L-Glutamine: origin, benefits, deficiencies

L-Glutamine: origin, benefits, deficiencies

Everything you need to know about glutamine!


Glutamine, also called L-Glutamine, is the most common amino acid in our blood and in our muscles. It plays an essential role in the synthesis of proteins and the inhibition of their degradation process. Glutamine is made from foods we eat every day: raw vegetables, legumes, dairy products, vegetable and animal proteins.

Glutamine is not one of the 8 essential amino acids for our body, but it can temporarily become so in certain contexts. In particular, during intense physical training, cancer, traumatic stress (surgery, accident, etc.) glutamine can then drastically decrease in our body (up to 50%), so a normal diet will no longer suffice. It will therefore be necessary to supplement with this amino acid in order to avoid any undesirable deficiency.

The benefits of glutamine

Athletes are not the only ones affected by glutamine, its positive effects on the immune system and the intestinal wall make it an ally for everyone!

Repair stressed muscles


Glutamine allows better physical recovery, especially during high-intensity training, such as bodybuilding. Muscles are made up of 60% glutamine, and over time intense physical effort can lead to a breakdown of muscle tissue and therefore of the amino acids present.

The recovery phase is important in athletes, and glutamine is involved in this process. Indeed, it improves the reconstitution of muscle glycogen stocks and therefore tissues damaged during physical effort.

Improve your sports performance

Glutamine dietary supplements help prevent and fight overtraining syndrome. This syndrome considerably weakens the athlete's immune defenses by reducing their glutamine reserves, which can cause various infections.

Maintain the integrity of the intestinal barrier

Glutamine plays a role in maintaining the intestinal barrier, which is necessary for proper digestion. Intestinal cells feed on glutamine to grow. If they lack this source of energy, the intestinal barrier becomes “porous” and the intestine “permeable” because it does not filter residues resulting from the digestive process efficiently enough and allows toxic substances to enter the bloodstream.

Where to find glutamine?

Glutamine is mainly found in animal (chicken, fish, etc.) and vegetable (tofu, peas, lentils, beans, etc.) proteins, it is also found in spinach, beets, cabbage and cereals.

As a dietary supplement, glutamine is often presented in the form of tablets or powder.

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Glutamine is the most remarkable energy supplier for intestinal and immune cells.

A glutamine deficiency is often associated with problems sleeping, restlessness and lack of concentration. Glutamine has calming effects on stress, promotes serenity and facilitates rest.

The swollen belly results in an imbalance of the microbiota (also called intestinal flora).

At D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS, we offer a range of food supplements for the stomach and the microbiota.

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