Why do we need

dietary supplements?

Our body uses what we ingest as fuel. A healthy diet is the basis of a healthy body and it can never be matched by dietary supplements.

However, today it is difficult to find all the necessary nutrients there. Intensive agriculture, irrigation or the massive use of pesticides impoverish the soils of crops and therefore the food also loses nutrients. Added to this is our modern highly processed diet and our cooking methods which influence the nutrient content.

Due to our new ways of living and consuming, our body needs a huge amount of essential nutrients. Such an amount cannot be provided by food, even with a strict and optimal diet.

Food supplements compensate for the most frequent deficiencies and meet additional needs . Whether one is in good health or not, there are a number of nutritional supplements that almost anyone can benefit from. We explain everything in this article!

The daily needs of our body

To function properly and stay healthy, the body needs to receive all the essential nutrients. These energy needs are met by the food we eat. They contain proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and mineral salts essential to the proper functioning of our body.

Nutrients are all food substances that the body absorbs and uses to function. Food becomes nutrients through the action of digestive juices. They are absorbed at the intestinal barrier and transported into the bloodstream to nourish the whole body.

Nutrients are divided into two categories: macronutrients and micronutrients.

  • Macronutrients are proteins, carbohydrates and fats . They are the main food.

Carbohydrates and lipids are mainly energy in nature, they are the “fuel”, while proteins are the basic material that makes up the physical structure of the body . They allow cells and tissues to maintain their organization in space. The best known are collagen and keratin .

  • Micronutrients are present in very small amounts in food. They do not provide energy, but are necessary for the functioning of cells. They include over a hundred vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins are nutrients necessary for the body, which the body cannot synthesize or which it manufactures in insufficient quantities . It is therefore essential to have a supply of vitamins .

Minerals are classified into two categories: so-called “major” minerals such as calcium, potassium or sodium, and trace elements such as iron, zinc, copper or selenium. They are present in very small quantities but are nevertheless very important. They contribute to skeletal construction, nerve conduction, muscle contraction, digestion and immunity.

A nutrient-poor diet

It's a fact: our food is on average 5 times poorer in nutrients than 50 years ago ! Yet essential to life, scientists reveal the gradual disappearance of vitamins and minerals in food. Globalization and our modern food system have gradually altered the way we produce, grow, distribute and consume food.

  • Intensive agriculture and the quest for ever greater yield

With globalization, farmers have to respond to ever-increasing demand. Fertilization, irrigation, and the massive use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers cause a decrease in minerals in cultivated plants.

Farmers also use genetically modified plants. Cultivated foods appear larger, prettier and stronger, but they are depleted in nutrients. This is called the dilution effect.

Our fruits and vegetables have become particularly poor in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Several studies done on the nutritional content of fruits and vegetables improved that over a period of 51 years, broccoli lost 80% copper and 75% calcium, while potato lost 45% iron and 35% calcium. calcium.

  • Soil depletion

Modern farming techniques have an impact on soil quality. Or, soil plays a fundamental role in crop nutrition. Composed of air, water, organic and mineral matter, soil nourishes crops and influences the amount of nutrients present in food.

Today, the soils are depleted and the food also lasts in terms of nutrients. This phenomenon tends to increase over time because of our practices.

In 100 years, European soils have lost 72% of their mineral content.

  • Picking before maturity

With globalization and the growth of exports, food travels around the world. A food travels an average of 2,500 kilometers before being consumed.

To arrive fresh on supermarket shelves, fruits and vegetables are very often picked before they are ripe. This means that the food could not properly complete its maturation process. They have not had sufficient time to absorb nutrients from the soil or to develop sunlight-related nutrients such as anthocyanins (natural food pigments) or polyphenols (antioxidants).

Thus, our modern diet no longer meets the nutritional needs that the body needs. This is why supplementation can be beneficial in order to cover micronutrient deficiencies.

An environment that has become harmful to our body

In addition to a nutrient-depleted diet, our environment has also become harmful to our body. Today, the inhabitants of more than 90% of the cities in the world breathe polluted air. And the problem has grown steadily in recent years.

The pollution of our daily environment impacts our body and influences our health, our morale, and even our aesthetics.

For example, air pollution is toxic to cardiovascular and respiratory health and generates mood disorders, stress and anxiety. From an aesthetic point of view, pollution causes premature aging of skin and hair cells. It thus promotes hair loss, dull complexion and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Today, despite policies aimed at reducing pollution, we are constantly exposed to harmful substances attacking our organs, our cells, and even our DNA! Thus, our body must redouble its efforts to defend itself. Its nutrient needs, and in particular antioxidants, are therefore greater in order to limit the oxidative damage caused by pollution.

