How to increase your base metabolism?

How to increase your base metabolism?

Difficulties losing weight ? Have you wondered if your metabolism had something to do with it? If you struggle to burn calories even when exercising or eating a healthy, balanced diet, your metabolism is probably slower than other people. However, there are solutions to speed it up and you can find them in this article.

What is basal metabolic rate?

Is it a term you may be familiar with? Basal metabolic rate , or basal metabolic rate , is defined as energy expenditure at rest . These are the daily energy needs that our body needs at rest to ensure its vital functions such as breathing or heartbeat for example. As human beings, we have needs that vary according to several factors such as weight, height, age and gender . A man, in general, will need more calories than a woman. The recommendations are 2100 to 2500 kcal/day for a man and 1800 to 2000 kcal/day for a woman. Don't worry if you're not within these ranges, these are general recommendations. The main thing is not to be above or too below , but for that you have to do a little calculation.


But then you're struggling to lose weight and wondering what the connection is? A slow metabolism struggles to burn calories, especially when you follow overly restrictive diets that will tend to disrupt it and slow it down . Indeed, when the intake is too low compared to your needs , the body will reduce its catabolism phase, which corresponds to the process of degradation of our organic compounds (molecules) and which leads to the release of energy. In other words, your body will reduce its energy expenditure and, when you stop the diet and eat again, your body will make a maximum of reserves and you will regain the few pounds lost. It is therefore not necessarily the best solution to get rid of your few superfluous kilos. In addition, other factors come into play , the microbiota promotes digestion , if it is unbalanced , it no longer assimilates nutrients correctly , which will result in longer digestion, a slower metabolism and no longer as efficient as this. it should be.

Boost metabolism

First, if you haven't already, eat a healthy, balanced and varied diet. We keep telling you, but fruits, vegetables, quality proteins, whole grains and good fatty acids will allow you to find a balanced diet.

  • Consume the recommended daily meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner including, depending on your feelings of hunger, a snack in the morning around 10 a.m. and another around 5 p.m. Listen to your body and don't skip any major meals . Of course, not everyone eats breakfast for their own reasons, but try to include this meal in your daily routine. It is a way of not snacking between food intakes , of not consuming too large meals because you are too hungry at noon or in the evening.
  • Avoid consuming sugary and too fatty products in isolation , favor complex carbohydrates rich in fiber. They promote feelings of fullness after meals.
  • Increase intake of good proteins like eggs, lean meats and fish. Be careful not to consume in excess , they can have harmful effects on the kidneys. It is generally recommended to consume at least 0.83 g of protein per kg of body weight. For example, if you weigh 60 kg, you should consume at least 50 g of protein per day (60 x 0.83 = 49.8 g). You can increase this intake up to 1.8 g depending on your physical activity, without ever exceeding 2.2 g per kg body weight.
  • Limit the consumption of saturated fats (cold meats, fatty meats, processed products, etc.).

Change your lifestyle , do physical activity regularly, start with a daily walk of 30 minutes a day. Then, once your body gets used to it, you can start doing slightly more vigorous activities like running, swimming, or weight training . By practicing sport, you cause micro-tears in your muscles and proteins will intervene during the recovery phase to rebuild this muscle fiber. For this, the metabolism will burn more energy and therefore calories at rest.

Stay hydrated, water is essential for the body . It participates in many chemical reactions in our body. A lack of water notably slows down the oxidation of fats. You can choose waters rich in bicarbonate such as Vichy Célestins. Beware of sodium-rich waters, which promote water retention . Avoid flavored waters which usually hide a significant amount of sugar. Tea or coffee help increase metabolism thanks to caffeine and theine which will activate fat burning.

Natural solutions

You do not practice physical activity or you do not have time? Too busy a lifestyle? Food not enough? There are natural solutions that boost metabolism and help burn fat even at rest. You can opt for fat-burning food supplements combined with a draining food supplement . Indeed, it helps to eliminate the toxins accumulated in the body. As a result, it acts directly on cellulite and water retention which blocks fat deposits. This makes it possible to refine the silhouette while ridding the body of accumulated waste. Remember that these are food supplements and they live up to their name, they complete the plate.


D-LAB offers a wide range of food supplements to meet your problems. The fat-burning program is complete. It is composed of 3 products which will act in synergy , the Metabolism Activator allows to increase its metabolic rate thanks to its composition in highly dosed vitamins and minerals. Thanks to its active ingredients such as kola nut, cayenne pepper, mate and ginseng, for example. It stimulates thermogenesis which is a mechanism by which the body produces heat. Because of this, the metabolism increases and the burning of energy with it. This optimizes weight loss . The Active Energy Complex acts on fat burning to help lose weight. Finally, the Slimming Detox improves digestion and promotes the elimination of toxins accumulated daily. Thanks to this program, you will be able to give a real boost. To complete this program, you can take Detox tea for a purifying action thanks to green mate, fennel and ginger. This set of active ingredients will stimulate the filter organs on a daily basis to promote elimination.

To sum up, stimulate your basal metabolism by splitting your meals into several meals, consuming good quality proteins and practicing physical activity. If that's not enough, support your body with natural and suitable food supplements.

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