How to prepare your hair for winter?

When winter approaches , we don't worry enough about the health of our hair. Then it is true, the season does not really help, between the rain, the cold, the heating, the change in temperature, the wind, the friction against the caps and the scarves, they undergo daily aggressions. Our hair is very dry, weakened, damaged, dull and eventually it becomes brittle .

This is why it is important to prepare our hair to face the harsh temperatures .

Adopt the right gestures!


The first thing to do is to moisturize your hair and your ends with suitable hair masks.

  • For fine and brittle hair , prefer castor oil and avocado oil known to stimulate growth but also to give volume to your hair. Leave the mask on for about 2 hours. If possible all night is even better!
  • For dry hair , opt for coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil and sweet almond oil. They can nourish in depth and you can associate them with castor oil to optimize the growth of your hair while adding a few drops of essential oil of ylang-ylang.
  • For oily hair , choose purifying masks based on jojoba oil and essential oils of bergamot, lemon or Atlas Cedar.

Apply hair care to the lengths and ends so as not to smother the scalp and promote excess sebum production which could weigh hair down.

For deep hydration , there is a suitable hair food supplement : Absolute Keratin , a best-seller at D-LAB ! Whatever the type of your hair , colored hair, fine or thick hair, short or long hair, by bringing pure and natural keratin to your hair fiber, you will display dream hair. Hair is made up of 95% keratin , a natural protein rich in B vitamins, amino acids, zinc, iron and copper .

Our powerful patented formula benefits from a clinical study proving its effectiveness . It will act in depth, nourish, repair and prevent hair loss . You will have healthier, fuller, nourished and hydrated hair.

Our tips for taking care of your hair

  • Adopt a diet rich in vitamins and minerals , in essential fatty acids to provide omega 3 and 6, in antioxidants to fight against free radicals and oxidative stress and to provide animal or vegetable proteins . Vary your diet and prefer seasonal vegetables. Bring foods rich in selenium to strengthen the hair , in fact, it is an essential constituent of the hair fiber, it has antioxidant properties that help fight against premature cellular aging of the hair.

  • Use mild, natural hair shampoos with a detangling conditioner , this way you won't attack the scalp with controversial substances, nanoparticles, paraben and silicone. A natural hair routine for the well-being of your mane.

  • To detangle your hair , you can choose a suitable quality accessory: a boar bristle brush for fine hair and a wide-toothed comb for gentle detangling .

  • To dry your hair , when it is curly , prefer the open air which will not break the curls and the fiber of your hair type. Otherwise, if you lack volume, you can dry your hair using a dryer at a lukewarm temperature so as not to open gaps that will allow external aggressions to pass. It is preferable to avoid too frequent brushings and to limit the use of straighteners .

  • To sleep , it's time to change your hair-tangling cotton pillowcases . Opt for silk pillowcases , they are hypoallergenic, antibacterial and they limit static electricity . You will find supple hair when you wake up!

  • Do not hesitate to go to the hairdresser to take care of the hair and get rid of your split ends .

  • Rinse your hair with cold water to close the hair cuticles and to strengthen them.

  • And finally, do not take out wet hair , it is more fragile and with the cold will tend to break more easily . Remember to protect them with serums or hair oils.

All the solutions are good for having fortified hair! Do not hesitate to prepare your body for winter with a cure of food supplements to make your hair stronger and shinier . The perfect allies to face harsh temperatures.

D-LAB dietary supplements

D-LAB is a French food supplement company made in France . They are natural, highly dosed and made up of essential active ingredients for your body . D-LAB offers a varied range for the hair in order to respond to everyone's problems : anti-hair loss, reoxygenation of the scalp, accelerating growth, nourishing the hair fiber, recolouring gray hair . A wide choice of quality !

To prepare your hair for winter, feeding it is not enough. You can re-oxygenate your roots to optimize blood circulation and allow the hair bulb to draw all the nutrients it needs. Our Microcirculation Detox detoxifies and purifies the scalp , boosts microcirculation , improves hair nutrition and stimulates the hair bulb . A perfect formula for a complete action ! You can massage your scalp to accentuate the effects.

In order to avoid seasonal hair loss , our Mass-Capillary Program will make the difference. Composed of 3 products , it targets hair loss, regulates hormonal activity that can be one of the factors of hair loss, reactivates hair growth and re-oxygenates the scalp . Thanks to the Absolute of Keratin , it brings a high dose of pure keratin to the hair bulb and nourishes it in depth , the Balance Activator helps to restore imbalances in the body and the Microcirculation Detox reoxygenates the scalp . A triple action providing targeted active ingredients.

To optimize growth, our Growth Complex is composed of all the keratin nutrients necessary for the bulb to allow it to knit its keratin. In this innovative complex we find concentrated active ingredients such as bamboo and arugula extract which will stimulate hair growth . You will gain in density and you will boost hair growth.

How about taking the opportunity to detoxify your hair before winter? Start off on a good footing! You will be able to get rid of the various accumulated toxins .

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