryness, urinary disorders.


How to live your cycle well?

There are several options for relieving your PMS symptoms.

1 - Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Your diet impacts the intensity of PMS. Drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced diet are among the simplest things that have yet been shown to be effective. Promote a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, and reduce your consumption of salt, sugar and prepared meals. Watch what you drink and avoid irritating acidifying beverages like alcohol, coffee, pop, and other exciting drinks.

Regular exercise can also help, mainly because exercise lowers stress and tension, and affects your mood.

2 - Use essential oils

In the premenstrual period, essential oils can be used in massage of the chest, to relieve breast tension, and of the lower abdomen, to reduce the painful sensations of pelvic congestion, bloating, twinges. They act locally, but also, for some of them, more deeply on a neuro-endocrine axis, like rosemary essential oil.

To relieve the common inconveniences of menopause, such as restless nights, insomnia or even mood swings, you can use essential oils with soothing properties such as chamomile, basil, lemon balm or even clary sage. Either by pouring a few drops in a spoon of honey, or in a diffuser in your room for example.

3 - Choose food supplements

Rich in vitamins, omega 3, minerals and phytotherapy, food supplements are ideal for relieving the inconveniences of the menstrual cycle.

With the Positive Femininity Duo , we provide an innovative and natural solution to target symptoms related to premenstrual syndrome and menopause. Thanks to innovative active ingredients, this formula acts on the physical and psychological well-being of women, whatever their period of life.

The Letting Go Complex combines targeted mushrooms and powerful adaptogenic plants to help the body adapt to different stresses. It soothes nervous tension, promotes relaxation and fights sleep disorders.

  • Organic Eschscholtzia extract promotes rest and relaxation, helps reduce stress-related symptoms and facilitates falling asleep and restful sleep.
  • Our lion's mane extract , 4 times more concentrated in active ingredients than the whole mushroom, is recognized for its benefits on stress, fatigue and nervous tension.
  • Schisandra chinensis extract helps fight sleep disorders and promotes deep sleep.

The Feminine Cycle Complex has been specifically formulated for the well-being of women during their menstrual cycle. Composed of vitamins, minerals and phytotherapy, its formula regulates hormonal changes and reduces inflammation. It thus relieves the inconvenience associated with premenstrual syndrome, such as pain, cramps, fatigue, irritability or headaches. This dietary supplement can also relieve pain associated with endometriosis.
The Feminine Cycle Complex also helps fight menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, or vaginal dryness. This formula works deep down by regulating sebum to reduce hormonal acne and oily hair that can be had during the post-ovulatory and pre-menstrual weeks.

  • Rose centifolia helps maintain a comfortable menstrual cycle, alleviates premenstrual syndrome and supports ovulation and fertility
  • Marine Magnesium prevents increases in cortisol, the stress hormone, to reduce anxiety and irritability associated with PMS.
  • Myo -inositol acts on serotonin, the happiness hormone, to promote a good mood. It also improves insulin resistance to regulate weight gain during menstruation.
  • Yarrow extract has a sedative action on the uterus and ovaries to soothe periodic abdominal cramps.