To stay healthy, even with a varied and balanced diet, the use of nutritional supplementation can be very beneficial to protect and detoxify the body.

Because of our nutrient-poor diet and daily external aggressions, our body is content to live at 60% of its true potential.

Dietary supplements are beneficial for everyone

Recognized as natural health products, dietary supplements restore the body's physiological balance to increase its potential. Today, more than half of French people are consumers of food supplements.


A dietary supplement is neither food nor medicine. As its name suggests, a food supplement is not intended to replace a regular diet. Also called “ nutritional supplement ”, its primary role is to supplement our diet, which today, as we have seen, is highly depleted in nutrients.

For this, it provides the body with a nutritional gain, which depends on its composition. It can be vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements, antioxidants, amino acids, fatty acids and other active ingredients. All this, in addition to those present in the diet.

Supplements, as well as foods, therefore play a fundamental role. They are concerned with both our physical and mental health. Their effects also affect our level of stress or our emotional well-being and also our aesthetics.

The food supplement is often specific to certain situations, periods of life, beauty goals or pathologies:

  • Energy :

Dietary supplements can provide nutritional support to energize the body and reduce physical and mental fatigue.

Our Active Energy Complex boosts physical and cognitive performance with vitamin C and extracts of hibiscus, guarana and ginseng. Its formula also contains an extract of Eleutherococcus, an adaptogenic plant that increases cognitive performance and contributes to more mental and physical energy.

  • Stress and sleep :

Dietary supplements can help fight stress and sleep disorders.

Our Magnesium Absolute, combines in its formula a patented liposomal magnesium, marine magnesium, group B and D vitamins, to reduce fatigue, fight stress and improve sleep.

  • Beauty of the skin :

Nutritional supplements can thus improve the quality of the skin thanks to purifying, antioxidant, nourishing, moisturizing, soothing, plumping active ingredients, etc.

For example, our Clear Skin Complex concentrates ultra-targeted active ingredients such as stinging nettle, burdock and rosemary extracts, to regulate sebum production and cleanse the tissues of blemished skin.

Our Grape Absolute contains natural ingredients titrated in polyphenols, the most powerful antioxidants, to protect cells from oxidative stress and help slow skin aging.

Our Collagen Absolute is made with natural type I collagen and elastin, to promote visibly firmer, more elastic skin.

  • Hair :

Dietary supplements can provide the nutrients necessary for healthy hair.

Our Hair Nutrition Duo revitalizes and strengthens the hair fiber thanks to two complementary formulas.

Keratin Absolute of excellent quality proven natural keratin highly bioavailable contains by clinical study. It is directly assimilated by the body.

The Complex Boosts all the constituent micronutrients of keratin: sulfur amino acids, group B vitamins and minerals. Its active ingredients nourish the hair bulb in depth to promote growth.

  • Detox :

Food supplements are particularly effective in detoxifying the body thanks to active ingredients supporting hepatic drainage.

Liver Detox is a concentrate of depurative herbal medicine that stimulates the elimination of toxins, fights against heavy metals and durably protects the liver, the body's filter organ.

  • Slimming:

Dietary supplements can promote weight loss thanks to ingredients that stimulate the body's energy expenditure, commonly called "fat burners".

The Fat-Burning Program contains 30 natural active ingredients to trigger lasting weight loss thanks to 3 formulas that offer in synergy:

  • The Metabolism Activator increases calorie expenditure to burn more fat at rest.
  • The Active Energy Complex promotes the burning of sugars and fats, and helps to reduce the feeling of hunger, to trigger lasting weight loss.
  • The Slimming Detox stimulates the elimination systems and cleans the filtering organs to improve their detoxifying power.

Is it useful to take food supplements if my lifestyle is optimal?

Today, we all know that to stay healthy we must take care of our diet, that is to say, consume raw fruits and vegetables, avoid refined sugar, saturated fats, salt and processed products , favor steam cooking and organic and pesticide-free foods, or eat fish twice a week…

However, there is a gap between theory and reality. Indeed, because of our current pace of life, it is not always easy to maintain an irreproachable lifestyle over the long term. For lack of time, lack of means, or quite simply by the desire to have fun, we are sometimes led to choose foods of lower quality, poor in nutrients, or called “comforting” (sweets, chocolate, cheese, etc. ).

If you consider having a good food and body hygiene, then food supplements will support and maximize your results.

Through our nutritional supplements, D-LAB offers you to incorporate very high quality tools into your daily routine that will be used by the body to improve its performance and fill its deficiencies. This allows your body to receive what it needs regularly, quantitatively and temporally.

Our nutritional expertise allows us to help you target the major ingredients to integrate into your daily life to get better, even if you are already well and to stay healthy. With dietary supplements, you can increase the performance of your body, which only works at 60% of its potential .

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