Gain hair mass with the D-LAB program

Regain hair mass with the D-LAB program

Hair loss, fine hair, thinning areas? Find out how to gain hair mass with the D-LAB program!

D-LAB, regain hair mass, shiny and strong hair

The life cycle of a hair

We have between 100,000 and 150,000 hairs on our heads and the hair lives an average of four years. When the hair dies, it falls out and is replaced by growing hair follicles, new hair subsequently grows about 0.3 millimeters per day .

We lose on average between fifty and one hundred hairs a day! Hair loss remains normal and natural as long as the number of hairs in the regrowth phase concerns approximately 85% of the hair.

What are the factors of hair loss?

Several surrounding factors promote hair loss!

Hair loss doesn't just affect men. Certain nutritional deficiencies , including a lack of minerals, vitamins, trace elements or iron, taking certain medications , hormonal changes , genetics , a period of stress , or menopause , can cause hair loss in women. .

Autumn is also the time when hair falls more easily than the rest of the year.

Some types of hair are also finer than others, they are more fragile and tend to fall out more easily.

Autumn, falling leaves

How to prevent hair loss and gain hair mass?

D-LAB food supplements

To strengthen your hair from the inside, thus preventing hair loss and gaining hair mass, consider D-LAB food supplements. We advise you in particular:

  • The Masse-Capillaire program which is a complete program, which will target hair loss by regulating hormonal activity, reactivate hair growth and re-oxygenate the scalp, all in a 100% clean formula with powerful extracts.
  • The Absolute of Keratin which is a powerful anti-hair loss, it contains a high dose of pure keratin to strengthen your hair and act in depth on dry hair and split ends, thus giving structure, shine and volume with fragile hair!
  • Microcirculation detox to act directly on the scalp, purified, reoxygenated, and deeply nourishing, this formula stimulates the hair bulb.

In addition to the daily intake of hair food supplement to gain hair mass, we advise you to use hair products adapted to your hair type: special volume, hair loss, brittle hair...

Vegetable oils for quality care

Castor oil is excellent for fine hair, it is known to promote growth and make hair thicker and more voluminous and therefore to gain hair mass!

Avocado oil , rich in vitamins and nutrients, makes hair stronger and healthier.

Olive oil , oil with multiple benefits, will deeply moisturize and nourish the hair to make it more beautiful and silky.

For best results, apply the oils to your hair under a hot towel to open up the scales and allow them to penetrate more easily! Leave on for at least 30 minutes .

Cranial massages to stimulate the hair bulb

Cranial massages are very relaxing and help relieve tension while stimulating hair growth. They activate blood micro-circulation which will help oxygenate the scalp and will therefore provide essential nutrients for hair growth .

Just before shampooing, massaging your scalp will also activate and maximize the properties of your hair routine . To do this, just apply light to firm pressure and make circular movements while keeping your fingers motionless on your head.

Foods for beautiful hair

Iron is an essential ally against hair loss . It is found in cereals, in legumes (lentils, dried beans, chickpeas, etc.), in seafood and in red meat. To help the body better assimilate iron, an adequate supply of vitamin C is essential.

Vitamin C is not only found in citrus fruits, you can find a very good source of it in parsley, chives, red and green peppers, broccoli, acerola!

For deeply nourished hair, it is important to include omega 3 in your plate, they are found in particular in flax seeds, in walnuts and in fatty fish (sardines, mackerel, tuna, etc.).

You will find omega 3 in our Absolute Omega 3 , D-LAB , enriched with Sacha Inchi oil .

D-LAB Hair Mass Food Supplements Program

To have healthy hair, taking care of your hair is essential ! It is therefore necessary to be careful not to expose them too often to a source of heat (hair dryer and straightener) at the risk of weakening them even more. Make sure to always use a serum or a protective spray before applying a heat source and do hair care as often as necessary! Don't forget to have a varied and balanced diet and to regularly take D-LAB dietary supplements .