D-LAB & you

In this page we explain how D-LAB works

Why take dietary supplements?

Because we need it. Stress, fatigue, and the hectic pace of everyday life are the cause of hormonal imbalances that affect the optimal functioning of our body: it is not normal to have a dull complexion, hair that falls out and having trouble getting up in the morning.

Our metabolism only works at 70% of its potential and we can boost it easily so that everything works better and to get better when we are already well.

Our body uses what we eat as fuel, but nowadays it is difficult to find all the necessary nutrients in food. Intensive agriculture, irrigation or the massive use of pesticides impoverish the soils of crops and therefore the food also loses nutrients. Added to this is our highly processed modern diet and cooking methods that influence nutrient content.

Thanks to nutritional supplements, we can supplement the diet, whether healthy or not, to get better, when we are already well and to prevent aging.

We can even create virtuous circles by activating internal levers.

Food supplements, do they work?

Why don't we wonder if vitamins work? Does orange juice work? Who has never taken a herbal tea to sleep better?

In the same way, we can ask ourselves the question of whether the creams really work? Why would applying a hyaluronic acid cream to your skin work better than a nutritional supplement packed with a patented hyaluronic acid that has the power to act at the heart of our cells? Why would a shampoo act better on hair loss than a capsule containing concentrated and ultra-targeted active ingredients which provide the hair bulb with very high quality keratin, of which it is composed at 95%?

Because it has the power to activate different levers in the body and to send messages to all of our cells, the food supplement is the most complete cosmetic in the world.

By targeting the assets that the body needs, we can rebalance the whole organism. This is the role of our Micronutrition Programs : to have beautiful skin, we will provide probiotics, cleanse the liver and restore the neuro-hormonal balance. To eliminate cellulite, we will drain excess water but also revive blood circulation.

Why does D-LAB offer so many products?

D-LAB is about thirty natural, targeted, very high quality, ultra-concentrated formulas made in France. You will not find just one dietary supplement for hair, but several. Not just one detox cure, but several, specific to your goals. You will also find a whole range of supplements for the skin, adapted to each type, and to each problem.

Because the strength of D-LAB, since its launch, has always been to offer the most precise, the most targeted, the most expert answers to each problem : better sleep, better blood circulation, better elimination, better regeneration. cellular…

The breadth of our range is our uniqueness and our richness, it is our requirement for the performance of our products.

Each product is unique and specific, this is what will allow you to create the right synergy for you, tailor-made. Skin, hair, well-being, energy, slimming, digestion, drainage, detox, cycle and maternity… our range of nutritional supplements covers a wide range of concerns since our formulas can be combined with each other and meet everyone's needs.

How to self-diagnose?

As it is not always easy to compose your tailor-made treatment yourself, we have implemented several self-diagnosis tools:

  • Videos simply explain to you the mode of action of each product .
  • The product sheets give you all the necessary information: benefits, ingredients, detailed mode of action, dosage, contraindications, etc.
  • The online self-diagnosis is a quick questionnaire allowing you to target the tailor-made program that will precisely meet your expectations.
  • The lives on social networks , presented by our dieticians, are always available to answer your questions. Each week, the lives will bring you precise answers on given issues.
  • The team is also there to help you through personalized exchanges, by email or telephone. 

The care you take today to identify each need, hand in hand with us, is the efficiency you will gain tomorrow. Because having a specific, targeted goal is the best way to achieve it.

What is a D-LAB program?


Following the line of made-to-measure and according to the principles of naturopathy, phytotherapy and micronutrition, D-LAB has created, with the Nutritional Center of Vichy, programs combining 3 complementary formulas allowing the simultaneous activation of 9 internal levers (nutrition, metabolism, cellular aging, circulation, thermogenesis, detoxification, microbiota, neuro-hormonal balance and acid-base balance) to improve the body's natural performance by targeting both a specific problem and its causes . This can create a virtuous circle and achieve lasting benefits .

How to make your tailor-made program?

Some programs are already pre-designed to respond to common issues, but to go further, you can easily create your own tailor-made program by choosing a N°1, a N°3 and one or more N°2, depending on your issues.

The N°1 - The Activators 

We choose 1 of the 3, depending on whether we want to target the skin, the body as a whole or the neuro-hormonal balance.

D-LAB has developed 3 Activators to energize cells, focus of energy creation, ATP production and metabolic activity in order to release the body's internal resources.

Cellular metabolism is activated to boost all the cells of the body, release the body's internal resources and increase the effect of the active ingredients provided by food supplements and food.

 The N°2: The Absolutes and the Complexes

They are associated with each other, according to your needs, limiting yourself to 2 per 28-day cycle.

To prolong the activation phase, the cells must be nourished. Complexes and Absolutes, rich in vitamins and minerals, provide advanced and appropriate nutrition to the body in order to stimulate its performance and restore imbalances (imperfections, hair loss, wrinkles and fine lines, circulation, etc.).


N°3: Detox

We choose 1 among the 7 , depending on whether we want to clean all the filter organs or a targeted detox.

In order to functionalize the activity of the organs, it is essential to evacuate the toxic waste and to balance the “filter systems”. Detoxes are composed of plants recognized for their purifying properties associated with active ingredients targeted for functional purification and a restored body.