How to burn belly fat effortlessly?

How to burn belly fat effortlessly?

How to burn belly fat effortlessly?

Despite all your sacrifices, abdominal fat persists? Losing belly fat requires a lot of stimulation. It's summer and you don't want to make an effort because it's the holidays and the ice cream is calling you? We understand you. D-LAB gives you its tips for burning fat without sport or diet.

There are several points to address to burn fat without exercise.

First, we must reduce digestive disorders , we explain why. Burning fat without sport also means going through digestion. You must have heard of the “microbiota” before, especially with us. The microbiota is the living world inhabiting our intestines. It is made up of good and bad bacteria. This mixture of bacteria must be in symbiosis for our body to be efficient. A symbiosis, that is to say that there must be more good bacteria than bad ones. When this is not the case, we speak of dysbiosis, we say that the microbiota is altered. The concern is that during intestinal dysbiosis, many functions are slowed down in our body, such as metabolism and weight loss for example.

Indeed, an altered intestinal microbiota disrupts the hormonal system, yet we need a good hormonal balance to lose weight and especially to burn fat without sport !

If you are reading this paragraph carefully, you certainly want to reduce digestive disorders linked to altered intestinal microbiota.

Digestive disorders include: long digestion, fat storage, poor transit, abdominal swelling.

How to reduce digestive disorders : rebalance your microbiota with Absolu Probiopure, a formula made up of five strains of lactic ferments (good bacteria) that are as close as possible to those of our intestines; rebalance your neuro-hormonal system with Balance Activator, a formula containing active precursors of serotonin, the happiness hormone, and melatonin, the sleep hormone.

Sometimes our belly is swollen and we think it's fat when it's actually bloating due either to an unbalanced microbiota or intestinal hyperpermeability. To solve the latter, it is necessary to supplement L-Glutamine. At D-LAB we have: Absolute L-Glutamine .

In addition, by accelerating digestion, we avoid storing less. To help you digest faster to burn fat without sport, D-LAB offers the Enzymatic Slimming Complex: a concentrate of multiple digestive enzymes to transform ingested fats and sugars faster and store less!

Our second advice, to burn fat without sport, is to capture it directly in the stomach, even before it assimilates!

And this, thanks to the nopal. Nopal to capture fat ? Quesaco? Nopal is a fiber from the prickly pear cactus. A nopal fiber captures more than 36 times its weight in fat. The fibers swell in the stomach and make it possible to feel satiety. It is an excellent slimming ally and it helps to calm cravings. It's a good way to burn fat without sport, since you avoid maintaining your level of fat on the abdominal belt.

At D-LAB, find nopal to capture fat under the name Absolu de Nopal. It is taken punctually before a big meal so as not to overdo it.

How does the satiety hormone work?

The satiety hormone is called leptin . Some studies show that this leptin is less secreted in obese and overweight subjects. This is why it is sometimes difficult to stop eating and lose belly fat.

This is why burning fat without sport is accompanied by a satiety aid.

To burn fat without sport, there are also other supplements that will be your best friends: the fat-burning supplement . With us, the star is the Fat-Burning Program : a synergy of three formulas to help you lose weight in general and burn fat without sport: the Metabolism Activator, which by the lever of thermogenesis will stimulate the metabolism and mobilize fat to transform it into energy, the Active Energy Complex which also contributes to burning fat without sport, and the Slimming Detox, which eliminates toxins and dissolved fat.

The fat burning supplement works internally and is more effective than slimming creams which only reach 20% of the cells.

Sometimes, fats are blocked by poor blood circulation, and to burn fat without sport, all you need to do is boost venous return, with our Active Circulation Complex or our Action-Capitons Program for example!

How does the

Change your eating habits

We tend to eat foods that are not very good for our insulin: we eat hyperglycemic foods that constantly feed our sugar cravings. The concern is that this type of diet maintains belly fat, and the body in general.

How to change your habits? We swap breakfast cereals for wholemeal bread, good fats (avocado, cheese, oilseeds), and proteins such as eggs for example: cravings avoided, satiety present, weight gain absent.

For lunch and dinner, make sure you have cooked vegetables on your plate: plenty of fiber to digest well and capture fat.

Our lifestyle and dietary advice that does not require (too) much effort

  • Eat slowly: the brain takes 20 minutes to understand that you have reached satiety. Eating slowly will make you eat smaller amounts and therefore burn fat without exercise.
  • Put down the fork at each bite: in the same logic, we save time!
  • Walk after the meal, go for a walk: walking stimulates the body and digestion, and is good for your health!
  • Swap your car for cycling or walking: in addition to contributing to the good of the planet, you lose weight easily.
  • choose the stairs rather than the escalators or the elevator: a few steps won't hurt you, quite the contrary!
  • Do not snack between meals: the key to losing abdominal fat.

You are now ready :)