What is liposomal magnesium?

Liposomal magnesium:

the only one to reconcile high content and high absorption

Magnesium is an essential mineral for the proper functioning of the body, whether at the brain, muscle and heart level. In case of deficiency, it can be interesting to make a cure of magnesium. But beware, not all magnesium is created equal! The effectiveness of a magnesium supplement depends primarily on its content and bioavailability.

Chloride, citrate, oxide, etc., there is an abundant supply of magnesium dietary supplements. Liposomal magnesium is an innovation in the field of micronutrition. It is the only one to reconcile high absorption and high content.

In this article, we tell you all about the liposomal magnesium which is part of the composition of our Magnesium Absolute !

What is the role of magnesium?

Essential for the proper functioning of the body, magnesium is involved in more than 300 cellular biochemical reactions.

  • It provides cellular energy.

Magnesium participates in the formation of ATP, the enzyme which gives energy to the chemical reactions of the precipitate.

  • It improves sleep and resistance to stress.

Magnesium is known to be beneficial in a state of stress, anxiety and tension thanks to its effects on nervous balance and muscle relaxation. It can therefore help to find sleep.

  • It helps to strengthen bones.

Magnesium plays an important role in bone growth and maintaining bone density: 60% of magnesium is stored in the bones!

  • It prevents cardiovascular risks.

The beneficial effect of magnesium on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases has been proven: studies highlight an increased risk of suffering from heart problems in the event of chronic magnesium deficiency.

  • It supports pregnancy and lactation

In pregnant women, magnesium is particularly important. Magnesium allows the future mother to stay in shape despite the ailments and difficulties of this delicate period. It is also essential for the development of the fetus, and in particular in the construction of the skeleton and the muscular and cerebral system.

Content and bioavailability

These are two essential indicators in the choice of a form of magnesium: the elemental content (expressed in %) and the bioavailability.

What defines the famous "bioavailability" is the quality that a nutrient has to be able to be supplied by the intestinal mucosa and to be used effectively.

Indeed, magnesium is an ion that needs to be associated with a so-called “transporter” molecule, in order to be stabilized and pass the intestinal barrier. The assimilation of magnesium in the body therefore depends on the transporter involved.

First and second generation magnesium

The first generation salts are so-called “inorganic” salts such as oxide, hydroxide or even carbonate.

Generally of natural origin, they have a high magnesium content (between 40 and 60%) but very low absorption .

Inorganic salts can cause digestive problems and have laxative effects. Certain elements combined with magnesium in salt can also have an irritating effect on the intestine (eg chlorine in magnesium chloride).

Second generation so-called “organic” salts corresponding to magnesium molecules associated with transporters such as malate, bisglycinate, citrate, or taurinate, etc. Its vehicles all have good assimilation but their magnesium content is reduced.

On the other hand, organic salts have a low impact on transit. The organic form protects magnesium in the stomach which will minimize digestive reactions.

Liposomal magnesium: high content and high absorption

There is a new generation of magnesium which is the only one to reconcile high content and high absorption. "Liposome magnesium " consists of encapsulating magnesium oxide in a liposome , which is a small nano-sized capsule containing an active substance. The liposome is composed of the same lipid material as the membrane of our cells, namely phospholipids. That is to say that it is completely tolerated by the body and does not represent any danger. Liposomes are impermeable to various digestive juices and can easily cross the intestinal barrier at any level of the digestive tract.

Encapsulated, magnesium becomes invisible to the body and stays longer in the blood. It is then delivered directly into the cells by fusion of the membranes.

In short, it is the ideal delivery service allowing the nutrient to be transported directly to where it is needed, to the very heart of the cell. With it, we gain at all levels : high content of magnesium element (32%), and high absorption.

Likewise, the bioavailability of liposomal magnesium is high, even 20% higher than that of magnesium bisglycinate, one of the most bioavailable forms today.

At D-LAB, we have developed Absolute Magnesium , an innovative formula that combines several sources of magnesium and group B and D vitamins for perfect assimilation and optimal efficiency.

Its formula contains:

  • patented liposomal magnesium :

Ultra concentrated and bioavailable, this patented magnesium is micro-encapsulated by biotechnology-derived sunflower liposomes. It is involved in the proper functioning of the muscular and nervous systems.

  • marine magnesium :

Extracted from seawater, this natural magnesium reduces fatigue and stimulates energy production*.

  • vitamin B12 :

Helps reduce fatigue and gives the body a boost.

  • vitamin D3 :

Essential for muscle function and cell growth*

  • vitamins B2 and B6 :

Allies of magnesium, they require the proper absorption of magnesium by the body.*

Ideal in case of severe fatigue and stress, Absolute Magnesium helps to regain energy, motivation and serenity. Magnesium is also recommended during and after pregnancy.

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