Selenium: origin, benefits, deficiencies

Selenium: origin, benefits, deficiencies

Selenium is a trace element with multiple powers and is essential for our body ! It has an antioxidant role and is very often used in food supplements , it acts in synergy with vitamins A, vitamin E and vitamin C. What is its origin? What are its benefits ? And how can deficiencies be avoided?

Origins of selenium

Selenium is one of the essential trace elements in the body. It is a very powerful antioxidant that detoxifies the body of heavy metals , protects it from cardiovascular diseases and supports the immune system.

How to fill up with selenium?

You can find selenium in our D-LAB food supplements , especially in:

  • The Liver Detox , a concentrate of depurative herbal medicine that stimulates the elimination of toxins, fights against heavy metals and durably protects the liver, the body's filter organ. Quickly, the complexion is clearer and fatigue is reduced.
  • The Skin Detox , perfect formula for skin with imperfections or which varies according to the hormonal cycle. It purifies, regulates, calms and protects.
  • Balance Activator , an expert formula made up of 15 active ingredients that act in synergy to rebalance the body. It stimulates serotonin, regulates neuro-hormonal activity, promotes restful sleep and brings daily vitality.

Selenium is mainly found in seafood , including fish, shrimp, oysters, langoustines and crab. It is also found in meat and in organ meats . Tomatoes , pears , oranges , leeks , onions , turnips and other crucifers are also a very good source of selenium.

If you don't eat meat, you'll find it in whole grains , nuts , lentils , chickpeas , flax seeds, and Brazil nuts . Just one Brazil nut a day can provide you with the recommended amount needed!

The recommended daily selenium intake is 60 micrograms for women and 70 micrograms for men .

Be careful not to consume too much selenium ! Consumed in excess, selenium can cause side effects such as hair loss, nausea, fatigue and digestive disorders.

The benefits of selenium

Selenium has anti-aging and anti-virus powers. It is a great antioxidant essential to our body.

What are its main virtues?

It protects our cells and our eyes thanks to its antioxidant effect. It allows the production of an enzyme called glutathione-peroxidase, which, combined with vitamin E, will protect cell membranes from oxidation caused by free radicals. It would thus delay diseases linked to oxidative stress such as AMD (retinal macular degeneration), which is the leading cause of visual impairment in France in people over the age of 50.

A champion of preventive medicine, it defends the body's cells against certain cancers, protects the nervous system from neuronal damage by preventing Alzheimer's disease.

It is a valuable aid in defending us against viruses and acts as a powerful stimulant within our immune system . This trace element is also involved in the proper functioning of the thyroid and testosterone .

Excellent detoxifier , it helps the body to cleanse itself by participating in the elimination of heavy metals harmful to our body. It neutralizes toxic wastes and prevents fatty plaques from forming on the inner lining of our arteries, which is mainly due to bad cholesterol.

On the beauty side, selenium is your ally against sun damage , it facilitates tanning and helps protect your skin from sunburn . It is also an excellent anti-aging because it slows down skin aging.

To strengthen your hair, especially in winter , we advise you to take a selenium cure or take a hair food supplement that contains it!

What are the symptoms of selenium deficiency?

The main symptoms of selenium are fatigue , muscle weakness , joint pain , immune deficiency , impaired sperm production and thyroid problems .

Symptoms that affect our morale include anxiety , depressed mood and mood swings .

Selenium is an essential trace element for the proper functioning of our body and for the beauty of our skin, but beware of overdose which can have harmful effects on your body!


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