Swollen belly: responsible foods

Swollen belly: responsible foods

Feeling of heaviness , hard stomach , bloating , pain … These digestive disorders can be difficult to live with on a daily basis. Find out what the causes may be by implementing an anti-bloated stomach strategy !

The causes

  • The hygiene of life

The first cause of swelling is a poor diet (too fatty, too sweet, too salty, alcohol, carbonated drinks) which can lead to digestive disorders. Indeed, these foods will irritate the digestive system and cause bloating.

Some “healthy” foods can also cause bloating because they ferment in the stomach , such as cabbage (broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts), raw vegetables/raw vegetables and dairy products. Fermentation takes place in the intestine and aims to destroy dietary fiber. The problem is that it induces the production of intestinal gas causing bloating and flatulence. The two are often linked .

Other possible causes of a swollen belly are:

  • The stress
  • medical treatment
  • Physical inactivity
  • premenstrual syndrome

Anti-bloating reflexes

  • It is important to take meals at a regular pace in a calm and chewing well. Allow at least two hours between the last meal and bedtime to allow digestion to take place in good conditions.
  • Prefer cooked vegetables, foods rich in fiber and whole grains
  • Drink water regularly , but outside of meals. Prefer magnesium-rich mineral waters for their mild laxative effect.
  • Practice regular physical activity , sport stimulates the muscles of the abdominal belt and therefore promotes digestion and transit.

Natural solutions

The microbiota to the rescue of our belly

Our diet is the preferred way to protect this microbiome.

To fight bad bacteria, we use foods usually derived from live bacteria used for fermentation, such as those that enable kefir production, suppress growth, or stimulate the system.

We can also promote the growth of good bacteria by eating “ prebiotics ,” which are produced from dietary fiber like that found in vegetables like chicory root or Jerusalem artichoke.

Prebiotics and probiotics can be used together, both are particularly effective against digestive disorders.

At D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS, we offer Absolu Probiopure which will rebalance the intestinal microbiota , promote digestive comfort, improve skin quality and stimulate immune defences.

We recommend doing a cure over several months to allow the good bacteria to colonize your intestine and intervene on the various problems you face. Thus, this will allow good digestion, good assimilation of nutrients, considerably reduce intestinal disorders and feelings of bloating.

Essential oils

To relieve the belly at the end of each meal and facilitate digestion, think of essential oils which are beneficial for the digestive system, this is particularly the case of the essential oil of peppermint , lemon or cardamom .

Occasionally to aid digestion, take one to two drops after a meal on a neutral tablet, sugar or in a teaspoon of vegetable oil or honey.

Foods that deflate the stomach

As we have seen above, certain foods should be avoided to limit digestive disorders, but others, on the other hand, are capable of reducing feelings of bloating. This is the case with aromatic herbs (chives, parsley, thyme, oregano, etc.) and fruits which, thanks to their high water and fiber content, have a diuretic effect and improve transit. The ideal is to use them fresh, but dry herbs are also effective.

Carminative plants such as fennel, cumin or coriander absorb intestinal gas. They can be consumed in seed or herbal tea form.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a classic home remedy to have in your medicine cabinet! It is very effective in reducing digestive disorders , take a tablespoon diluted in a glass of water before a meal. This remedy is not recommended for people with kidney or heart problems.

Tea & herbal teas

Drinking tea and herbal teas is beneficial for the body thanks to their diuretic action . They allow the kidneys to function properly and limit water retention .

In addition, green tea accelerates transit !

Green tea is most often recommended because it is unfermented and rich in polyphenols and antioxidants. For herbal teas, we advise you either to make your mixture yourself, or to use special digestion herbal teas.

Mint is known to soothe bloating, mallow to reduce digestive pain, and anise to regulate slow transits.

Also replace your coffee with tea or herbal teas to improve digestion.

Food supplements

At D-LAB, we offer formulas with natural ingredients, without controversial products and without side effects.

To rebalance the intestinal microbiota as mentioned above, we recommend Absolu Probiopure which contains a mix of 5 strains of lactic ferments which will act directly in the intestine.

In addition to L'absolu Probiopure, we advise you, our Fat-Burning Program is a best-seller! It helps burn fat even at rest. This slimming program is made up of 3 products that will act in synergy to eliminate stored fat and strengthen the intake of natural foods. A cure offers active ingredients known to be powerful fat burners such as raspberry ketone, guarana, cayenne pepper or green tea extract.

The Metabolism Activator increases the basic metabolism by promoting thermogenesis to transform sugars and fats into heat.

The Active Energy Complex will act on fat burning and finally the Slimming Detox will fight against water retention and drain your body.

Our capsules are of 100% natural origin, they will rebalance your digestive system, act against cravings and snacking, reduce your appetite, act in depth by fighting against bloating and other digestive problems, ideal for a flat stomach.


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